there’s no way my little sister can be a meido 11

“The greatest holy war in human history is about to begi–”

(Sorry, there’s no holy war. Meido trumps all, Dear Komrades. Viva Meido Revolution!)

The more I watch Ore no Imouto, the more Kirino’s jackass/bitch/vile/selfish/ridiculous/devil/jealous behavior reminds me of a line from a deeply disturbing (yet maybe apt) movie…. “Maybe [I can’t get an erection] is that you broke my heart into a million pieces and so my cock doesn’t want to be around you anymore! Okay? EVER! Because you know what I just realized? You’re the goddamn devil!”

(Now that’s a fun line to say to an ex. And that wasn’t a great movie. Anyway.)


“You don’t need to hold back, Nii-san.”

Let’s just say there’s no such problem with Kuroneko. Nekomimi meido who draws her own manga, properly takes care of her little sister, and drips with subtle sexuality? Yes, please. And can I order more than one of her for my harem?


Kirino is just a ridiculous character all around. She’s rotten to the core. I have no idea how people can classify Ore no Imouto in the moe genre… obviously, it’s in the love to hate genre, much like Bill Laimbeer, Sarah Palin, Hollywood Hogan, LeBron James, Shinn Asuka, and the MPAA. This is a respectable genre, and I’d like to see more of it in anime. See, even though I’m hating Kirino, I can’t stop but to love how I hate her. It works! Fabulous!


Amazing Kirino got so jealous of Manami. Just absolutely fabulous. Her best moment thus far, and it reminded me a lot of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It’s obvious. Kirino wants her onii-chan’s seed, and she’s going to cockblock any female not approved by her. Simple.

(Obviously, I also relish being able to type “seed,” “cockblock,” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” anytime to describe an anime character. And be spot on.)


Shouldn’t Manami be happy that Kyousuke is into big breasted, glasses pr0n? I mean, she can skip the Lasik and use that money for implants, right? I kid, I kid. My advice for anyone who just got caught enjoying pr0n by their girlfriend or waifu, say this magic line, “Hey honey… you’re just in the nick of time!” Works like a charm. Guaranteed.

(Who the heck keeps around gravure magazines anymore? This feels more ancient than seeing crappy, old flip phones in anime. It’s all about streaming pr0n or tumblr pr0n with the history block add-on. Running your browser in private/pr0n mode all the time raises suspicion, I’ve found. So I like how history block encrypts the list of URLs that you don’t want to show up in your history. Toss in a few gambling and anime blogs in there to throw off her scent. Wait, am I sharing too much?)


I would so love for Kirino to be part of MTV’s Real World Road Rules Challenge. She would clean up.


She just acts like a total bitch and jackass to Manami, which only further accentuates their different personalities. I think Manami is too much of a doormat– after being treated as horribly as Kirino treated her, wouldn’t a normal girl rebuke or slap Kirino at some point? Which I guess goes to my next point: Manami has no chance with Kyousuke. He’s not really into melonpanriffic girls with glasses. He’s into little sisters who uses melonpanriffic girls with glasses to torment him. Subtle, but important difference.


“Saori Vageena” is a great pr0n name. Almost as good as Brock Landers and Chest Rockwell.


So disappointed Ms. Vageena didn’t go with her sexy debutante look and instead opted for her typical otaku look. A meido harem of sexy Saori, nekomimi Kuroneko, and Kirino would be tremendous. *sob*


“There are limits to what you can and cannot do in manga!”

Damn right, thanks to Tokyo’s Youth Ordinance Bill. No more hawt Tenri x Kanon heavenly siscest action. *sob*

(Kuroneko’s manga is too good. She’s too awesome. I’m going to change my vote for favorite couple from Kyousuke x Ayase to Kuroneko x Ayase. Done and done.)


A big facet of meido moe is how they’re willing to serve their master. It is a highly part of meido moe, either like how dutiful Maria is or how deliciously reluctant Izumi is. Kirino is neither.

(And the tights. And the meido bonnet. Meido~~)

(One of this decade’s greatest under-written tragedies is how He Is My Master was Gainax’s low water mark this decade. Can you believe that a fanservice meido gag manga like He Is My Master would be Gainax’s downfall? Especially after Mahoromatic?)


Kyousuke’s mom knows he has pr0n on his computer? Come on, such an easy lay up. Show me one teenager without pr0n, and I’ll show you a magical unicorn. Best part about this scene was the mom’s tsundere-ish behavior… I’m telling you, tsundere is the backbone of anime.

(Wouldn’t it just be easier if he closed the lid of the laptop and pretended it was never on?)


Kirino apologizing and thanking Kyousuke… felt like “DOZO! HAVE A STARFISH!” Oops, I mean… “DOZO! HAVE AN EROGE!”

(Enjoyed how she gave him the same little sister eroge that she was so unself-aware about. “Here’s a game about banging your uncooperative, unfriendly, dishonest little sister. No implications whatsoever! Enjoy!”)


