meido power rankings™ 360

After a few long, cold winter months, Meido Power Rankings™ returns!

Since the last installment, there’s been some interesting developments, including the emergence of two “new” top tier meido: one’s trapped in a serial manga magazine that doesn’t allow a lot of fanservice; the other talks to her bonnet. Oddly, both of them served little girls with snarky attitudes.


Meido Power Rankings

  1. Lemon, Maron, and Melon (Hanaukyo): Still no reason to remove them from the top spot. Anyone know if we’ll ever see another English volume of HMT now that Studio Ironcat went bankrupt?
  2. Hisui and Kohaku (Tsukihime): I demand a cameo from them during FSN.
  3. NEW: Wilhemina (Shakugan no Shana): Let’s see… ample curves, talking bonnet, looked smoking hawt in that costume from the middle ages, got Shana addicted to melon bread… ok, that’s it. She’s the best non-triplet/non-twin meido out there, nevermind that she can’t seem to cook. (BTW, is to too early for me to start petitioning for Mini-Wilhemina-tan? What could top Mini-Wilhemina and Mini-Shana together with a stack of melonpan?)
  4. DOWN: Yoriko (Da Capo): I still don’t understand why they bring back everyone in DCSS except Yoriko. Misaki just isn’t the same… in fact, she’s uber-creepy on that swing all the time.
  5. UP: Mariel (Hanaukyo): *twiddles thumbs*
  6. NEW: Maria (Hayate): the “new” Mariel. Hayate needs a dirtier mind… is there any way we can swap him with Yoshitaka? With Nagasarete being picked up for an anime series, Hayate is now #1 in my “WTF is this not an anime yet?” power rankings. Gokujo Seitokai holds steady as #1 in my “WTF is this an anime?” power rankings.
  7. NEW: Media (Pani Poni Dash): So playful and carefree. Though, I have no clue why she’s in a meido outfit… what exactly does she do that can be classified as meido-like? Oh, well, she’s the only one on the list who can interfere with your bomb diffusal efforts and look adorable when doing it.
  8. DOWN: Hazuki, Elfriede, Art, Kaoru, and Hikaru. (Tsukuyomi Moon Phase): nekomimi mode was soooooo 2005. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Feel free to slap some sense back into me.
  9. DOWN: Mahoro (Mahoromatic): “Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu.”
  10. Tachibana (Mahoraba): Now that Kozue and Shiratori are dating, and they’re killing off all of Kozue’s personalities, can we get a Tachibana spin-off? She could join Section 9… Tachibana in a Tachikoma!
  11. Jiiya (Sister Princess): Cut and pasted… she is the omega, from which all fanboy meido rantings hath wrought.
  12. DOWN: Mitsuiki, Izumi, and Anna (He Is My Master): When did Gonzo take over Gainax?
  13. Lilica (Girls Bravo): she was the only reason why I kept watching Girls Bravo.
  14. NEW: Noel and Farin (Nanoha): They’re sisters, right? If somehow they combined these two with Aria and Lotte, there might actually be a challenge to the triplets for the top spot. The greatest failure of A’s was not giving these two more screentime. The second greatest failure of A’s would be if there’s no third season.
  15. Sanada (UFO Princess Warukyure): After I found out that Rie Tanaka was her seiyuu, I spent the next twenty minutes comparing the amount of fan art for Suigintou, Lacus, and Sanada. The verdict: Sanada sucks. And I probably need a new hobby.
  16. Taeko (Ai Yori Aoshi)
  17. Yukizaki (Chobits)
  18. NEW: Mad Dog (Black Lagoon): I’ve only read two chapters, and I’m hooked.
  19. Multi (To Heart): the “To Heart Battle” almost redeems the series… only to have To Heart 2 sink the franchise. What’s worse? TH2 or DCSS?
  20. Moi-Moi-san (Moi-Moi-san)
  21. NEW: Yumi (Mai Hime): Strike Freedom Shizuru just destroyed everyone else in Mai Hime. At around episode 20 or so, I could care less about Mai and the childs… it was all about Shizuru.
  22. OS-tan (Troubled Windows): Firefox-tan 4tw.
  23. NEW: Sunahime (Heaven’s Prisoner): Usually vampires + meido = good ranking. But the manga is blah at best. Yes, that’s my new review: blah.
  24. Runa, Mitsuki, etc. (Gravion)
  25. Florette (Chrno Crusade)
  26. Kazusa (Moekko Company)
  27. May/Mai (Hand Maid May/Mai): Worst. Meido. Anime. Ever.

(Meta: I went from posting pics of the scantily clad Mai Otome cast to an un-fun 2,000 word rant on sex in anime, to this power ranking. Very unpredictable.)

3 Responses to “meido power rankings™ 360”

  1. It’s never too early to start petitioning for Wilhemina-tan! :)

  2. Tachibana in Section 9 – she’d give Motoko a run for her money in the poker-face category, although being more…. ‘cute-oriented’ than Motoko would make for interesting off-duty conversations.

    Personally, I’d have to say Wilhemina’s the best maid on this list – outside of her ‘de-arimasu’ voice mannerism, she’s not nearly as stereotypical as many of the maids here, except in her exceptional figure. I’m hoping we see her in the future, myself.

    And Yuzuki’s just… disturbing. I mean, the guy loved his sister enough to make a persocom just like her after she died, and he makes it his maid, and dresses her up oddly? Doesn’t this seem wrong to anyone else, especially given how his other maid-persocoms are.. ahem.. shaped and dressed?

  3. Everything is fine and dandy, fair enough.

    Except I am extremely biased toward sennoh tantei sama, she reserves the first spot no matter what as far as my own rankings go. Also, I would give more nod to tachbana for her shinobi art and mahoro for her oppai-missile.
    Wilhelmina defintely more than deserves a spot in the top 3 though, especially now that she packs that omega-kawaii mask as her relic(?) of the flamhaze. It still makes me chuckle just hearing her saying de-arimasu :D

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