code geass… with samurais!!!

The announcement turned out to be a semi-reboot of the franchise, tossing C.C. with a new protagonist… in Edo period JA-PAN! Eh, it’s a manga, but… uh… I’m still hopeful for an anime. Just thinking of bunny girl ninja Kallen makes me happy. Alright, I’ll spare ya the Luluko. But only for today!

(Though I’m just as excited for live action Moyashimon… live action bacteria! With lesbians! And traps! And lesbian s&m rape! You could argue that Moyashimon was the Code Geass of bacteria anime… but the fact Moyashimon made sense rules that out.)

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  1. I hope they use CG for the bacteria, and even then I’m scared at how horrendous that bacteria is going to look quality-wise.

  2. I think the microbes look pretty nice in opening and ending
    we gotta let them know Jason is willing to play a role in life action moyashimon!!!
    which role i wonder…bwahahaha…

  3. Should I be happy that there aren’t going to be any penetration jokes… for now?

  4. Oh god, the Feudal Era Japan one with summoning mecha using Geass. I wonder how this’ll go over with the core fanbase?

  5. Can trape (trap+rape) count as lesbian?

    Wouldn’t count on an anime series for that, though, for two reasons:
    -No mechas (assumes they are not preparing themselves to rape expectations even harder than R2 did – but then good luck convincing the producers)
    -No Pizza. No Cheese-kun. Who will be C.C.’s companion now?

  6. Wait wait wait.

    “Jet-black” protagonist with a mechanical arm and throwing blades…

    “Witch” with a glyph scarred on her breast…

    Mysterious figure with a penchant for face covering masks, capes, and sacrificing his allies…

    Set in a feudalistic time period…

    They’re just going to reprint chapters of Berserk with Code Geass faces crudely drawn on and hope no one notices, aren’t they?

  7. @Giant Humanoid Robot:

    Miura won’t notice, he’s too distracted with Idolm@ster and NuconucoDouga at the moment.

  8. Actually, it reminds me of Gintama
    Do you think they’ll try to relate it to the anime? Perhaps it’s actually an After The End kind of setting

  9. In the end, we will all be penetrated.

  10. Yay, another second rate spinoff manga that no one will remember in a year. Can’t wait.

  11. “Yay, another second rate spinoff manga that no one will remember in a year. Can’t wait.”
    Hey now! I LOVED Moyashimon! Damn wish there were more seasons!

    Hmm, I don’t know which of the two news makes me giddy-er.

  12. Hmmmm….it will be just like Samurai Champloothen…..without the knicks and cuts of a Blade!!

  13. Unlike the previous mangas, this one is written by Goro Taniguchi himself. So, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. At least this series will be a new beginning for the Code Geass fanchise. I just hope that Code Geass: Renya of the Dark is a long term manga that takes its time to make the story clear and concise.

  14. No Luluko? I take a break from studying for exams, hop onto the internet, and head to blogsuki in search of my long-overdue supply of trap – and no Luluko? Jason, who’ve proven time and again to satsify the needs of the many – no Luluko? We were ordinary traditional males before the days of AoMM. Throughout these years of comraderie, these years of good and bad, you have never failed us. Yet slowly you converted us. With anorexic lolis and with DFC end-girls you slowly defiled us. No Luluko? With mini top-hats you teased us. With ponytails you pleased us. With just shoot me you made us question our own innermost boundaries. No Luluko? With Jesus ****ing Christ you painted us all a deep blood red. You broke us, Jason. You broke us like Kana broke Mako-cakes (well, maybe just intensity-wise). You broke us and now you leave us out to dry – no Luluko? I’m just kidding btw. Ezzzzz

  15. In this version, it’d better have Lulu(ko) r*ping C.C AND Kallen !
    What will be your phrase then ?
    OH GEASS YES !!!

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