my little sister can’t be this unself-aware 9


(The odds Kirino will be a registered sex offender has just been taken off the books in Vegas. Still, the “chwan~~” honorific is just too good. Needs to be used more, like, “How’s it going, Kanon-chwan?”)

Interesting episode about a lazy Sunday with all the characters. I enjoyed it. Bath time, new outfits for Kuroneko and Saori, and the most unself-aware little sister in the world. Though poor Manami… she got mostly left out this episode.


“What a pitiful guy. You should just die. Shut up! Who do you think you are? Stop acting like you’re my brother!”

Wasn’t this Kirino’s dialogue from the first episode to poor Kyousuke-kwun? Lack of self-awareness, thy name is Kirino.


“She’s 100% tsun and 0% dere. I bet this character was only created to fuck with the players. She’s an unbelievable heroine. Can’t she at least have a slightly cute side?”

Look in the mirror! LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!


Though I liked how Kirino was drawing circles with her mouse as she played the game. Was she drawing “circles” elsewhere with her left hand?


“With my magic, I can do this with one hand!”

Not related to previous comment. Honest!


I like how delusional Ayase is about Kirino doing “homework.” I guess Kirino is doing “homework” in the Capturing God sense.

(I really wonder about Japanese magazines that feature pictures of fully-clothed high school models. Because I’m sure it’s not hard to find such websites or magazines without as much said clothes on. I wonder if Kirino is self-aware that she gets money to provide men and maybe women who are into 3D little girls joy so she can spend that money on getting joy from 2D little girls.)


OMG! An actual sweet and cute little sister moment in this anime… just not with the characters I would expect. Kudos to Kuroneko for (a) grinding Social Link/Loyalty points and (b) wearing different clothes. I know it’s tough, AIC, but it only took you 75% of the series to heed my advice and slap some new threads on her.

(I just realized that Mass Effect is just a watered-down Persona in space. Just replace “Loyalty” with “Social Link”. Though unlike Persona, you can’t have a harem. Damn Jack and Miranda for not wanting a threesome. What I’m most surprised with is why hasn’t the maker of a billion RPGs, Square Enix, caught on to the simulation game plus RPG genre? This is the future of RPGs. Atlus nailed it with Persona, and even Bioware is ripping of the formula. Sadly, Square Enix reminds me of 1990 General Motors… with Final Fantasy XIII as the Pontiac Aztec.)


Clueless blogger award goes to… moi. I just realized, 75% into the series, that they’ve been slightly changing up the OP every episode. Doh. Not totally my fault since I’ve been skipping it… rather take the minute and a half to watch nakkid Hanekawan in Sugar Sweet Nightmare.


I think I’ll dub Kirino “Premium Box-set-chwan” since I’m sure she animates that inanimate object, if you know what I mean.

(I know World of Warcraft fans who won’t shut up about the next expansion… Kirino reminds me of them… not a great group to be associated with, along with door-to-door magazine salesmen, demons from hell, trial lawyers, cast of Jersey Shore, and anime bloggers.)


The way Kirino got her tea and snacks… definitely settling in for a long night of scoring little sisters.


“お兄ちゃんと… だいすき!!!

Dammit, Kirino, you were outclassed. Like Endless Eight airing against both Eden of the East and K-On!, you didn’t stand a chance to that other perverted little sister in need of life counseling franchise.


Kanna Aoyagi shows how to properly play an eroge.

(While they did take out a lot of the humor from the manga and added in more censored H scenes, which makes no sense since this was an OVA, they did add in a small bit where after Kanna “enjoys” her eroge, she gets a phone call. And she puts the phone… “away.”)


This is more of the reaction I have when I watch Code Geass not for a little sister enjoying her eroge reaction.


“What’s with this plot point?”

Self-aware? Hell no! Capturing God? Hell no! Keima would have been done and conquered this by now and be working on Morinth’s arc on Mass Effect 2.

(Should not that Rinko-chwan has a pink hairpiece just like Kirino… and is wearing the same blue blouse as Kirino. Self-awareness 4tw!)


“It’s not a day-to! You’re gross! Don’t come any closer! You should be grateful I’m spending time with you.”

Pot calling kettle black.


Saori cleans up good. I wonder why she reverts back into Tool Time/flannel mode so often… gosh she looks good enough to slice men’s Johnnies off with a cigar cutter.


“Now then, how will I get them to wear this special outfit? Fufufufu.”

Saori has instantly become my favorite character. First degree costume rape 4tw. Also, highly, highly disappointed she does make her own meido wear such outfits. Pant suits? WTF?


“Baka Aniki… come here please… be gentle…”

“W-wait a second! Let me go shower first.”