Let’s just say Kyon wouldn’t cry if Haruhi had a similar breakdown and gave Kyon an eroge featuring a harem consisting of a goddess, a time traveler (both future and present versions scoreable), an alien, and an esper.

(I know exactly what I wrote.)


“What are you? Some mother-in-law?”

Kirino would make one fearsome mother-in-law. She would be perfect for a typical Japanese live action drama.


Enjoyed Kirino’s breakdown as she envisions Kyousuke and Manami bonking in the living room. Enjoyed her outfit even more… unmatched camisole, short shorts, and thigh highs 4tw.

(The living room is too good for Kirino. Reminds me of… “Pardon me, Commander… I’ve cleared the engine room… I’ll be there in five minutes.” “I should have known you wouldn’t settle for the Captain’s Quarters.” “I settle for nothing but the best.” *wink*)

(Good news is I managed to not lose anyone for the suicide mission for Persona in Space 2. Though I hope BioWare improves the social links aspect for the third game… still quite simplistic compared to Atlus. Though Atlus uses far fewer close-up ass shots. It’s like a 17 year old teenage boy designed the camera for Persona in Space. That’s a good thing!)


Let’s end this post on a Kuroneko note. The Meido Revolution demands it. How is she displaying her manga on the TV without a wired link or AirPlay? How? Wireless VNC to a built-in VNC server client on said TV? Ridiculous. Come on, anime, am I supposed to believe Kyousuke enjoys gravure magazines over streaming pr0n yet Kuroneko is using some fancy W-HDMI using a company that does not have any W-HDMI products in 2010?

(If only Kuroneko used a MacBook Air instead of a Sony Vaio… sigh. She’s not perfect, I guess.)

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  1. There are a few TVs with built-in wifi. Theoretically Kuroneko could do an ad-hoc network and have the TV display a simple AJAX web page that the laptop served up, with the manga as a gallery.

  2. No Sony VAIOs ftw. Nothing will take away VAIOs away from OreImo let alone Kuroneko :T she even has a SONY purple USB to match her awesome purple VAIO.

    But yes, also disappointed with the non ojou-sama desu wa Saorin :( Although that was Kirino’s turn to shine, she didn’t want to take the main attraction away. She needs to set up another party asap and have it inc costume raeps.

  3. Hrmm, cut off. Anyhow, by passing the pages through a “buffer” image (example: you could have a little script that would copy the next image and rename it buffer.png whenever you hit the right arrow; if you were really committed then you could make a gui), when the TV displays the website and refreshes every few fractions of a second, it would pickup the changed buffer, displaying the new page. Yeah, I could buy Kuroneko knowing AJAX.

  4. >>Wouldn’t it just be easier if he closed the lid of the laptop and pretended it was never on?

    This line sums up all my thoughts on the episode, for both instances where it screwed him over.

  5. I lol so hard at Saori’s lastname.

  6. Zodmanner: But it *isn’t* Saori’s real surname, but part of her online handle. It’s a reference to Zeta Gundam, specifically the alias Char Aznable used during that period (Quattro Vageena/Bajeena). I don’t think her REAL surname was even mentioned in the novels (this after we’re introduced to her younger sister too).

  7. Ah, so that how it is. Thanks Myssa. :)

    With that said, I really enjoy this show. Sad to see it’s coming to an end (I know we’re getting 3 more episodes online, but still).

  8. >>Wouldn’t it just be easier if he closed the lid of the laptop and pretended it was never on?

    This line sums up all my thoughts on the episode, for both instances where it screwed him over.

    You and me both sir, you and me both.

    And am I the only one that feels like that this episode felt awfully rushed? Yes, I guess I’m supposed to imagine the middle bit with Kyousuke being all down because his childhood friend now sees him as some perverted guy that only likes little sisters, but you know, a bone would be nice. A montage, if you will.

    Kirino, liking neko ears and tail? Why does that not surprise me?

  9. I loved this episode. Especially Kuronekomimi-meido made my day.

  10. Awww, and I was hoping for a pretty version of miedo Saori.

  11. Surprisingly, Kirino can hold the laptop by one hand yet I cant…
    Also I dont understand why eroge cg would pop up after escape buttom is pushed. They should have just explained it as a screensaver trap.

  12. Wow, dispite the general feeling here, this is the first episode that I’ve thought Kirino is a real bitch in. The trap she laid was funny to watch, but damn.

    Kuroneko’s multifaceted personality is awesome. There’s her default deliciously evil side, her flusteredly cute side, her reliable onee-san side, and this episode we get a wickedly seductive nekomimi side when she tries to make Kyousuke her Nii-san and a genuinely sweet apology for a situation she had maybe 1% of a part in.

    As for her manga, I’m really hoping that the full version of it (plus narration of course) is going to be “True End” episode.

    My only regret is that Saori chose to remain in the background as normal. Though her “Oh, I thought you had a glasses fetish” line was a great one.

  13. Remember, Kuroneko most likely cannot afford a Macbook Air.

  14. Speaking of Haruhi, whoever said Kirino sounds like a Haruhi audition was right. Can’t unhear. And as for Persona, the real Persona, you are right- it took guts to release it over here, and I’d hate to see games of its ilk cut off at the knees just because someone threw a hissy fit.

