winds from the south

There’s no crazy police lady. But there’s crazy Gauln.

There’s no Bonta-kun. But there’s incestuous twin assassins.

And so far, there’s been very little Chidori. But with a heavy dose of Tess.

Guess I have to watch more now.

Music recording for TSR
Kyoto Animation Studio; note the Bonta-kun in the back (I also find it interesting they use Macs and thus far in TSR, the terrorists have been using Windows XP…)

I enjoyed Mikuni Shimokawa’s previous two OPs for Full Metal Panic, and I didn’t like the TSR OP, South Wind, the first time I heard it… I kept thinking that it sounds like the song from Enterprise… “It’s been a long road…”

But it grew on me, and it’s in battle with Ichigo Complete on my iPod.

As a bonus for people who follow this blog, I’ll leave this up until next Monday… here’s the live version of the song. (Removed. It’s been a week. :P )

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