cinco de mio!

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  1. Fine, except… staring into those eyes is like gazing into a dark abyss.
    …Her *other eyes, sir.

  2. There are better Mio pics out there. You just aren’t trying. ;)

    Example here:

  3. Great way of replacing the dead with Mio, gonna cerebrate it then lol

  4. Those eyes are hypnotic…

  5. Preferred the previous one.
    This one looks like Mio’s head is on Yui’s body

  6. Poor Mio, it looks like someone’s tattooed the symbol of Slaanesh over her pupil. That’s gotta make reading sheet music awkward.

  7. Is she wearing any pantsu???

  8. The lack of love for Ritsu in this blog is unforgivable.

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