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Cob goes where?

(Come on, Kyoto, you know you want to keep giving us scenes where Yui feeds Azu-nyan delicious food items. This could be your Cal Ripken streak!)


I liked what Kyoto did and inject all the delusions and dreams to this otherwise normal Azu-nyan story. I like the angle where Azu-nyan could be possibly crazy or at least breaking down into crazy because she hangs out with Yui and the rest all the time. The process isn’t as fast as with Kana Minami, but then again, Kana Minami is the Michael Jordan of breaking people. She has no equal… and that’s why I’m trying so hard to recruit her to write for this blog.


Just noticed that Sawa-chan has a picture frame with a stuffed bear inside… Sawa-chan, is there something that you’d like to tell us about that teddy bear?

(NBA free agency starts now, and I couldn’t be giddier. I feel like Yui holding cobbed corn eyeing tan Azu-nyan in the distance. Hugs all around! Yes, I plagiarized from my own Twitter feed.)

(Also, eight years of blogging… why am I still doing this? Why? Oh why?)


Enjoyed this scene where Ui is unconscionably happy (think Chicago Bulls fans after LeBron signs with them) as Azu-nyan praises Yui… but then goes into a shaking, semi-catatonic shock (think Cleveland Cavs fans as LeBron bolts) as Azu-nyan starts ripping Yui’s work habit. Fantastic. No doubt in my mind that any sequel to Mirai Nikki needs to involve Yui and Ui in some form or fashion.


Best part of Chipmunk Yui? Finally explains why she sounds like a chipmunk. Second best part? The almost bitch slap from Ritsu.


Azu-nyan has an awesome living room. But where’s the TV?

(She reminded me of me last Sunday when it was so hot outside, I didn’t want to do anything except nap on the sofa, eat ice cream, and gossip about NBA free agency.)


Only slightly fewer girls in bikinis sliding down water slides while eating yakisoba than in a typical blog好き dream. I don’t get Kyoto… they changed Mio’s outfit twice this episode, but they reused the same swimsuit from season one. Come on. You gave Haruhi, Mikuru, Kyon, and Itsuki 15,532 different outfits. Change it up and give us more barnacle shots.


Isn’t this Keanu Reeves’ standard, “Whoa!” look? Is Azu-nyan paying him royalties?


Biggest stretch of the episode, bar none, even if it’s an Azu-nyan delusion. Mio wouldn’t notice Ui and Azu-nyan there? Mio wouldn’t be there with her date, Ritsu? Come on. Don’t play us for fools.


Finland 4tw! I would so watch Anthony Bourdain and Tsumugi Kotobuki: No Reservations. At the very least, Mugi needs her own Travel Channel show. That would so go on my DVR.

(Or we could get a Mugi vs. Men show that’s kinda like The Bachelorette meets Rock of Love meets No Reservations meets Wild On. That would be awesome.)

(Where did Azu-nyan’s tan go?)


Satoko Houjou, are you hiding from your aunt and uncle?


See, if this were Sunrise, Ritsu would be working for Pizza Hut and encouraging all the girls to slide down with stuffed crust pizza on their heads. This might be the only way anyone gets me to eat a Pizza Hut pizza.


I want some Purple Argentina shaved ice as well. They should do a World Cup theme! We could have Yellow Brazil and Green Spain and Fail French and, of course, all served in vuvuzela cups.

(We’re midway through 2010… winners so far for the year: Shizuo, vuvuzelas, Ron Artest, @bpglobalpr, fail whales, iPads, quinoa, Jun Maeda, Break Blade. Losers so far for the year: Mio fanservice, Shaft speediness, vuvuzela jokes, fail whales, BP, democratic party, Tom Cruise, Microsoft KIN, Cleveland Cavaliers, FIFA refs, FIFA, French soccer.)


Is this Shizuo trapped in a giant cell phone? That would be awesome!

(I don’t get the food poisoning thing… tempura and watermelon isn’t the same as eating raw chicken.)


Giant Humanoid Robot: It’s not sunburn, Azunyan is actually a girl made entirely out of chocolate whose exposed parts of protective candy coating was licked off when Yui was slipped some XTC at one of the concerts.

