nichijou 21

“I don’t have any adult plans!”

(Doesn’t this image look similar to this one?)

She was hit for OVER 9000! Poor Yuko, she’s Nichijou‘s comedic whipping girl.

(This scene was great. Reminded me of a typical Powerpuff Girls gag.)

“I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Stop!”

Tickle torture is probably the most effective form of interrogation torture: cheap, easy, and you don’t need a lot of prep work. It’s like the soccer of torture.

(Also, Weboshi is wearing an AC/DC shirt. Would anyone watching Nichijou actually understand who AC/DC were? And aren’t we all glad the ass rock era is behind us? And the depressing music from Seattle era? Now only if we can get over the autotune era…)

One, twin tails looks good on Sakurai-sensei. Two, Takashi-sensei is apparently getting all his dating advice from the first episode of every single harem slice-of-life anime. Three, so disappointed Annaka didn’t make an appearance for the classic, “EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!” gag. Come on. Annaka is a great character and MIA for a few episodes now. This is like going a few episodes of SNL in the early 90s and not getting either Church Lady, Wayne’s World, or Hans and Frans.

(Not sure why Sakurai-sensei always have those teardrops emulating from her like GN particles. Is she always nervous? Is she always alert and socially awkard? Or is it that she just perspires a lot? Or maybe she’s trying to seduce Takashi-sensei with visible pheromones?)

One thing that I’ve enjoyed about Nichijou has been all the Kumakara art and design pieces throughout the show. It’s a nice touch.

(Yuko cockblocking Takashi-sensei? She should have said, “That’s for hitting me with the notebook earlier!” Damn, if only we can merge The OC with Nichijou… mmm…)

Cute Nano is cute. But why are Nano’s hands under her blanket?! I feel like we need a segment where Nano reads Mio’s yaoi doujinshi… oh wait, did that already.

(Andohbytheway, Professor is only in two scenes in this week’s episode, and she’s asleep in both. Is Hiromi Konno on vacation or sick or something? More importantly, we haven’t had a Professor/Nano/Sakamoto-san extended sketch in some time. It feels like In Living Color without Fire Marshall Bill.)

Suddenly, everyone looks like they came from Maria+Holic. I also liked how Nakanojo manages to montage through every single possible shoujo manga stereotype concerning exteriorly tough men with hearts of gold. Err…or so I’m told… not like I read shoujo… let’s just move on.

Genius. I should have done this with all my meetings with my teachers. And do you think Mai craved the statue herself? I think she did.

When I saw this, I was giddy. I was hoping for:

– Kill Bill, Japanese disco.
– Matrix, building entrance.
– Kick-Ass, Rasul’s apartment.
– Dream Team, 1992 Barcelona.
Madoka, Walpurgisnacht.

COMBINED. I was disappointed Mio didn’t lay a bigger beat down. Sigh. She barely even killed anyone.

I did enjoy how the underlings who were ranked got to have facial hair.

And I gotta love how Mio punches. It. Off. Punching off facial hair is only a step away from punching someone out of the current space-time continuum.

Not only did the Commander do something stupid like trip into a whole, none of his underlings helped pull him out. I guess his troops aren’t so loyal after all.

(And, yeah, so much DBZ-like posturing and powering-up. I felt the same way as in DBZ… go kick his ass already!)

Awesome. Yuko’s backstory for Mio just gets better and better. Can’t wait for Yuko to start daydreaming about Mai.

Head cuddles? Madness. Three MVPs…

1. Sleep.
2. Homework.
3. Friends.

(Choose two. Or one if you’re in engineering. And disregard secret option 4, time-wasting YouTube clips of puppies and anime.)

11 Responses to “nichijou 21”

  1. Some typos…

    >Hans and Frans

    Hans and Franz





    >into a whole

    into a hole

  2. I was actually hoping for Mio to reenact the scene from Old Boy where the guy fights his way through a bunch of henchmen out of the hallway

  3. Givu givu!! Christian Chivu!!! Brilliant!! Rest for the episode was meh. The airship scene was very much like the last one. Needs more creativity.

  4. The only reason Mio didn’t just slaughter them all is because they didn’t take her manga. If they took her manga, they would already be dead.
    Sakurai-sensei and Nano are just too cute. It is good that Takashi-sensei didn’t learn off H-based dating sims, or else he’s have the “stick it in” option from Excel Saga.
    And yes, Mai carved that. I have no doubt about that.

  5. >> One thing that I’ve enjoyed about Nichijou has been all the Kumakara art and design pieces throughout the show. It’s a nice touch.

    You mean Kamakura? XD
    And why Kamakura anyway? Anything to do with Japan’s history or something?

    >> (Yuko cockblocking Takashi-sensei? She should have said, “That’s for hitting me with the notebook earlier!” Damn, if only we can merge The OC with Nichijou… mmm…)

    But this scene alone is the prequel of Episode 21 =A= (See what’s Yuuko holding in her hand, I believe this scene was when Yukko attempt to troll Mio when she asked to bought more drawing paper). So of course, Yukko can’t revenge retroactively, unless Yuuki Nagato is involved…

  6. Does “AC/DC” refer to the concept in circuit. AC is alternating current while DC is direct current.

  7. Yo what’s up Madoka dawg.. er.. Mio dawg … Better scenario is to have some earth-shattering lez love right there girlie … Wait wtf I’m talking about :))

  8. @Liuwh Actually AC/DC is a rock band! Well at least in this reference they are.

  9. What, nobody here likes AC/DC??? I am disappoint :(

    (I wonder if I’m like the only anime fan who spends all of his time listening to old rock)

  10. Fetchan getting Pocky-skewered in the eyes was probably one of the funniest damned things I’ve seen all month. For such a predictable joke, the timing kind of floored me.

    Also, Nakamura-sensei getting felled by being called cute instead of messing with mohawk guy was a change of pace. For such a creepy character, her fails have been at least greatly entertaining.

    And stuff.

  11. Classic episode, yet another classic post.

    OFC being twenty episodes in, I really don’t think we’re going to get Yuko’s ship-dreams about Mai unless they decide to suddenly cram all those episodes in. I really think that the dogs are enough for Mai’s part.


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