mioliciously good

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  1. I do not know if this action of yours is either being too lazy to write a blog or you are being very nice to us readers by showing us moe goodness.


    brain… cannot p-process coherent thought …. sdfdsdsasd gsadg dfger


  3. I wonder what flavor Mio likes best . . . ?

  4. @SnoopyCool: Either way, we win!

  5. *fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap*

  6. skyman: wow man at 7 am! your a trooper.

  7. Every time of the day is Mio Fap-time!

    Show us the way Skyman! Evangelize!

  8. “i wonder what flavor mio tastes like?”


  9. Damn it Jason, my internet connection died today at midnight and couldn’t access Gelbooru for new K-On! pics…

  10. I was about to do something important, but I don’t know what it was anymore… but I do know that Mio better start training her tongue cuz Mugi is about to be unleashed…

  11. While I will marathon HD K-On instead of going ep-by-ep, I approve of this fanservice.
    More! mORE, I SAID!

  12. Not surprising that the ice cream is melting so damn fast. xD

  13. Wouldn’t it be more economic if all the Miolicious .jpgs were in one blog post? Or would the moe overload be too moe to behold?

    In other news, we demand MOAR.

  14. @tidal:
    Good god man, do you want the universe to collapse into a Mio singularity!?

    …Actually, we’d probably be perfectly fine with that.

  15. That cone is the cone that will pierce the heavens!

  16. Can I pic of her eating ice cream plz.

  17. Urge… to… lick… monitor screen… rising…

  18. I…ega…wibb…zahhhhh…
    [Breaks. Again.]

  19. Ba-Weep Granna-Weep Ninibog.

  20. I am broken.

    I looked at the picture. I noticed the bathing suit (or lack thereof). I caught the imagery/symbolism of the vanilla ice cream. And the long, flowing hair… very nice.

    And yet, the thought that dominates all others is the high-pitched voice of GIR squeaking, “Why is her head so big? Whyyyy is her head sooooooo big?”

    Damn you, tiny little hat! And damn me for veering so far from the mainstream brokenness.

  21. I agree with tidal, I hope that you can put all of these pics into one file of moe that can then be spread across the internet like butter on bread.

  22. all this mio is making my heart fail

  23. Dang… I don’t know anything anymore… The Mio Brainwash program that was released in the mainstream already got me and my computer, I think.

    I have no idea how I will make room for more Mio goodness. My HD is already full. T.T

    I think I’m gonna delete that windows folder. It doesn’t hold anything I want anyway. All is fair for moar Mio.

  24. Jason riddle me this: What if K-on Morphed into Josie and the Pussycats? Would the show still be about Mio or just strange girls in a band? Are the Cavs gonna take it all or did the Celtics v. Bulls series deflate the playoffs?

  25. Mio’s blushing… is she ashamed that:
    -I’m watching her eat ice cream?
    -She spilled some ice on her ever-growing breasts? (Even Haruka needed a season to flotate…)
    -She’s picturing me licking the ice cream on her?

    ORZ, I can hear that bear coming to sign me up for a membership…

  26. K-on as Josie and the Pussycats would be much more interesting than its current incarnation. Mio as the borderline evil chick with the skunk hair would own. Hotfor-sensei could play the manager. I know the manager is supposed to be a dude, but sacrifices must be made… But you know what would be better?

    Something other than a K-on/Mio post.

    Oh, wait, there was an Eden of the East post? How long was it the top post? About fifteen minutes? Jeez…

    Come on, Jason, I know you’re itching for a way to work a Lakers/Rockets reference in here somewhere, and all this mindless fanservice isn’t going to make it easy…

  27. Today at Red Mango..
    I saw a new topping.
    Miolicious Mango.

    It was godlike.

  28. You’re all Heretics. May O-Haruhi-sama have mercy on your souls, for thou hast dishonored the TRUE Over-Deity of Moe… also, this is BlogTsuki! Where’s the Brokeness? Where’s the Snark? Dammit, Sunrise, we need you to make more Gundams! Where’s Maria+Holic when you need it? And, KyoAni… STOP SCREWING AROUND AND RELEASE SEASON 2 ALREADY!!! Or at least another FMP!

  29. the most original version of k-on woud be where they’re all male. seriously, where’s all the all-male-cast slice of life shows? japanese high school boys playing instruments can be cute too amirite.

  30. Words…must…sentences…….in……….use….


  31. >Boskutz’m

    We’ve already established Oharuhi-sama as Goddess, with Mio as the prophesied Messiah. It’s all part of the church of KyoAni. What are you complaining about?


    You’re very very late for Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad.

  32. Damn lucky droplets of ice cream…curse you for being so tasty

  33. >> The Mio Brainwash program
    We… hear… and… obey… mistress…

  34. Needs more Sawako.


  35. “You’re very very late for Beck:Mongolian Chop Squad.”

    oh shit. i’ve heard of beck before but i figured it was just a typical slice of life girls cast or more moe blob types so i didn’t look into it at all until now.

  36. Since we all know that K-ON is a thinly veiled plot by Kyoani to increase the worldwide sale of cake…

    What cake represents each character?

    Mugi = Angel Food Cake
    Ritsu = Poundcake
    Yui = … Fruitcake? The name fits, but the flavor is way off. I’m sure she tastes better than fruitcake.
    Mio = I lack the culinary expertise to properly express what flavor Mio represents.

  37. (Must… avoid… looking… at pic…)


    Hmm… Mio X Sawako X Mugi? This needs to exist for the good of reality itself. FUND IT.


    Beck, moeblobby? You are very, very wrong.


    Yui = Ref cake.
    Mio = Fudge brownies.

    Sawa = Christmas cake.


  38. At first I thought there was someone reflected in her eyes, but I guess it was just a trick of the light. Pity, might’ve been an improvement depending on who it was.

  39. I’m with Skane here. Sawako is epic, and miles ahead of the rest of the cast. Even Mio.

  40. Oh, so, TASTY!

    The ice-cream looks good, too.


  42. Why is all Mio fanart so damn good???? EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.

  43. Fapalicious. The only complaint (a very minor one) I can have is that Mio’s a lefty.

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