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Gogo Gamagoori go! I don’t understand Satsuki’s shocked eyes. She’s rarely shocked by anything, least of which should be her most devoted shield shielding her. If anything, at the beginning of the series, I thought the Elite Four would be fodder, kinda like the mutant elite four in Gurren Lagann where Kamina and Simon plowed through them faster than M. Gustave plows through old blonde grannies. While the Elite Four could use more fleshing out story (and really Gamagoori needs his own harem spinoff), they have become an important part of the story as they are people who care about Satsuki, and, shockingly, Satsuki sees them are more than cattle.


I like the comparison of Satsuki’s ragtag allies with Ryuko’s. Satsuki’s Elite Four never questions her, and always faithfully follows her orders. They are like a litter of puppies whereas Ryuko’s gang does nothing but nuture and comfort Ryuko. Both groups support their heroine in different ways. It’s nice to see them coming together like this. Definitely, rivals coming together for a cause is always a hokey trope (see: Gundam 00‘s movie), but KILL la KILL makes it work. Maybe because they planned this all along, and Trigger isn’t making shit up as they go along… nah…

(Trigger has slipped on the last four episodes of the show. It definitely amazes me that anime is still drawn at the last second and put together with probably minutes to spare before airing while something like Adventure Time is put together months before airing. South Park is an oddity for Western cartoons because it follows more of an anime work schedule. Still, maybe Trigger should have broken up the series into two 13 episode blocks, so they could retool and not be so rushed, but it’s also possible that because they are a new studio, they need to get the show out and start making money ASAP.)


How is that a mystery ingredient? It’s clearly a crab. Anyway, loved this scene. World is going to end soon, but first, let’s party down with mystery croquettes. I wonder if eating mysterious fried food is the best thing to do before engaging in heavy aerobic activity. I can only picture the croquettes as weights in their stomachs. Damn, now I’m hungry for croquettes…

(You haven’t noticed yet? Shame on you. Gamagoori is eating Mako croquettes! Let the production of a Gamagoori harem anime commence! I’m totally in favor of replacing the entire cast of Nisekoi with Gamagoori, Mako, Ryuko, Jakuze, Aikuro, and Fuko-chan.)


“Set sail for Honnouji academy!”

Totally not a penis.


Fuck yeah! Fight Club Mako returns! The show is pulling out all the stops and going non-stop to the end. I love it. I think I would love it more if I could watch the final episodes in one long marathon session instead of agonizing every week on whether or not Trigger’s staff has collapsed because they’ve been working for 15,532 hours straight.

(Why did the wardrobe fall out of the sky? Why wouldn’t it be raised from the bottom decks? How trashed is this ship?)


This reminded me of when Impulse Gundam would be launched as Core Splendor, Chest Flyer, and Leg Flyer, and then combined into pieces. Only with a nakkid girl in the middle.

(And I enjoyed Senketsu jumping over Nui. Gosh, Nui just becomes more and more annoying.)


Though I do enjoy some bat-shit insane, emo facial distortion Nui. Finally, a reason to like this contrived character. Maybe the fact she looks like a typical annoying haremette in every harem anime makes her the best choice for pure bat-shit evil… and it gets amped up after she loses her arms… just fantastic development. You’re not rooting for Satsuki and Ryuko to just win, but win big. And, please, no Mako dying in Gamagoori’s arms ending.


Like three episodes ago, he could barely handle one. Now he’s gone… nine?! Gamagoori the true savior of mankind.


“You’re a proper Nudist now.”

Poor Tsumugu. His flirting attempt totally gets shot down. To be fair, it was a terrible attempt, and that’s motherfucking Satsuki-sama.


Don’t lose your way…

Three MVPs…

1. Gamagoori.
2. Mako.
3. Senketsu.

3 Responses to “kill la kill 22”

  1. the mako croquette, and how he stealing glances in her direction. Gamagoori can’t take his eye off her :3

  2. Gamagoori’s not gonna be upstaged by some 3-armed mecha! I couldn’t have asked for much more from this episode, except perhaps a “nee-chan” from Ryuko.

  3. For me, Harime Nui’s character already reached maximum levels of annoyance the moment she appeared. From then on watching her get repeatedly cut, stabbed, pummeled, and disarmed was a guiltless pleasure.
    I also couldn’t help but notice that Harime Nui is basically a carbon copy of Tabane Shinonono from Infinite Stratos:

    1: Both Tabane and Harime have the same personalities and are voiced by Yukari Tamura.
    2. Harime creates power augmenting outfits for women, and Tabane creates skimpy mech-suits that only work for women. Both play pivotal roles in their own series, but are never the main characters.
    3. Both Tabane and Harime are seriously OP. It was revealed in Infinite Stratos 2 that Tabane is a combat goddess who can fight IS units without using one herself. How she does this no one knows. Life fibers?
    4. Inline with having identical personalities, both love scheming shit behind the scenes and always seem to have ulterior agendas. They go wherever and do what they please.
    They’ll kill you with a smile.

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