keroro starfruit 110

Anytime starfruit is used both as a miracle cure and a method with which to conquer Pekopon, Natsumi dresses up in a toga, and I have a chance to blog about two episodes of the same series 100 episodes apart, I must blog about it. It’s that simple de arimasu.


Keroro is sick again, but unlike a simple toothache, no one is exactly sure what’s wrong with him. He’s gravely ill, and everyone’s “miracle cures” only seem to make him worse. Hope seems lost, and even Fuyuki and Giroro are resigned to believe that Keroro may not make it (though, it’s Sunrise… do I need to spell it out?). Mmm… am I watching Keroro Gunso or yet another melodramatic episode of House? Anyway, MILF Hinata diagnosises it as a lack of vitamins and feeds him some starfruit, which springs the frog back to his glorious, non-Pekopon-conquering self.


Keroro then gets the bright idea to use starfruit to conquer the world… and… it turns into a wild dream sequence that made me check my coffee to see if there’s any “special” additives in it. Oh, well… is it too late to add Toga Natsumi to my harem?

(When a series starts relying on starfruit, Ikea furniture, and gay frogs to propel its storyline, do I think that Keroro is running low on “taking over the world” ideas? Yes. Do I think it’ll be a good idea to replace whatever next Gundam series they have planned with a Keroro-Gundam spin-off? Yes. Though if Koyuki starts inexplicably kissing and falling in love with Fuyuki right before the climatic fight against Emperor Keroro and Giroro’s clone, I may regret typing that previous sentence. May.)

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  1. Man, I wish Keroro Gunso had become more popular in the fansub community earlier. Before a couple of months ago, there were hardly any fansubs out which is surprising to me because the series launched almost a year ago (March 2004, I believe.)

  2. Well Doremi and their partners are cranking them out so we’ll see it in all its glory eventually. I just went to SF’s Chinatown and got botleg copies up to 59, yes I am that desperate Kero crack.

  3. You do know, that Doremi doesn’t do japanese to english subbing. The guy takes the chinese botleg/dub and uses that to translate

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