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Please continue being a Mio Messiah.

(1920 x 1200 wallpaper sized)

torinostu351: Tastiest blog entry ever. But I think the festival episode will be a train wreck. Or at least mediocre. I don’t think they are good enough yet to challenge the LIVE Alive bar. That will come later in the show.

Bah, you’re missing the point. We’re not expecting the performance to be good, just the animation effort put into it to be equivalent or surpassing Live Alive. The thing is, the source material is the source material. They’re stuck for K-On! in using certain lyrics, certain costumes, and a certain ending, but I think they can work magic with it. Haruhi gave Kyoto a godsend since that scene was basically a blank check in the novel. It only required Haruhi in a bunny suit and Yuki in a witch outfit. Everything else they seasoned to their liking.

Though I wonder will Kyoto show the requisite fanservice. It’s in the manga, but Kyoto has been a bit gun shy in that department for a while.

(And, honestly, if I told you a week before Haruhi aired that some no name seiyuu who only did Kiddy Grade previously would be singing while wearing a bunny suit, you’d probably say that scene would turn into a train wreck too.)

Scorpio Mcfly: Only you could use the whole beef anagoly for most of the review and make it work KUDOS and i never saw Detroit Metal City but I am interested in seeing it a croosover would be awesome

What is wrong with you? Go watch Detroit Metal City and then come back here.

ithekro: However in battle between Sawako-hime and Krauser II, which would you rather see? 10 rapes per second? Or 10 cosrapes per second. Since Mio is bound to be involved…the winner is 10 cosrapes per second…as Haruhi intended.

Oh that’s easy: ten threesome costume rapes per second. With, of course, Mugi as the Pig of Capitalism. But you know what I really want to see in such a contest? Meido Mio Guitar. Ah ha~n!


Blademun: Deep in her psyche though the deep attraction to this ‘female bonding’ is because she’s actually interested in a whole lot…more. She just doesn’t realize it yet. Show her one lesbian doujin and Mugi is as good as a new Kanako.

Paint it red!

When I saw Mugi in the nurse outfit during the next episode preview, I was thinking, “Did she volunteer for the health clinic just so she could examine the girls?” a la Kanako.

(Maria+Holic and Detroit Metal City are almost must watches for understanding the references in this blog. This is a good thing, I think.)

Syaoran Li: Hey Jason, you just forgot to mention that Sawaka-sensei has the same seryuu as Kanoko, so your ideal team up with Mugi isn’t a dream anymore.

Fascinating because Sawako-sensei and Kanako are almost polar opposite character archetypes. One is very confident and controlling while the other is easily manipulated and tricked. I’m not sure which is which. Though I’m kicking myself for not writing about Yui’s and Sawako’s “training” time together. They disappear for a week… and Yui comes back hoarse as as horse. Perfect setup for a “Simon and Nia ‘trained’ for seven days too” joke, and I whiffed.

TeeCiel: While there were no panty flashes during Sawako-sensei’s track and field session, eagle-eyed viewers would’ve confirmed hosiery. Garter belts remain unconfirmed though.

Thanks for the update. Please keep us apprised of the fanservice situation at all times. We greatly appreciate your work.

lhs: To tidal’s question, those are AKG K701 headphones that have a street price of $500 USD. Add that to the camera and old school boombox, and wow, Mio sure has awesome taste.

Mio has probably the best taste in gear out of anyone in anime. Everything is a bit retro-ish, but it works and works well.

Heero Yuy: Dangit… I’m a sucker for well done awesome character product placement. I’ve been looking around for a pair of high-end headphones for a while and thought I had settled on a $100 pair of Alessandro series 1’s, but after seeing Mio in the $280 AKG K701’s…. I’m really tempted… It’s just like Strawberry Haagen Dazs all over again.

I feel your pain. I just purchased a new pair of Sennheiser 555 to replace my old (and broken) Sennheiser 580. I loved my old 580… but after ten years, they were really beaten up and no one sells replacement parts for it anymore. I do regret not buying a backup 580 at the time (stupid, I feel like Tomoya not picking a backup wife).

Though the AKG 701 looks, uh, very intriguing now…


Best. Advertising. Ever.

Didn’t even realize it at first, but this was comment #30,000 for the site:

Pachael: Sawako’s VA is also the same as Stalker-chan/Matoi from SZS’s VA, and in the latter Matoi spends most of her bits on ‘Jiii~’.

OTL. I was hoping for something YTAMR worthy.

emotoaster: Every scene with Sawako-sensei is awesome and I agree on your assessment of the Krauser vs Sawako fight except, we all know it would end up in an H-scene that later involves Mio and barnacles…

Yup… these are my readers.

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  1. I feel like I read you writing something… Wait sorry I was staring at Mio.

  2. Speaking from a 12:13 AM objective in Silicon Valley, (San Jose), California…

    I’d say I’m up to date on your blog entries. (I live where you live! I think..)

    Mio is indeed Godsend.


  3. Mikuru has a bit of catch up to do. But I don’t doubt Haruhi will come up with something that will bring Mikuru back to the forefront of the moe images spreads.
    But for now, Mio has this place around her little finger.

