it’s a potpourri and everyone’s invited


“I… I… never captured a spirit before.”

Haqua’s admission that she is a spirit capturing virgin reminds me of Mimi agonizing over sleeping with Nick when Mimi is a virgin yet pretends to have slept with half the rugby team. Needless to say, it didn’t go well for Mimi. (She tried to straddle Nick cowgirl-style but instead throws up on him. This then causes him to bonk her best friend. The best friend, overcome with guilt, then tries to make it up to Mimi by overdosing on alcohol. Skins is awesome TV.) And it didn’t go that well for Haqua… I guess… wow… honesty is a better policy than boastful lying. Who would have thunk it?

Best Shows of the Year (So Far): Skins (UK), which had probably the best final episode of any dramatic series I’ve ever seen… Game of Thrones, which features the creepiest incest this side of Denpa Onna to Seishun OtokoMadoka, which features everyone’s favorite Kyubey… Nichijou, which features Professor and Nano… NBA Playoffs, which just had a must-watch 40 point blowout in which Andrew Bynum showed that he’s not more emotionally developed than an anime blog troll.

Also, hair down Elsie is fine too.

(Why do all the captured spirits look like sperm samples? It sure looks like a giant frowny-face sperm.)

Look at Auntie’s face… quality animation. Shaft does 90% of this show on the cheap, and they only try for the facial close ups and of shots of Erio by herself. (Shaft takes a lot of scenes off in this series. They rarely took any off for Madoka. Or even Maria+Holic for that matter.) More importantly, this would have been the best threesome ever involving a bike; dream of all teenage boys. Come on. Admit it. You always wanted stared at a bike thinking, “How can I use this as a prop in the porno I’m shooting?” (Oh wait, sorry, this would be the second best threesome involving two girls and a guy on a bike. This would be number one.)

(Haha. Can’t believe you clicked on that link. Enjoy your Lulu x Rolo x Suzaku threesome on a BMX bike.)

This would have been the best threesome ever in a hospital room; dream of all teenage boys. Come on. Admit it. You always wanted to lightly spank a girl wearing an eggplant outfit while screaming, “This is what you get for fucking with me in Kid Icarus, Eggplant Wizard!” while in a hospital room. Also, what kind of hospital keeps a patient for a month over a broken arm? Here in California, a broken arm is an outpatient procedure. Needless to say, Japan needs more soulless HMOs. Makoto is just a huge zero for me in this show… we can replace him with any of the millions of other vanilla typical loser harem males, and Denpa Onna wouldn’t miss a beat. In fact, can we swap him with…

… Jintan from Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai and neither show would be any different. I don’t understand why male leads have to be un-friendly (and slightly shyly perverted) losers. It’s almost like anime is designed for young men to self-insert themselves into– wait, this explains everything! No wonder Evangelion is so popular.

(Also, notice how Jintan likes wearing T-shirts with text on it? A style originally made famous by Banchou from Jubei-chan.)

Pepsi Max? Pokemon? Two of my favorite things! I choose both of you!

(The Pokemon episode is the best. You can tell A-1 Pictures have some retro gaming nostalgia, almost like a muted Shaft. I’m not sure what it says about the current crop of animators, but they all seem to have grown up on 8-bit games… and I grew up on 8-bit games. Oh how I cherish you, River City Ransom…)

Ice cream staff? Madness. Also, he’s moonlighting in both the boy’s love exorcist show (why else would it be called the Blue Exorcist?) and the crappy “financial” drama show? Where does he find the time.

Every character desperately needs cheeseburgers, onion rings, and chocolate milkshakes. I’m not sure if this is just bad character design or terrible character design. I feel like I can contract an eating disorder just by watching A Channel.

Sharks being sliced? Awesome. Can. Not. Wait.

The tea cups? You can buy most of them here.

Best. Scene. Ever.

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  1. “Best. Scene. Ever.”

    I agree with this one… Very creepy, indeed!

  2. Look at Auntie’s face… quality animation.

    Seriously? Thats the scene you point out? Why do people get worked up over tweens like that? Especially when MEGUCA WAS SUFFERING throughout the entire hospital sequence with Ryuushi and Maekawa!

  3. @Best. Scene. Ever.
    That is so true, and so sad…

  4. Why is there no love for professor Okarin? He isn’t a wimpy Japanese teenager, he is completely delusional, forgets the names of other people and doesn’t regret it, still has a CRT TV (I also still have one) and he can’t resist traps, needless to say, he is my role-model.
    P.S. What would happen if professor Okarin and the professor from Nichijou come face-to-face? Worlds will shatter, no mountain is too high, but first they’ll start with more modifications for Nano and more harassment for Christina.

  5. Don’t forget about Mai. Cutest troll ever. <3

  6. If Okarin & Hakase met, they would greet each other by standing back-to-back with their hands in their pockets.

  7. Pepsi? Pffft, that’s old hat, I prefer the intellectual experience…
    Stein’s might be my black horse of the season, after the disaster that was Chaos;Head I would not have expected anything from those people. Nichijou is still my #1 of the season; the humor feels… different? And at times very… understated? But not always – see the scene with FURIOUS DRAWING ACTION!!!

  8. Kid Icarus,

    now that brings up memories. Although i don’t believed i actually any issue with the eggplant wizards.

  9. Needs more shiny red firetrucks.

    I actually really like the lead in Derpa Onna, even if I still doesn’t remember his name, unlike 99% of harem leads I’ve seen these days I’m pretty sure he has a di**. And his plan in episode 3 to shook off Erio was pretty cool. Maybe I’m fooled by his “slightly shyly perverted attitude” though.
    Katanagatari shark slicing is still one of the best teases I’ve seen in anime.
    Tiger & Bunny isn’t invited ;_; . If only it had a Sunrise sponsored Hero shouting OH GEASS NO! as a catchphrase…

  11. I’m not sure whether bizarre cosplay girl from Denpa Onna is the author being innovative, or scraping the bottom of the barrel for haremette types. Possibly both.

    That’s a great Haruhi picture. Kyon’s expression demonstrates both his annoyance at being saddled with Haruhi, and that he can’t bear to look at Itsuki due to immense jealousy. Itsuki meanwhile is imagining it’s Kyon holding onto him that tight. Finally it also demonstrates the correct way to transport an alien on a bicycle.

    Ano Hana episode 2 is the best episode of the season. Loved it.

  12. I don’t thinkthe Professor would react well to a shark getting cut in half. Nano and Sakamoto-san would have major damage control to do.

  13. What is the best scene ever?

  14. Jason. Broken.
    Best guess?

  15. Wow, that looks like a very interesting anime. What’s the name of the girl with the little skull in her head?

    Thanks for sharing! :D

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