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Far from the Maddening Crowd


I wonder if Trigger is just reading internet comments and picking out their favorites for KILL la KILL. The whole Gamagoori x Mako must have come out of it. Then Ryuko being Satsuki’s sister? And now Ryuko and Satsuki switching kamui? While we’re still on coarse for Satsuki and Ryuko to team up against their mom (Viral teaming up with Simon after all), I think it would be wonderful if it turns out Satsuki is the heroine of KILL la KILL. She is more popular than Ryuko, and the last time this happened in a major series, we saw Shinn Asuka get his boring ass replaced as the lead by slightly less boring Kira Yamato. It was an improvement. You have to trust me.

(Do you remember in Gundam Wing when Heero and Zechs just decided to trade Wing for Epyon, and then they were like, “Mmm… I don’t like it as much” and traded back? It’s like the writers needed filler for four episodes and couldn’t figure out how else to fill in the time.)


My favorite scene of the episode. You knew Ryuko lost it at the beginning of the episode and fell for Raygo’s trap once she discarded Mako’s Hallelujah advice sequence. If there’s any hard truth to KILL la KILL, it’s that Mako– MAKO!– is the heart and soul of the show. Maybe she should be the heroine… mmm…

(Wait, Mako’s all heart and soul. Satsuki’s all cold and calculating. They are polar opposites. Interesting… what if Mako and Satsuki were sisters instead? Or all three of them sisters? Or Mako is an alien sent by anti-life fiber aliens? And then at the end she has to go back to her planet thus having a bittersweet ending for Gamagoori? It’s all on the books now.)


“It’s been beefed up more than yours.”

My second favorite scene of this episode. How does Tsumugu not get, uh, friction burns sliding down like that? I would imagine he would need a lot of oil or muscle butter to perform such a feat. Wouldn’t you be worried about your penis getting cut? All I know is that if I ever open a male strip joint, I will name it “Nudist Beach.”

(Feels like something out of a late 80s anime. In fact, Nudist Beach feels a lot like some wacky underground organization from an old timey anime.)


Or maybe Senketsu just enjoys being rubbed by Mako’s melonpan. Where’s the cut to Gamagoori’s reaction?!


I love Guts’ little barrel. So cute.


“Cheap, mass-produced garbage!”

I say the same thing whenever I have to go shopping at Wal-Mart.


“Open your heart to Junketsu, Ryuko.”

Costume rape of the highest order. Where your hand is pointing, Raygo, that’s not where her heart is. She cannot stop physically and mentally molesting her children. Even Genko Ikari is appalled.


“The happiness of being worn by clothing.”

Well, Junketsu did become a wedding dress… I wonder how much of Satsuki’s memories are hers? I wonder what their dad had planned with Junketsu and how he made Senketsu differently. And probably good idea of Raygo to have no Doctor Matoi in Ryoku’s new memories, though, seriously? A life fiber groom? That’s some nightmare fuel right there.


Talk about toeing the lines of animation standards. I really hope the BD release of KILL la KILL goes back and improves on the animation. Just a shame that the production quality has become so inconsistent, as we know what Trigger is capable of. I’d just like a taste of the original Satsuki vs. Ryoko battle before the series is over with.

(Meanwhile, over at Chu2 land, the battles are nothing but a mess of effects and shouting. Kyoto is mailing in the second season. I feel like for any aspiring anime director, the original Nanoha by Shinbo is a must watch. It does a great job at making battles feel interesting and important while animating on a budget. Mmmm… required watching list… Cowboy Bebop, Sister Princess, and Love Hina as all three classics have poor man’s versions of them airing this season.)


Fuck yeah Gamagoori! He should have said, “No one gets to see Satsuki-sama nakkid except me!” I wonder whom he dreams about at night, Mako or Satsuki? What if he had to choose between the two, like in a typical harem situation? Why isn’t Gamagoori the male lead in his own harem show? Such a great idea. Quick, I need to get in touch with Trigger so we can work out details. Mako has to be the new girl whose strange family moves in next door. Everyone at school thinks they are weird, but Gamagoori knows that Mako has a heart of gold and starts falling for her despite him liking Satsuki. It’s about damn time we get a non-spineless male lead in a harem series. It’s been too long since Kogarashi, and Arararagi hasn’t been interested in much except in molesting little girls lately.


Three MVPs…

1. Satsuki.

2. Life Fiber Groom.

3. Tie. Mankanshouku family and Naked Sol.

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  1. I think I preferred Shouko’s nurse costume.

    As for Tsumugi, I think he’s using his gear as a brake, the way Gintama’s Shogun does when body-sliding down a mountain…

  2. All this talk about Gamagoori as an atypical lead in a love story reminds me how much I love that Rocky’s wife is a frumpy pet shop owner. Such a strange time for pairings in movies, even by ’80s standards.

  3. The relationship between Senketsu and Junketsu reminds me of Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga, the swords from Inuyasha. Tetsusaiga, the sword of destruction was given to Inuyasha, while Tenseiga, the sword of healing was given to Sesshomaru, the elder brother. Sesshomaru always wanted Tetsusaiga and couldn’t understand why he was the one to receive Tenseiga, which was practically useless to him. Then it was revealed in the end that Tenseiga was actually formed from a fragment of Tetsusaiga that couldn’t be awakened, and Sesshomaru was given Tenseiga with the intention that he would fully awaken the sword’s power, after which it would be fused back into Tetsusaiga to fully complete the sword, the realization of which required the maturation of both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru working together, which was what their father wanted all along but couldn’t make happen during his lifetime.
    I think it’s interesting to entertain the notion that Senketsu was actually meant for Satsuki, while Junketsu was meant for Ryuko, given that Ryuko is the one with the insane life-fiber resistance as opposed to Satsuki who was clearly struggling to maintain control over Junketsu. Satsuki being the true heroine would make things very interesting indeed. I don’t think there was any doubt whatsoever that, between Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, Sesshomaru was the far superior of the two, yet the spotlight was given to Inuyasha, the younger, more emotionally driven brother. It may be a cliche but Satsuki is a lot like Sesshomaru in many ways, just like how Ryuko is very similar to Inuyasha. I think it’s time to give the spotlight to the older sibling for once.

  4. I’d watch a Gamagoori harem show!
    And that last Satsuki scene – badass. No other words.

  5. Ryuko is a pretty bad character. Satsuki is much better. Mako is even better.

  6. Damn man! Thought I was the only one seeing Trigger ripping ideas from 2ch and /a/. That said, Trigger does know how to please an audience and the means to know how to.

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