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“I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

Sunrise… SUNRISE?!? First they pull off a surprisingly enjoyable comedy in Danshi Nichijou and follow it up with Binbougami Ga!? I hardly knew ye, Sunrise! Maybe it was a twist of fate that Sunrise didn’t do Guilty Crown and that they decided to get out of the unintentional comedy business and into the intentional comedy business. Maybe that’s a turning point for them. In any case, I applaud their efforts into the new genre. Maybe Kyoto, Shaft, and PA Works could learn something here in braving new genre types (Shaft… josei… yes, make it happen).

The pairing of Sakura and Momiji… brilliant. It’s the best adversarial female duo since Miki and Megumi. The emo facial distortions just flow like wine. I enjoyed it when Sakura pulled off a German Suplex… can we finally get a GTO remake please? If we’re remaking Sailor Moon and live action GTO, why not remake the one that actually sucks? And, please, let’s put Sunrise in charge of it. Oh Oharuhi-sama… can’t believe I typed that.

I am averaging about the same chuckles per episode as Danshi Nichijou (except when Kyon was in his top form) but BBGG has something Danshi Nichijou doesn’t have: fanservice. This is what separates those poor boys from a well-rounded comedy like Minimi-ke.

Momiji’s gadgets are a cross between Okarin’s future gadgets, Doraemon’s pocket gadgets, and Team Rocket. Needless to say, that is why she is the God of Misfortune. Also, her teddy bear rocks.

(Speaking of teddy bears, I was at Maido last weekend, and they had a Rilakkuma is not pedo bear sign. The best part of it were all the tourists taking pictures of the sign. Fantastic.)

There are a lot of sight gags and references to non-Sunrise anime in BBGG. Maybe not as much as Pani Poni Dash, but still quite a few and definitely surpasses Keroro. While an occasional sight gag is enjoyable, most of the comedy in this series (properly) stems from Sakura’s and Momiji’s interactions. You just knew the way the two of them were fighting, they would end up living together. It is inevitable, Mr. Smith.

Kana Hanazawa voices Sakura, and she’s doing a good job. She uses a sweet, innocent (Nadeko) voice most of the time, but she switches to a quite adversarial Miki-esque voice whenever she’s annoyed. It’s an extra gear I didn’t know she had from watching Monogatari.

Is everyone gunning for Kyoto’s crying records?

I lost it at this scene. I really hope that’s a homage to Kogarashi’s training techniques. Even if it’s not, BBGG is a fun series and a fun surprise in an otherwise dreary summer season.

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  1. It’s like early Keroro, but better? SOLD.

  2. Sounds like we found this season’s hidden gem. Will definitely pick this up now.

  3. Sure, why not…

    Meanwhile, we have to wait for Hyouka 12 post, but it may take a while if Jason includes a screenshot of every frame of meido Chitanda.

  4. All right J, I laughed out loud at “unintentional comedy business,” bravo!

  5. Defintely got Muteki Kanban Musume vibes from this show.

  6. When did Sunrise start making comedy? Since Gintama. All the staff who worked on Nichibros and on Binbougami did their stint on Gintama first. You should probably watch it

  7. the pacing, sudden plunges in and out of serious business and gratuitous Jump references: the silver balls are strong with this one.

    it’s interesting to see how certain things fly completely under the radar on certain blogs. it would be hard to have an objective discussion about the last half-decade’s comedic anime without at least mentioning Gintama.

  8. I’m still at episode 1, and I’m loving this show already.

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