don’t say “celestial being”

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  1. My eyes. My goddamn fucking eyes.

  2. Patrick as Ritsu, Graham? as Yui, Mr. Bushido as Mio, and Billy as Mugi. I am surprised at how well that works.

  3. I’ll be honest, I like how that image integrates nicely into the site design.


  5. // How to gain friends and break people
    do { $break++; if($break>9000) $broken=true; } while(!$broken);

  6. I must ask, what langauge is that do-while loop in?

  7. Louise’s hair and (pre-My parents are deaaad) attitude works for Yui but alas has no reliable imouto to fall on. Pre-skip Saji might work for additional brokeness but a short-haired Liu-Mei would be fine too.

  8. This must be divine punishment for picking holes in Jason’s Band a la carte.
    My eyes, they burn with the light of a thousand furious suns.

  9. I find it disturbing that it took me more than a few seconds to realize what I was seeing…

  10. Wow, I second the appreciation for how the image integrates with the site. Boo’ful, simply boo’ful.

  11. Graham? as Yui

    Bzzt! Wrong! Look at the scar on the arm…

    (And ninjabastard, it’s saying something coming to this blog and using Mariya as your gravatar…)

  12. @ninjabastard:

    I do believe that’s PHP.

  13. If Mio goes TransGraham, will her vocal abilities increase by a factor of 3?

  14. > what langauge is that do-while loop in?
    That would be PHP, as previously suggested.

  15. @Northernshadows:
    Repetitive post is repetitive.

  16. lawlawlawl My eyes are lying to me.

  17. thanks for the answer guys.

    Jason: I felt I should use the appropriate avatar when posting here.

  18. > Repetitive post is repetitive.
    Yes, for over 9000 times. *zing*

  19. everybody is talking about their ‘eyes burning’ and yet the first thing that came into my mind was “wow, they matched the drawing style in k-on! really well.”

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