tomoyo nation

Staring at Tomoyo’s thighs: dispatches from Tomoyo Nation.


The only thing better than waking up to Tomoyo’s thighs is probably Tomoyo’s thighs with an apron and the smell of pancakes. Mmm… pancakes. Or maybe Tomoyo’s thighs with an apron, the smell of pancakes, and a fresh “clannad 18, twittered” post in your RSS reader. Which you’ll read right after you pull Tomoyo back down into bed…


I was just thinking that Tomoyo’s value over replacement moe (VORM) is off the charts. Plug her into a series like H2O, Myself; Yourself, Da Capo II, True Tears, Tokimeki Memorial, Maburaho, Ichigo 100%, Final Approach, To Heart II, Wind, or Kimikiss, she would just blow all the other heroines away. It’ll be like that old Nike commercial where Pippen goes back to 1950 and just starts dunking on the slow, white dudes.


Tomoya’s cell phone signal shirt is… uh… interesting. Tomoyo woke him up, made him breakfast, and dealt with his dad. Mmm… does Tomoyo usurp the Wife Material nickname from Sayuri, or do we need a run-off election between the two where I shout Obama-like slogans like “Vote Tomoyo! YES WE CAN!”


The way Tomoya ditched his dad… ouch. They’re almost as dysfunctional as the Kardashians. You know what Tomoya and his dad needs? Hulk Hogan. He’ll straighten them out.

(Kyrios dammit, I need to stop watching so many shattastic reality TV series. I blame ESPN and TNT for showing so many Miami Heat games.)


A heart on the crotch area. Fantastic. What kind of guy has boxers like that? Um, I guess we know the answer to that one now. I really hope these aren’t his lucky date boxers.


Dancing around with underwear on your head… isn’t that pretty much accepted in a college dorm or in a frat? This scene would have been infinitely funnier if Sunohara jumped into Tomoya’s lap and… OH GEASS NO!

(Sad, but most of the bullying that has occurred in Clannad has been Tomoya bullying either Sunohara or Fuko. When do we get to bully Kotomi-chan? Or is her heart half dead already?)


I liked this scene. Melancholistic Kyou is delicious. But don’t Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi-chan have anything better to do than mourn the loss of Tomoya and Nagisa? And why is Sunohara there? I feel sorry for all the rejected and neglected haremettes. Real men take care of all their haremettes.


Insanely seductive pose. The internet has already failed me once for a new wallpaper search, hope it doesn’t fail me again.


I think we need to take up a collection and buy Kyou a lifetime supply of lolipops. I need to find out how many licks does it take to get to the center of Kyou a Tootsie Pop.


After 18 episodes, I finally realized that Kyou and Ryou have different color eyes. Observant blogger 4tw! I thought they were identical twins? How is this possible?


Tomoya must be the only heterosexual man in the world who is disappointed that hawt, nubile twins would stop by and visit him for a cheering up. I’m very disappointed that Tomoya didn’t invite them in and then the next scene show Sunohara stumbling upon the three of them playing Twister. This is another downside of Nagisa… she cockblocked a Twister game with the Fujibayashi twins. But we can change! Vote Kyou! YES WE CAN!


Kyou is the opposite of Tomoyo in that at least Tomoyo is honest with herself whereas Kyou tries her best to live her love of Tomoya through Ryou. I wonder what would happen if Tomoya did show an interest in Ryou… would Kyou be really happy for her sister, or would she be thinking of ways to steal him by announcing something like, “Ryou, you stink at this. Let onee-san show you how to properly arouse a man.” I’d pre-order this OVA right now.


For one derailing minute, let’s assume Ryou and Tomoya got married. Don’t you think Kyou would somehow intervene their wedding night? That HCG sequence would easily top Rin / Saber / Emiya, right? This is yet another reason why a Ryou or Kyou ending would be vastly superior to a Nagisa one. Vote for change! Vote Fujibayashi! YES WE CAN!