  15. This is the first harem anime I’ve ever seen (since Aa! Megami-Sama) where I felt sympathy for the guy and genuine desire for his life to turn out well. Poor Kyousuke!

    At first, I was really indifferent/offended by Oreimo, but now, now I understand: it’s a “to hell with you” note to the harem genre, written with love and understanding. It asks the question: what if instead of taking the place of the hero, you actually felt sorry for him, and wanted him to succeed? (And also, what is the real consequence of having the main girl be actually tsundere in real life terms.)

  16. Want Kuroneko ending. Now. For a Kuroneko x Ayase pairing, won’t Ayase have to get over otaku fear? A nekomimi meido Kuroneko might just be enough and too moe for Ayase to refuse!

  17. I didn’t know Kana could pull of a sultry voice
    nii-san… HHGNNN

  18. Am i only one who thought at first that melonpanriffic meganekko in Kyosukes pr0n that Manami was reading was Tsubasa from Bakemono? Looks quite alike to me…

  19. someone get Kuroneko into an Akiha cosplay~

  20. Sad enough that Kuronekos drawing of Kirino actually looks better than the anime Kirino, lol.
    Sony Vaio is really a horrible choice, but a Macbook wouldn’t be better, seriously.
    But well…I wonder..Kuroneko made this manga (which is absolutely perfect looking) and she had so much work on it, would she really stop showing it after having had so much work for it? I wouldn’t stop.

    At least this episode was funny again, Kirinos Traps to make Kyousuke look like a pervert were awesome.
    Now let’s go for the end!

  21. Kuroneko can’t afford a macbook :<

  22. It’s going to take a lot of suspension of disbelief gymnastics, but I suppose a Kuroneko X Ayase is doable. I look forward to the dojins (though I’m pretty sure they’ll involve either or both of the Kosaka sandwiched between them, but hey…).

  23. All of us who are watching this should read Welcome to the NHK. I’ve never felt more guilty in my life.

  24. i can’t be the only one that thought kyousuke was horrible for bringing manami to make food for them after friendzoning her

  25. >I can’t believe the mom’s imitating Kirino too. Everyone does a better Kirino than Kirino, sadly.
    >fofi: Too right. At least, I have no idea how he was so blasé about it.
    >I love how Manami was killing Kirino with her perfection. So eager to please, yet I still can’t force myself to love her.
    >”Remember this! This isn’t over.” Ah, the memories of cheesy villain escape catchphrases. “You think you’re all that, Kim Possible, but you’re not!”
    >Man Kirino works fast. And sets multi-layered traps. I didn’t think she was that devious.
    >I love how Manami saw the erohon, the screensaver, and concluded “I must call Kyousuke onii-chan to get him to fall for me.”
    >End scene 1. I suppose if I wasn’t pausing it at every moment to type these, it would have felt rushed. But still. Epic Kirino on Kyousuke mindrape.
    >Omgwtf? Kousake Kyousuke’s Personal Harem Party? YOU BASTARD. I’d give up 10 years of christmas/birthday/etc parties to have just one of these personal harem party things. YOU LUCKY BASTARD.
    >spit-take. Saori is so awesome. Reluctant Kirino is slightly less win. “That’s strange, I was told you had a glasses fetish.” OH SNAP SON. Personally, I’m finding otaku!Saori more appealing than ojou!Saori. Hmm.
    >Artistic Kuroneko is artistic. Dammit, why am I more attracted to artists than to athletes?
    >And I thought Kirino was good with mindrape. Kuroneko, you devil you. On the bright side, her persecution of Kirino is making my affections return to Kirino.
    >Wait. How does Kuroneko know about Kirino looking under Kyousuke’s bed? And doesn’t she realise the inherent danger of forcing this subconscious desire into the open? She might lose Kyousuke to Kirino! Look at the way he reacted at the pantsu-sniffing scene!
    >Much as I like where it’s going, I don’t see Kuroneko as a shipper.
    >”What’s not right, Nii-san?” Holy crap. Someone needs to put together a track of Kana Hanazawa’s audio erotica.
    >Woah. Moodswing. Serious moodswing. Way to ruin my amusement, Kyousuke. Even for the sake of plot development.
    >Argh. This confession thing is really rushed. Yes, Kyousuke can’t figure out most things, but you’re really smashing it into him, aren’t you? Kirino’s character change is more baffling than cute.
    >I’m starting to see that this episode was probably written to satisfy the wincest-haters. And to tie things up nicely for the non-wincest ending. Gah. It had so much potential. I feel terribly empty.

  26. The receptionist’s face when Kyousuke opened the party room door was priceless. I have that as my wallpaper, and bust out laughing every time I minimize my windows.

  27. Wait, if Kyousuke has a fetish of big-breasted meganekko, does it mean that…

    He has pics of Nao from Yosuga no Sora from Kirino’s laptop that were secretly saved by him?

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