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So based on that sleep study… Azu-nyan is a starfish, which means that she’s helpful but uncomfortable as the center of attention. Wow, is this an Angel Beats-like coincidence, or did Kyoto read the same article?

Niles: Just saw screencaps of the latest K-ON. So what does it signify if you sleep upside-down and are kicking your companion in the face?

Technically, that’s the fetus position. But we can come up with our own! Jun’s position here would be the “Kicking Fetus,” and Mio’s body-pillow hugging position would be the, “I gave up on life and bought an anime body-pillow cover” position.

(Though I did enjoy the comparison between Yui’s wild time sleeping over with friends and Ui’s much, much tamer experience. It’s like going to a Snoop Dog versus John Mellencamp concert. This is ouuuuuur country.)


Jun is a bad friend. Discuss.

(A bored Azu-nyan is fine too…)


Iz dis sum Cross Game?

(There was absolutely no doubt that Ui would hit a home run. None. Ui was also immediately offered a five year $30 million contract to be Boston’s new DH. I would love to see a home run derby featuring Ui versus Tomoyo. Also, if this episode’s goal is to feature cute outfits for Azu-nyan, it succeeded.)


Azu-nyan doesn’t like her hair because it’s too “anime-like”? That’s why we like it! Though as much Azu-nyan goodness is in this episode, I can’t really approve of any filler episode based on Azu-nyan, Ui, and Jun without cat ears on Azu-nyan. Or a meido outfit. Or both.

(Seriously, where’s my lesbian stalker episode?! Why this filler? As much as I enjoy Azu-nyan and Ui, they accomplished less than episode than Team Rocket in a Pokemon episode. And why a filler that doesn’t feature Mio or 4/5th of the main cast? Who approved this? I want names!)

(I can’t believe I’m complaining about having filler in a slice-of-life anime… sigh…)


What the hell is it with pigs and this season? I want to know. Button wants to know!


Does this count as thermodynamic rape? Or is it it’s own category?


My favorite part of this pic? Mio eying the monkey oh so carefully. In terms of modern financial parables, Mio would be international investors. The monkey would be Greek bonds.


Live long and prosper.


Ui still doesn’t oust waifu material Sayuri… at least with Sayuri, you might be able to convince her to add Mai in for a threesome. You’re never going to pry Ui from Yui… I imagine it would be like Yuno and Yuki from Mirai Nikki multiplied by 50. Though I can just as easily imagine a 500 pound Yui happily eating whatever Ui is happily shoving into her mouth.

(That would be for if Kakifly ever a dark sequel to K-On!… Mugi gets outed as a lesbian and is shunned and expelled from her family… Ritsu decides on getting a sex change… Azu-nyan cuts her hair short… Mio is seen around town with Lawrence Taylor. Though I think K-On! is getting out of hand when I see Kotaku “reporting” on it. Talk about a mailed in post, sheesh.)


If Ui weren’t with Azu-nyan and Jun, you and I know that we’d be getting a Table-kun sequel. Especially if Sunrise were animating this.


Azu-nyan’s fantasies as as much nori eyebrows as my fantasies have meido bonnets. I like how Azu-nyan is cute in thinking that she can learn something from Yui… um, isn’t it the other way around?

(Note to Kyoto: hard for me to do Month of Mio when Mio isn’t in an episode.)

20 Responses to “k-on!! 5”

  1. Ui for wife? I thought it was Ui for sister and Mugi for wife.

  2. The only way to fit in a lesbian stalker arc now is as a flashback, where Ritsu goes “hey, remember her?” and Mio has a painful flashback to the events of last summer…

    They have to do it! It was an integral part of the comic! The girl comes back to give them advice on University – though I’m getting a sinking feeling that the TV show may just ignore it completely.

  3. Actually, if this continues, I will not be appeased with just one stalker episode. I want two! – the second one featuring the Ponytail stalker from Fumoffu. Pony, pony, pony!

  4. I think there may have been some liberties taken with the translation – if I heard right (and remember correctly), Azusa complains that her hair makes people call her a “nihon ningyo”, or Japanese doll.

    “Okebuin” and “Ibuonke” were amusing.

    Jun is about as bad of a friend as Tomo from Azumanga, I’d say.

  5. Stop taking the words of shitty speedsubs translation as words of gold and literary masterpiece. All along in many of the shows the sentences you keep quoting are shitty translations. The anime you watched all along doesn’t have such great or witty script as you’d think. As the above poster said, azusa did NOT mean anime figurine at all. If you think it’s the same shit in the end, that’s like saying a revoltech is the same as a barbie.

  6. 5/30? Ui needs a new agent. Power bat, lots of swing and misses, that’s 5/125 material.

    In other news, Azu-nyan appears to be a fan of David Eckstein.

  7. I loved Azu-nya’s small “nya!” when Yui hugs her

  8. Now we know the makeup of the new club once the original members are gone: Azu-nyan is still the backup guitarist unless she takes special lessons from Sawa-chan, Jun replaces Mio on bass (but acts more like Ritsu), and Ui on keyboard but she could amazingly play anything. Now they would just have to find at least a new drummer and they’re set. Although personality-wise, they are lacking. Ui sorta fills in Mugi’s role with her devotion to Yui, Jun is a lot like Ritsu but lacks a Mio counterpoint, and Azu-nyan is Azu-nyan. The new member will have to be very unique to spice this group up.

  9. Honestly, I feel Ui’s obsession with her older sister is getting a little creepy…
    I mean, she was about to table-kun her sister’s desk…

  10. Yeah, but did you see those KyoAni water-works on Ui when you realized Yui wasn’t coming home?

  11. How about analyzing Azu-nyan, Ui, and Jun’s finger length ratios to see what traits they should have? + The other four girls, too.

  12. Jun is a horrible friend.

    There is no discussion on this.

    Also; Azusa = Kanata.

  13. That eyebrow scene would be better if everyone had them but Mugi.

  14. Am I strange if the moment your page loaded, I hi-fived the screen?

  15. Funny how Ui seems more and more like her sister the longer they’re apart.

  16. At this point it seems like hoping for the Mio stalking arc is like hoping for the Detroit Lions to make it to the playoffs, it’s just not going to happen.

  17. I’m not liking where this analogy is heading- then again, KyoAni did go 0-8 a while ago. Does this mean we’re all going to be wearing paper bags over our heads?

    Oh yeah, I had a question. Since Ui is a quick learner, if she were to witness someone being murdered, would she be able to kill people flawlessly?

  18. or what if Ui met Nanami? Would both instantly become omniscient?

  19. shin-chan eye-brow lol

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