brokeback frog 105

I wish I knew how to quit you.


This episode is very light on calories and really isn’t as entertaining as Keroro normally is. Kind of a let down after the past month or so… and the comedy just isn’t as kinetic whem compared to Haruhi.

The a-side has Keroro scheming for his next plan of conquest– he starts his own fast food franchise. Each of the frogs, minus Dororo of course, comes up with their own unique and “tasty” creations (think Tsukino taste, only the exact opposite). Moa-chan mans the cash register, and business is booming for Keroro. Booming so much that Natsumi and Fuyuki decide to help out (what, Bell wasn’t available?), and business is so good Keroro decides to purchase more raw materials for his burgers. Only problem is that the burgers aren’t selling because everyone is really at the store to buy smiles from Moa and Natsumi, and poor Keroro is stuck footing the bill for all the unsold hamburgers. If this means that Moa and Natsumi are destined start their own massage parlor, all the better. This has been a nothingburger story in its most literal sense.


The b-side was a bit more interesting with Momoka hatching a plan to get close to Fuyuki (is she farther along than Keroro in taking over the world, at least?), and she invites him to a hanami, only Natsumi, Keroro, and the rest of the gang tagged along. She finds the world’s most beautiful sakura tree… in Antartica of all places… and has it brought to her place in Japan thus leading me to think of three possibilites:

  1. It’s the Da Capo tree. Momoka’s plan will backfire as she becomes the Sakura to Natsumi and Fuyuki’s Nemu and Junichi.
  2. It’s a mushi. Ginko will notice something amiss as he’s passes by Momoka’s mansion on his way to Eddie Bauer.
  3. It’s a space alien. Has to be. Or a giant transforming robot. Either way, I hope we get to see Mecha MILF again.

Momoka’s plan is going along swimmingly until people around the tree start exhibiting strange reactions, i.e. all the uncomfortable frog x frog pairings. Just complete chaos. Momoka realizes what’s really going on and drags Fuyuki to the tree where she finally gets her man. Congratulations. Actually, not so fast as the tree is indeed an alien, and it’s mommy wants it back. Uh-oh. Momoka ends up giving up her love and returns the tree. *sniff* All the while things are a bit too uncomfortable between Tama and Kero. Their love, while forbidden, will love on forever.


Bonus: Is Giroro trying to make the Meido Power Rankings™?

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  1. Dear God Giroro’s meido outfit is from a Yayoi anime, Princess Princess to be precise. Need more Gunso…

  2. i think this little piece of evidence just adds to that whole “brokeback frog” thing. In Hong Kong McDonald’s about a month ago, they had a Keroro promotion with their Happy Meals. One of the background display for these toys had a little drawing of a simplified version of an umbrella and the names ‘Keroro’ and ‘Tamama’ written underneath the same umbrella. And most people that know Japanese culture knows that this is a sign of romantic love, like the western equivalent of “Keroro + Tamama = 4ever”.

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