hyouka 13

“Did you…”

Blushing Chitanda is excellent. Just enjoyed how she realized that Houtarou’s been peeking on her pictures. She has to be wondering if he just glanced at them or did he perv on them. I think that’s why she stopped from officially asking– she would be too devastated if Houtarou looked at them but didn’t, uh, react to them. But judging from Houtarou’s reaction, he was quite fond of them images, so Chitanda should have pressed the case. But, in the end, they are both dimwits at love (and selling anthologies). In other words, teenagers.

(Not sure how I feel about the new OP. Definitely not enough Chitanda.)

Such an awesome promotional job by Satoshi, and he only managed to attract one buyer. It’s still a tough sell– teenagers don’t give a crap what happened over thirty years ago, and they sure aren’t climbing three flights of stairs to find out. Now maybe if they had meido Chitanda up there. Satoshi’s outfit would also be an awesome cosplay idea… it would be in my top five idea list along with nakkid Gilgy decanting wine. One wouldn’t have to go all naked, maybe wear a strategically placed leaf or something.

This host, like any modern reality TV show host, overproduces and stretches out the real moments too long. Just give us the fucking answer already. Shit like this makes me happy I have a DVR though skipping 30 seconds isn’t enough for some hosts out there (looking at you Food Truck Race). I do like the top hats though.

The pen has now turned into a water gun Glock. I hope the next trade is the Glock for a Bonta-kun personal armor suit. I can somehow imagine all this trading leading towards all the clubs getting there lost stuff back which saves the day and brings a ton of people in to buy Hyouka. Could this bartering actually tie this arc up nicely?

Wait, a few select clubs are missing random trinkets? Have the past two episodes been setting up for some sort of festival-based mystery? Could Houtarou’s sister be behind this, the Moriarty to his Holmes? Hyouka just had so much potential with Kyoto’s excellent animation and some great light-hearted moments. I feel like it could still get there’s a memorable arc. Right now, none of the mysteries are memorable. But the show just needs one.

Chitanda is cute. That is all. She might also be bordering on useless though.

(Gotta love Houtarou’s disapproving scowl as he sees Chitanda enter the room with an armful of crap. Is Chitanda a Haruhi-class hoarder? Will the clubroom look like a Daiso store? Will Chitanda actually contribute something useful to this case?)

I like this shot. Captures the moment well for Mayaka, especially that feeling of, “I know it’s here! It must be!” And then it turns out that the shoe has been on her head the whole time. Or something like that. I wonder if her inability to find the manga is tied into the other disappearances or is just a random side story.

Houtarou peeking at Chitanda’s glamor shots is, uh, unexpected. I give him points for resisting the urge to steal the meido Chitanda print, but I dock points for him not admitting it straight up to Chitanda and telling her that she’s cute in the pictures (and cute now, as he moves his head closer to hers…). Instead, he just shyly backs off and tries to pretend nothing happened. Gah. For someone who is supposed to be smart, he sure is quite blockheaded.

dbm: What is it with KyoAni and white bikinis? White Bikini Eru doesn’t quite surpass White Bikini Chidori, but it’s so close…

Nods. But what about Haruhi in a white bikini? Or Mugi? How could you forget about Mugi?!

The Touhou troll… just like any typical anime troll. Nothing more to see here. Though I disagree with both of them. Masterpieces are what they are because they stand the test of time. They are passed down with each generation, and they stand up to critics. Though it may take some time to recognize said brilliance like Galileo or Van Gogh or Zombies Ate My Neighbor. (I was reminded today that Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns wasn’t exactly released to acclaims.) You can’t reason with trolls (except in anime apparently)… so why bother trying? More fun to just ignore them… and then costume rape them into white bikinis later on…

Kininarimasu! Things I’m Curious About

1. Kyoto Animation’s fetish for white bikinis.

2. Mankind Has Declined… WTF.

3. What’s Chitanda’s moe ceiling?

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  1. Best answer Houtarou could have given to Chitanda’s question would have been “I was curious!”

    Houtarou’s going to end up with Biggoron’s sword by the end of the arc.

  2. The troll from the manga club isn’t from Touhou.
    It’s Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown. That’s the reason they’ve got the Playmore SNK logo somewhere during the end credits, since they had to get permission. A surprising inclusion, from both ends.
    How many anime can you think of that did a cameo of a character they had to get permission for?
    And not permission as in same VA/author/studio.

  3. Liked how they executed the picture scene, had potential to be just another awkward anime moment, but they managed to spin it into a lovable one. And somehow, despite it being low key, kind of curious to see what Houtarou ends up with at the end of the festival since he technically now has a glock water gun and the winning fashion show badge (minus safety pin) to work with.

  4. Lol at Humanity Has Declined. So messed up.

  5. Oi! Jinrui is the best show of the season. Don’t go mocking it Jason! :3

    This week and last week’s Hyouka eps have proven to me that whenever Kyoani does not focus heavily on mysteries, it becomes an awesome show cause there’s so much detail to gwak at. However, when it’s mystery centric, I find myself refreshing my twitter/FB page because I’m really bored. The mysteries remind me of the Hanasaku Iroha omlette drama. Serious business over something so stupid and mundane.

  6. Mankind Has Declined… WTF.

    It’s in the “black satire” SF genre. Think a moe Ijon Tichy. (Memoirs found in a Hot Strings?) I reckon the fairies are actually nanotech-enabled posthumans, and the real humans are a rump of tech rejectionists.

  7. No mention on how the manga club president brilliantly used the banter between Mayaka and her sempai as advertising? “Battle of the maidens: Priestess vs Sexless Being!”
    I LOL’d.

  8. What Touhou? Oh, you mean that Bitch!Nakoruru cosplay. Yeah, she’s make an excellent Reimu, since she’s got the condescending arrogance down pat. :D
    The manga club president is awesome. KyoAni should promote her to cast regular. She’s a lot more useful than Chitanda (yet mind you, Chitanda may be the second coming of “useless bunny only good for her sex appeal”, but she’s still a lot more helpful and proactive than Mikuru).

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