  4. I expect the next blog post to be about Wolves and Shepards…

  5. >>Best. Advertising. Ever.
    I’d argue against that. I’m not sure how effective advertising is when you’re staring at something else besides the product.
    Or perhaps you mean Mio is the one being advertised? Hmm…. where can I buy a few dozen Mios like that?

  6. well that hat is way too big but the head phones are lovely. Speaking of more than a hand full, I’ve been watching the school days anime. It reminds me of watching a horror film; I keep on talking to the main guy like he can hear me. “no don’t do that! Keep it in your pants for the love of god!”

  7. The enjoyment of sound is subjective. Having said that, the AKG K701 have a very “flat” response. Out of the box (and after a few hours of braking in) they are brilliant for classical/jazz listening… real acoustical reproduction. But for your itunes pop/rock/R&B… not really.

  8. I want a “Yui as a female Krauser” OVA for Christmas.

  9. So… if o-Haruhi-sama is the God, and Mio is the Messiah, who are the Disciples? And the Holy Ghost(ess?) if someone feels like completing a Trinity.

  10. Mio is a classy lady.

    The disciples would be the collective harems from Air, Kanon and Clannad, I suppose. Holy Ghostess would probably be *gasp* Fuko or Ayu…(can’t think of any KyoAni “ghost” at the moment)

    I’m more concerned what the Judas of KyoAni would be.

  11. Those are big headphones.

  12. I have to admit I’ve been recently looking at buying a pair of the Sennheiser HD650 but damn, those AKG K701 sure look classy. At least Mio wasn’t wearing the HD800’s, I don’t think my Mio-fandom or bank balance would have stretched that far.

  13. Is it wrong to feel like getting a blog-lashing from Jason just made my Monday? Or maybe it’s that when I was in Target over the weekend I saw a poster of a young boy model and couldn’t decide if it was indeed a boy or a girl and thought, “Mako-cakes . . . ” Or just that I’m listening to Koda Kumi, eating a chocolate chip cookie and staring at the advert for those headphones. *sigh* Yeah, I’m totally getting fired for surfing here on my lunch hour . . .

  14. AND IM BACK yeah took me a mintute but I watched every episode of DMC and it was hilarious and I know Im very very very late

  15. Best crossover ever…The World Mio Only Knows.


  16. The Judas of KyoAni would be Istuki?

  17. Though I wonder will Kyoto show the requisite fanservice. It’s in the manga, but Kyoto has been a bit gun shy in that department for a while.

    I miss Full Metal Panic! I really really hope KyoAni will surprise us with a new season by the end of THIS year. Right after the long-awaited Haruhi S2, of course.

  18. I initially liked Yui more… but..I’m slowly being converted ^^

  19. Oh, I just saw the headphone pic (http://blogsuki.com/images/k-on/137.jpg)
    OMG, so delicious….green headbands, mmmmmmm


  21. Wouldn’t Kanata be the Holy Ghost (Konata’s mom)? Though Ayu might work since she is in a lot of stuff (or her image is parodied a lot).
    The 12 would be mixed I suppose from the many KyoAni shows, but my memory of their personalities doesn’t help in placing the likes of Kyou, Nayuki, and Kagami into the spot of Matthew, Mark, or Luke. Does Nagisa fit be the Virgin Mary. And what of Ushio? John the Baptist?
    Seems K-On has fit in the space for responses posts that has been missing for a while now. There was a lot of that in 2006 (both Haruhi and Higurashi). It is god that it returns…it means both Our Blogger and His Readers are interesting again.

  22. “Please continue being a Mio Messiah.” Maid me think of what the members of K-On would do if they were Selacao.
    Mio – She would have all barnacles in the world destroyed. Mio is too moe to be killed, so she lives.
    Yui – Goes to do something legitimate, but ends up buying some useless shit instead.
    Mugi – Calls Juiz to get Yui, Sawako and Mio into a threesome, no matter how much of her money it takes.
    Ritsu – Would have Mio’s bass covered in barnacles and give everyone in the school papercuts and play Sawako’s tapes over the PA system.

  23. emotoaster: Every scene with Sawako-sensei is awesome and I agree on your assessment of the Krauser vs Sawako fight except, we all know it would end up in an H-scene that later involves Mio and barnacles…

    From the site “Animal Trivia”

    A barnacle has the largest penis of any other animal in the world in relation to its size.

    I hope Mio did not read us.

  24. “(Maria+Holic and Detroit Metal City are almost must watches for understanding the references in this blog. This is a good thing, I think.)”

    This line made me finally go back and give Maria Holic a second shot (actually didn’t watch beyond the first epi: just couldn’t get into it). I must’ve been insane to avoid this one for so long! Of course, last time this blog made me go back to a show I thought I didn’t like was Miname-ke S1. I swear this is the “hot stock tip adviser” of anime, except instead of stock picks that lead to a 25% loss on your 401k you get a guaranteed 20% Moe Return with a good chance at Epicness.

    Now that I think about it: MH showed up around the time you were away, proving that my picks are so bad that when you truly stop blogging I might as well retire from anime and head out into the streets chasing people down with maid outfits and singing WSS’ “Maria”

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