Yep… these are my readers.

19 Responses to “k-on!! 13”

  1. I thought the sunburns (or lack of them) were nice visual cues on whether or not Azusa was dreaming. Well, most of the time, as the little pool slide dream proved.

  2. Chipmunk Yui seems so much a nod to internet buzz about “Go GO maniac!” from Kyoani. As it was the epic “moe moe kyun” moment of the first season.

    However, the next 7 episodes will be the very same days only with slightly different dreams from Azusa ?
    Another endless eight ?!?

    No anime summer will be ever the same after 2009. They gave me octophobia !

  3. The Melancholy of Azu-nyan.

  4. I cannot believe you didn’t include a shot of Ui’s ‘shaking, semi-catatonic shock.’ That was the most serious moment in the entire series. I was totally expecting Ui to go all Kurosaki on her.

  5. >>(Where did Azu-nyan’s tan go?)

    Disappears during dreams, then subverted in the last one for those who caught on.

  6. I had to look up that Watermelon and Tempura thing. Apparently, different cultures have superstitions about what foods you can or cannot eat, together or alone. Like for instance, it’s common in Italy to think Cucumbers will cause you to consistently burp, and will be excluded form the dinner table generally. I guess us Americans are so accustomed to shove things into our mouths without thinking, that we’ve lost most of those superstitions over time. xD

    I really like that the dreams coincide with reality a bit. Like Yui eventually eating the tempura, Mugi coming back a day early for an event, and yakisoba. Either Azusa is gaining psychic powers, or she just knows the group well enough.

  7. I should have objected to the Azusa-is-chocolate theory immediately, but I couldn’t put my finger on why at the time. Let’s just say it would end with “And all that was left of her was this cat-print guitar hanger.”

    I enjoyed Ui’s 180 degree reversal immensely. Quietest breakdown ever.

    If Yui and Ui were in Mirai Nikki, Yui’s diary would consist solely of what she eats, right? Not exactly conducive to survival. I can only imagine what Ui’s diary would say. ^^;

  8. Oh yeah, I predict videos of otaku going down waterslides with yakisoba will surface on nico nico in the near future.

  9. re tv: just out of frame is a large sony 1080p projector; a motorized projection screen slides down into the space in the cabinet.

  10. Little brown girls are the best!

  11. You’ve got to wonder what impact Yui’s “chipmunk” scene will have on her waifu ranking in Japan. Is circumcision popular over there?

  12. The Teddy Bear is Tomoyo.

  13. K-On! has just been licensed by Bandai…is anyone else hoping for nice BDs bundled with loads of goodies?

    Tomoyo frequently visits Sawa-chan for, uh, “advice” on being an effective Student Council President, either that, or she’s learning how to be a more effective bully for Kotomi.

  14. I like to think that YTAMR isn’t for the content itself so much as the shameless co-opting of someone else’s YTAMR.

    K-On! has just been licensed by Bandai…is anyone else hoping for nice BDs bundled with loads of goodies?

    I’d love getting bundles with a nice artbox, HTT Gitah strap, and Mio bodypillow cover with little plastic barnacle, but after what happened with their Lucky Star limited editions I’m not holding my breath.

  15. @Giant Humanoid Robot

    The Gurren Lagann sets weren’t so bad though, and besides there’s to much to be able to give away with a series like this to not take the opportunity and make nice sets. I’m hoping for a blue and white striped mouse pad.

  16. Surprised you didn’t comment on Azu-nyan wearing a longer skirt in the middle of summer (presumably to hid her tan lines) than she did in the middle of winter

  17. @Starfish: It’s not that I thought they were bad, it’s that everyone else did. I bought all five of the Lucky Star LEs. Which was disappointing considering there were six volumes. The first five LEs didn’t sell enough for Bandai to consider making them them worth it, so they canceled the sixth and I don’t see much reason to expect expect K-On LEs to sell any better.

  18. http://books.google.ca/books?i.....38;f=false

    link explaining watermelon/tempura thing

  19. you know, if this is aired on cartoon network, they would totally modify azu-nyan’s sunburn color skin or they would be called racist

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