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Dragoon Moffle?! Excellent. Whatever happens in the next Holy Grail War, I hope Moffle gets summoned as the Lancer. He has that fiery personality, hot bod, and will probably die second anyway. He just lacks the stereotypical Irish flair.


Cutest part of the episode? Nurse Latifah. Her plan to bring the Elementarios closer together by jeopardizing the lives of other park staff is… uh… something Lelouch would totally do. By hatching this plan and letting all the mascots get hurt basically said, “You guys are all so fucking disposable compared to Sylphy.”

(At first I thought Latifah would be the boring sickly girl character? Nope. She is in fact an evil mastermind. It would be funny if the true goal of the Maple Kingdom is to raise enough funds via this park so they can conquer our world. That would be interesting twist… like I Am Legend.)


Look at this carnage and destruction! Aren’t there easier solutions to bring the Elementarios closer together?!


And a death game?! This show has suddenly gone very dark. I can understand the death game in Garo when Old Gaia sent Alfonso to fight the Cerebus horror, but I totally do not understand death games in terms of a family amusement park.


Did you notice Puffy Face Latifah as well as Beaming Latifah? As well as snacking Tiramie? Funny how everything is so setup, yet the last person to seem to know is Kanie.

(He might know and is pretending not to know for liability reasons though. “Four Fairies were found dead due to drill holes in their skulls. Police have apprehended the park manager, Kanie Seiya, for questioning. He denies knowing anything about the indictment.”)


I kind of understand how the trials showed each other that they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but I don’t see how typing pertains to their show. Singing? Dancing? Okay. But typing? And none of them were true teamwork challenges as it wasn’t like Sylphy dancing on two gamepads to compensate for Kobori. Sylphy just danced harder. It was more like, “Three of you must work harder to compensate for how much the fourth one sucks at this particular task” than teamwork challenges. In terms of message and story, I felt this episode was off. It is definitely weaker than the last few episodes that have been just hitting it out of the park, and I’m disappointed we didn’t get a bigger impact from an Elementario story.


Gotta love how they are having traditional Japanese sukiyaki in the waiting room from Downton Abbey. Talk about cultural juxtaposition. I half expected Latifah to offer them afternoon tea instead. Also, it’s the middle of summer… so I dunno about that hot pot. Also, the Elementarios should have realized something was amiss that they weren’t eating on a real dining table. They were purposefully eating in this room on a coffee table. Do you think a proper girl like Latifah would allow eating on a coffee table as if they were rednecks enough TV dinners? No! That’s a big clue. “You know what, instead of eating this hot pot in the dining room or the outdoor terrace where I have eaten every meal thus far, let’s go eat on this tiny coffee room table in the office instead.”


Three MVPs…

1. Latifah.

2. Elementarios.


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  1. It’s funny how writers in some other blogs did not seem to realize that Latifa was doing it all on purpose. I thought that it was obvious. Her reactions revealed her intentions easily, if not these trials were especially designed for those four girls.

  2. The only thing that seemed off to me was that there was no Koboli challenge. She sucked it up at the dancing, but got no change to redeem herself. I was half expecting terrible things out of the Death Game as a result.

  3. The typing challenge has nothing to do with their show, but it plays to Salama’s always-tweeting strength.

  4. It was great to see the Elementario quartet in the spotlight (with bonus sparkling Latifah), but like you said, it didn’t quite live up to the last few episodes.

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