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Nothing scares me more than knowing that Sunrise is behind the wheel of Keroro Gunso. Sometimes, it’s just best not to mess with a winning formula, and for 99 episodes, Keroro’s got that winning formula. Kimi no JUICE katte ageru, indeed.

Angol Moa can open my aquarium any day

Keroro hatches his new, most diabolical plan yet to subvert Natsumi. He tricks her into wearing a Bluetooth™-enabled collar that turns her into a dog; however, using a cellphone, he can not only control the collar, he can take pictures of human-Natsumi while she’s still in dog mode. Why? To get incriminating photos of her rummaging through garbage and peeing on mailboxes. Of course, Natsumi channels Yuji reaffirming her humanness until she gets a rub from Mutsumi 623… then she’s all his.

The B-side has Keroro scheming to make money by opening an aquarium on Nishizawa’s island (Momoka, of course, agreed since it could be a romantic spot for her and Fuyuki), but they accidentially kidnapped a deep ocean creature while doing so. After Natsumi and Fuyuki arrive to visit the aquarium/freak show, Fuyuki realizes that there are more disturbing things here than just species-bending alien frogs. He manages to save the ocean creature, but its friends are already threatening the island.

Nearing the century mark, Keroro Gunso is still as entertaining as ever, and this episode didn’t even feature the resident lesbian ninja or the MILF-extraordinaire. Even without casual sex, angsty lesbians, supersuit whoring, or pity, Keroro Gunso proves that it’s possible tell an entertaining and funny story in twelve minutes. (The quality of writing Keroro is just vastly superior than Mai Otome, and they’re both from Sunrise, so go figure. I just hope they won’t put the Otome crew to work on Keroro after Otome wraps up its train wreck ending.) It’s the little things that really make Keroro a great series, like how Natsumi purposely hits Keroro with the groceries on the way in or how they resurrect the Goblin beam last seen about 50 episodes ago or how Keroro is the worst dolphin in the show or how happy Angol Moa looks destroying land. Other Sunrise shows could sure learn a thing or two from the continued storytelling success of Keroro… even if he stinks at taking over Pokopen de arimasu.

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  1. The B-side conclusion was just such a marvellous parody of Nausicaa trying to return the Omu baby to the rampaging parent horde.

    The Keroro formula probably works because it doesn’t take itself seriously at all and we don’t really have high drama expectations of it thus might be hard to transplant those to the Gundam SEED and Mai franchises…

  2. +10 fanboy points for catching the Nausicaa reference.

    And if you want good drama, read volume 10 of the manga… too bad it hasn’t made it into the anime.

  3. The ocean creature is an Anomalocaris, supposedly extinct since the Cambrian age:

  4. Man, this is my favorite episode of the series so far. I haven’t seen as much of it. But, I really love watching Natsumi as a Dog so much I want to hug her!! =3

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