fate/zero 19 and hyouka 4


My thoughts about this episode:

1. BEES!!! BEES!!! BEES!!!

2. “I have had it with these motherfucking bees on this motherfucking plane!”

3. I really hope this is one of the Witch Doctor’s attacks.

4. Besides Yuno, has there been an anime character who killed their “mom” and dad in back-to-back episodes? Usually, they kill one or the other but rarely both.

Ufotable: nicely done, this episode was nice scenery pr0n. I enjoyed all of the plane scenes as well as the seagulls circling Kitsuguru as blew up the plane. Obviously, he expertly covered up his tracks since I am sure law enforcement agencies would be hunting anyone who brought down a plane filled with 300 passengers relentlessly. At the very least, I doubt he’d be able to hide in Japan or Europe for all these years… slopes of Afghanistan, I can believe. A major Japanese metropolis, less so.

Isn’t this just ripping off Caster Shells from Outlaw Star? Though I would have loved it if it were explained, “I grinded the #4 shells from your ribs… the #9 shells from your appendix… and the #13 shells from your left testicle.”

There’s a toilet in the New People building in Japantown SF that I’m scared to use. I’m afraid of hitting a button that causes the toilet to spit zombie bees at me. And a toilet seat cover.

I liked how after someone presents, the group moves to another room in the house. I would love for a House Hunters episode featuring Chitanda’s house. One, it looks huge and empty. Two, the bathroom save the toilet looks more like 1970s middle America than classical or modern Japan. Three, how the hell do you keep this place warm in the winter?

Wouldn’t this room alone be like 15 apartments in Tokyo?

The montage of Kerry becoming a killer could have been longer. I always enjoy child prodigy killer montages… though now I want to have a battle royal– err– hunger games for Sagara, Setsuna, Kerry, and the dude from Jormungand. It’s almost like the youth assassin shtick has replaced the college entrance exam failing ronin shtick these days for male leads.

At least we answered one plot point with these flashbacks: how Kerry got addicted to cancer sticks. If you remember the classic X-Files episode, “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man,” that episode was just a flashback episode to show how Cancer Man started smoking. If you get involved in pop culture long enough, shit just repeats, whether it’s Hollywood, Bollywood, or anime. This is probably why old people just say, “Fuck it” and watch CSI: Miami all day long. You just give up trying looking for new entertainment.

(I hope this episode establishes the logical reasoning as to why Kiritsugu murders poor Irisviel. At least that’s the vibe I’m getting between these flashbacks and the lovey-dovey ED. And that’s exactly what would happen in Westeros. Except with Tyrion making snide remarks the whole time.)

I’m a little tired of having zombies in our modern zeitgeist. SankareaZombie Desu Ka… this show… can we have a show where bad guys aren’t mindless hordes of fanboys lusting after Saber PVC figures? We need less zombies and more sinister corporations like Wolfram & Hart or Doubletree Hotels. Wouldn’t that fit well in today’s climate better than motherfucking zombies on a motherfucking plane?

“I’m neon pink!”

OH GEASS NO! Sunohara 2.0 thinks he’s neon pink… is in the crafts club… wears a scarf in warm weather… refers to “servants” instead of “meido”… mmm…

(In other news, Hyouka and Fate/Zero are 1 and 2 in the current biglobe poll. While I am enjoying both of these shows, the flashback for Fate/Zero has been bland with respect to the on-going war… bees on a plane… and the whole thing with Chitanda’s uncle has been disappointing. If this is the most suspenseful the series gets, uh-oh. I wasn’t hoping for Chitanda’s uncle to be Kiritsugu, but at least something more fulfilling than finding out he was a martyr for having a five day long festival. I dunno. I expect more suspense and speculation. I also was half-hoping the whole uncle thing would be a backdrop for the whole season rather than being summed up in a single episode.)

(Even if Hyouka turns out to be a lower calorie drama a la K-On!, it’s not a bad thing. It won’t win Best of 2012, but it might sell boat loads of BDs, which is probably more important to Kyoto and their financial backers. Nah… that shiny Best of trophy is nice too…)

(Accel World in the 3 spot bolds well for Sword Art Online since SAO has a better story and, hopefully, more fanservice. SAO is also scheduled for a full half year run.)

Oh gosh… that smile… that ponytail… shut up and take my money! This season has been Chitanda and Black Princess for 1 and 2 in the ponytail rankings aka The Only Ranking That Really Matters™.

This is also my, “I’m disappointed there’s no meido” face.

“I can see the end!”

How I wish Houtarou would do this every time he figures out a mystery. It should improve this show at least a notch or two.

Kyoto’s depiction of events and texts are interesting… they’re like a more normal version of Shaft.

Three MVPs…

1. Oprah Winfrey.

2. Kiritsugu’s emo facial distortion.

3. The nape on Chitanda’s neck.

9 Responses to “fate/zero 19 and hyouka 4”

  1. PONY! (sorry, Fumoffu flashback)

  2. I’m so glad I have a reason to read this blog on a weekly basis again, covering two of my favorites shows in one entry? Legend…
    But how dare you compare Hyouka to K-ON, I mean sure Chitanda has Yui-face syndrome, but come on now, Satoshi is quickly becoming just as Itsuki as Itsuki. I prefer to think that Hyouka actually has some good writing merit comparable to Haruhi. I’m still bitter that Kyoto wasted so much time milking K-ON.

    Also, no mother’s day mention for the Fate/Zero ep? ….Dary

  3. Relevant: Saber x Chitanda. Double pony, double meido outfits. On a beddddd….. LOL

  4. Best of 2012 is reserved for Nunnally in Wonderland. But Chitanda’s definitely gunning for Best Female.

  5. I can’t believe you didn’t mention Ufotable moving the flash back two episodes just so it could land on mother’s day (and those are vampire ghouls ala Hellsing and not zombies). And Hyouka seems closer to the slower paced chapters of Haruhi and Clannad then anything like K-On!

    I’m really happy you mentioned SAO though, Accel World’s success seems to set up SAO well, but then again it’s by a different studio so who knows what’ll happen (though I’m really glad Sunrise isn’t doing SAO as well. even with their recent success).

    What Hyouka really shows me is that KyoAni are dedicated to telling stories the right way, I mean 2 hours and 45 minutes for Disappearance, and now a really odd # of episodes (21) for Hyouka, I wonder how much they had to pay stations to agree to have 3-5 weeks of reruns just so they could make it 21 eps.

  6. I’m not so sure the uncle story is over, given Chitanda’s question at the end about why she cried.

  7. Also, Houtarou has had good-but-wrong (or at least falsified) explanations already.

  8. I agree w/ the the above two posts. Especially after re-viewing the ending theme w/ the metaphorical launch of the “polaris,” which i think equates to an overall motif that may end up being rife throughout Hyouka; mainly political activism in Japan and its overarching shadow post cold war. Of course, I could be wrong and they just are huge fan’s of that particular Megadeth song.

  9. weaver already has jizz spray of bees remember? and watch Chitanda have cried because she didn’t get motherfucking ice cream.

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