Best part of Kirino capturing Rinko was her screams of joy cockblocking of Kyousuke and Kuroneko.


“You don’t even know you’re already dead.”

Wait, wrong anime?

(Shower scene in this show, TWGOK, and Star Driver this week. Plus Sora no Otoshimono, but that always has a shower scene. Is this sweeps week in Japan?)

(I like how Kirino takes not one but two baths as she goes through the Rinko-chwan route. Mmmm…)


“This is too hot! This is too much! So hot!”

Kirino does a mid-episode clothes change thanks to the gratuitous shower scene. And it only took 9 episodes for Kuroneko and Saori to get a second outfit.

“What did I do to deserve listening to my little sister play an eroge.”

Actually, sounds like a service opportunity… $1.99 per minute to listen in on little sisters playing eroges! We’ll make millions! Muhahahaha!

(How did Kirino play eroges before? Was she this animated? Or is she only animated now because her parents are gone, and she’s been outed in front of Kyousuke?)


“Hearing my little sister moaning from the other room is beyond uncomfortable!”

“D-don’t tell me you recorded it?”

“You’re the real pervert for even coming up with that idea! That stuff you said about not caring about H-scenes was a total lie!”

Posts for this show write themselves. Though it’s more fun picturing Chris Bosh yelling the same thing at LeBron James… “That stuff you said about not caring about winning championships was a total lie!”


Denizens of the world of darkness… mmm… that’s the way I feel about anime blogging. Guess this just shows everyone has a public life and a private life.

(Also, band-aid on ass 4tw.)


Oyasumi. Piiiii~~

14 Responses to “my little sister can’t be this unself-aware 9”

  1. Again, I stand by my decision to treat this show as a “feel-good” show and nothing more.

  2. You didn’t notice the OP change with ep 6, the Manami ep? o.o;;

    First image: my face when I watch delicious/train-wreck anime.

  3. haha this episode reminds me of myself playing eroge/renai sims back in high school/university.

    especially when she went about to post the pinup and repeated the girl’s line over and over.. that was classic. XD

    the game’s new so the dakimakura probably isn’t out yet i guess.. else she’d be humping on it too. :p


    I am unashamed to admit that I replayed the following scenes while squealing much in the same way Kirino did for Miyabi-chan’s “Onii-chan, daisuki!”:
    1. Ruri blushing at Brosuke’s call
    2. Saori’s scheming
    3. Every moment of Kirino’s hypocrisy
    4. Epic shouting match between siblings
    Still. I was hoping this would be the episode where Brousuke plays through an eroge with Kirino. Ah, I’ll settle for more Kirino erolust.

  5. What the hell?? This anime has a Mugi-chwan/Sawa-chwan combo? Why did I not pick this show up?

  6. Well, this was better than last week’s episode, that’s for sure. Then again, my expectations of this show changed drastically since last week. Kirino’s bitchslap was COMPLETELY unjustified, though.

    And Kuroneko and Saori were awesome in what little screentime they had. Given what Saori’s home looked like, it might as well have been Mugi’s. Oh, maybe they’re neighbors?

  7. Again, very thankful that Kirino isn’t my little sister. It makes it so much easier to enjoy her expressions in this episode. Also… Saori took nine episodes to break those outfits out?

  8. I can’t believe you only had one Kuroneko shot. o_o
    Kuroneko > Kirino

  9. AIC, I accept your apology for last week.

    That’s an…involved way to play eroge. Loved the stereo tsundere conversations, large heapings of hypocrisy, and Kirino being Kirino. Also Kuroneko’s shock at the sudden call from Kyousuke, fumble to get back into character, the contrast between that persona and her current scene (++ attention to detail too, a black cat on her tracksuit!).

    And that expression on Kirino’s face in the first picture? That was me when we got to the Saori scene. But alas, it was just a tease. Great episode, just a shame there was no Manami screentime too.

  10. Take notes from Kuroneko no Imouto, Kirino! This is how a little sister should be! And since she’s the little girl, she must be the Justice Social Link.

  11. They should’ve given more screem time to kuroneko’s other imouto…

  12. OreImo 9 ~ Kuroneko’s imouto can’t be this kyutto. =P

  13. I totally agree with you blogsuki =D
    Everything you say is true.
    Funny is, at one of the first episodes you wrote “why do they not show Kirino playing Eroge?”, now they did. And I don’t know but if I would be her brother, I would invite my friends to my place to laugh at her, lol (and she already would have been raped by me multiple times…a day)!
    I’m still programming ImoutoVille though x3

  14. I can’t wait to see the look on Kirino’s face when Kyosuke and Kureneko go on an day-to!

    Wait, what??

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