hanasaku iroha 2

“Vengeance Is a Staff Meal”


“Her what spot? That… th… th…”

“It’s not my fault.”

Chilling. I didn’t think PA Works would bust out a possible sexual assault until later, but thank you creepy author-dude for giving the perverts around the world a new battle cry, “It’s not my fault.” Interesting early twist in my CoA-SoL anime, but if running Adventures of Mikuru-run as your episode 1 is an onside kick (that works), going for the early creepy sexual assault is more like tossing a deep pass on the first offensive play of the game.

(But thank you next episode previews for defusing all tension! Drama series should just do random previews a la Arrested Development or just not have them. Or just be adorable girls doing adorable things like Nichijou‘s previews. Or mouthy sisters doing mouthy things like Bakemonogatari‘s. We don’t need spoilers in our previews.)


When I first watched this, I thought the reason no one went to the Wave Room was because the couple there would still be bonking and poor Ohana would interrupt them. Or that she would open the door and find condom wrappers and spent condoms everywhere. Or a pervert would try to sexual assault her. In other words, I qualify to write for Sunrise and PA Works now.


These two girls make me rage. I don’t like the one who is aggressive to cover up her own deficiencies, and I don’t like the one who is meek to pretend to not notice her own deficiencies. In other words, hello Asuka Langley Soryu and Rei Ayanami. At least they both have lovely ponytail-able hair.

(I feel like this series is going to be more like The Devil Wears Prada meets GTO. Ohana is going to win everyone over one by one using her outsider method that stirs the pot. Eventually, she’ll even melt her grandma’s heart. Assuming her grandma isn’t an evil robot sent from Casshern‘s future.)


“Get them before they get you.”

Terrible parenting. Might as well tell her Santa Claus doesn’t exist, the South won’t rise again, and the ending to Hanasaku Iroha will be terrible and not fit the rest of the series.

(The scriptwriter, Mari Okada, also did Toradora, Red Garden, and Rozen Maiden. However, also did Gosick, Fracate, and True Tears. So I dunno. Going to be hit or miss with a rushed ending. Unless you’re going to argue with me that it was a stroke of genius storytelling to condense 240 pages of Toradora into 24 minutes.)

(Then again, maybe without Jun Maeda, we won’t get a nonsensical ending where Otonashi’s heart ended up in Tenshi… and somehow Tenshi is still dead. And we never got to figure out how Yurippe died. Sigh. I just want to know who dropped the ball with Angels Beats. Need to assign blame.)


So Ohana got up early (5AM), mowed the grass with the most inefficient method possible, cleaned up a few rooms, cooked breakfast, got chewed out, and how is walking back miles to get to the inn. How is she not tired? I would have collapsed in a head by noon. Either she has boundless energy for her size, or she’s on cocaine.

(PA Work’s animation is pretty solid. They use a lot of color and a lot of still scenes to cover up a lack of animation, and they have virtually zero background animation, which is something they did more of for Angel Beats. Watching this with Nichijou… definitely Kyoto’s movements are a lot smoother. Watching this with Tiger and Bunny… MY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!)


“So which love hotel are we going to today?”

I was so hoping that the guy (whose name I have not bothered to learn yet, come on, I’m watching like 30 shows right now, don’t expect me to know details beyond, “Sakamono-san is the cat of Hakase”) would turn up the grooves and play either:

A. Girls Dead Monster’s Thousand Enemies. Because it would be what Shaft would do.
B. Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl. Because I can’t get that song out of my head right now. Shut off boy…
C. The new single from Supercell. Because I enjoyed it.


Passive aggressive solution. Works good as a surprise attack on the mom, probably less effective when you give notice before hand. If someone told me that they would make my least favorite meal, and then ask me what it was, I would be like… “You know, I really hate crabs. They’re just not delicious.”


And they’ll never know how much I hate lobster. Especially juicy lobster tail. With butter sauce. Oooooh how I hate that.

(I would like to go to a meido cafe and order an omelette rice someday. I would totally have them write, “I hate you” with ketchup on it. Kidding. Definitely have them write, “OH GEASS NO!”)


I’ve never had a fantasy where I’m staying at a Japanese inn, and the cute meido enters wanting to clean my room. “Would you like your room cleaned, goshujin-sama?” What’s wrong with me?


I really like Ohana. She’s the best part of this Hanasaku Iroha. She’s actually peppy and tries hard and speaks her mind, which is a rare thing when it comes to heroines (and even heroes) at times. Plus she is honest, even when she doesn’t know what exactly it is she wants. A good heroine in a terrible situation.


“And that’s why I have to cut them down!”

Plus she knows how to handle a blade.

(Wouldn’t it be easier to mow the grass with a lawn mower? At least get one of the old school hand push ones if you don’t want to go gas. I have a hand push one, and it gets the job done. My lawn isn’t particularly big, and I kinda like the uneven natural look of using a hand push. However, if they are running an inn, wouldn’t they want to have golf course-like lawns? Wouldn’t they have a lawn mower?)

(And wouldn’t a show named 花咲くいろは with “blooming” in the title pay a bit more attention to the garden scenes?)

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  1. wow..

    that end

    seriously, what? -_-;

    sick man

    i agree that ohana is a very pleasant likable mc, i would have punched the shine girl in the face probably several tiems by now if i were her —

  2. This might end up being my favorite series this season. I pray that it’s ending will be good ;-;

  3. Actually, the battle cry is “It can’t be helped.”

  4. btw jason u watching 30 sai hokentaiku?

  5. Surprised Ohana’s grandmother didn’t chew her out for making so much noise in the morning. If I got woken up by that on my vacation, I wouldn’t be so happy.

  6. At least when Chris Hansen shows up he can say the beer was for himself.

  7. Jason, you missed the best pic in this episode!

    There that’s better (nothing is more intimidating than a grade schooler looking at you like you’re shit).

    Oh and between Tiger&Bunny and this show, the weekends aren’t coming soon enough for me! I am facing some serious withdrawal here!

  8. anybody know why they are not allowed to step on that line by the door?

  9. I really like that scene when Ohana pushed the two girls, it was like if she was saying “Cmon we all know we’re gonna be friends in the end so stop delaying the inevitable!”. It would have been pretty lame if she would have just walked away without getting mad at them while they portray her as a energetic, speaking-her mind girl. This is indeed a rare thing.
    (Got rickrolled by that new Supercell single link).

  10. Yes, Hiro IS great single by Supercell. Thanks for the link, I REALLY appreciated it.

  11. Damn it, Jason. So you got me. It’s only because I’ve been listening to Supercell’s new album nonstop recently…

  12. reply to “FireStarter”, I believe it’s Asian culture/traditional, usually it is a taller tile or stone that you gotta take big step to get in, it isn’t polite when you enter stepping on it.

    and I can’t believe just got ____rolled

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