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Anytime Natsumi deploys funnels, Keroro does a Heero Yui impersonation, and I brush and floss three times before lunch, I must blog about it. It’s that simple de arimasu.

(The glut of great new shows recently has prevented me from blogging more about Keroro, but I just can’t quit them.)


Keroro is sick! He gets a toothache, and while our primative human medicine tells us that this is caused by bacteria that eat away our teeth, Kero-sei medicine tells us that it’s really the cause of hideous mushis space aliens that are building interstellar bases in our mouths. So the gang, of course, launch a Gundam-parody-filled counterattack which involves shrinking everyone and fighting in poor Keroro’s mouth… complete with an Archangel-like launch style (keep in mind this episode originally aired in 2004 when Gundam Seed was airing), and all of the cast members pay homage to various Gundams past. Giroro is the calm, collected one… I dub him Zeta Giroro. Tamama is the emo, crazy one who can’t hit the broadside of a barn… I dub him Impulse Tamama. (Tamama even had the standard issue Zaku machine gun.) Natsumi has funnels! She’s Providence Natsumi (as opposed to the more Strike Freedom-like Powered Natsumi).


I liked this episode more than the manga version of it, which wasn’t quite so over the top, and certainly Keroro’s Heero Yui’s “mission complete” at the end sealed the deal. Let’s just say that this was the first anime episode ever that made me go brush my teeth after watching it.

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  1. I also loved the conclusion – with Natsumi being at the receiving end of the Keroro dental plan and utterly helpess against the frogs for once.

  2. Just nitpicking : It’s not Providence Natsumi, but Quebeley Natsumi, the insect-like wing being the biggest hint for this. Also got a Guncannon Fuyuki-dono in this episode.

  3. I dub this episode:

    “Giroro’s Counterattack.”

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