The “Wait, I can’t believe he just picked the ‘friends’ option” face. The “I just want us to be friends” line is one of the most crushing experiences to go through in the world. Imagine if the Anti-spirals made Nia say that to Simon instead of sending that Geometry Wars army to fight him.

(This is a stabbable offense. And, yes, I’m very disappointed that the only thing that has been sliced and diced so far in True Tears is Raigomaru.)


I kinda like the background gaussian blur effect. Though it would have been awesome if they walked by a Clannad-themed vending machine. Though seeing Kyou and Tomoyo on the cans of bread (can of bread… not even sure how that works), I’m reminded of Tsukino’s epic line from Yakitate Japan, “Come see what Tsukino tastes like!”

(I wonder what flavor would suit each haremette the best. I’d vote for “dirt” for Fuko. For Kyou… is “delicious” a flavor, or do is it not descriptive enough?)


What a team player! Kyou sacrifices some of her stats for the good of the pair. Though, she’s more like Agent Zero in that she’s doing it begrudgingly. I really, really hope this sad little trip to the arcade and the gym storage shed isn’t the entirety of Kyou’s arc. I mean… 5 episodes of “Dozo! Have a starfish!” and 5 minutes of Kyou’s thighs just doesn’t seem fair.


I liked Ryou’s lines, since they sound like describing how to play a visual novel: “We can think that other futures exist. We never know how the future shifts because of he slightest change. I want to believe that in our future, there are many possibilities waiting.”


He better be staring at her ass. Vote Tomoyo for wife material! It’s time to change the end girl! YES WE CAN!


Loved Tomoya’s look here. He better be sizing up her ass. Sadly, there’s a hawt girl cooking and cleaning for him yet… all he can think of is “Where’s my dad?” Dude has issues. Unless his intent of the question is, “Where’s my dad?” “He just left.” “Perfect opportunity for some luvin’!” don’t even bother asking the question.


Looks very delicious, and I’m not talking about the walking slab of bacon in the back.

(But I think Button steals the scene with his… her?… “Puhi-puhi’s.” I think there’s an opportunity in making an OVA featuring Potemayo, Button, Boota, Ebichu, Gan-chan, Shana-tan, and Tieria-tan. It would be like the 1992 Dream Team. Let’s make this happen. YES WE CAN!)


Looking at their outfits… I’d say Ryou looks like a female grunge artist from the late 80s early 90s. Kyou looks like a 80s female rocker, circa when Paula Abdul wasn’t a complete drunk. Tomoya definitely looks like he’s ready to go bowling.

(And, yes, I think Cool Cat from that video would be a huge upgrade over Shinichiro.)


Loved the surprised look from the twins when Tomoyo appeared. I was very disappointed that Ryou didn’t jump for Tomoyo’s neck much like Yuji and Zarovee.


Then Kotomi-chan enters the fray! Loved Kotomi’s outfit. Very cute, and it doesn’t bring back memories of 80s or 90s music. Also loved Kyou’s, “Wait, another one I have to stab?” face.


Yep… love that face… she’s more concerned about the goings-on than Tomoya, who looks oblivious to the fact that there’s four hawt girls outside his doorway trying to stuff him full of delicious thigh meat.


It’s a last supper. It truly is. That’s why everyone is bowing their heads in a moment of silence.

(The irony of course is the typical wealth of richness. Much like how obesity is becoming a huge problem in the industrialized world with so much food while most of the world starves, Tomoya has a wealth of haremettes while poor characters like Sunohara can’t buy love. Not even with his lucky underpants.)


Loved how Button grasped the atmosphere perfectly with his o_o;;. Kotomi-chan looks dead cute being a few timezones behind everyone else in thought process, while Kyou and Tomoyo look like could go at it. We desperately need that Clannad game that I’ve been pitching.


Loved Kyou’s “You will eat this, or I’ll stab you” smile. She’s the best.

(If a girl is getting up at 5am to make you lunch, that means something. Sadly, I just don’t know what it means.)


Loved Tomoyo’s counterattack, “Vote Tomoyo’s lunch! YES YOU CAN!” She’s the best.


Tomoyo and Kyou having a spark of a catfight was probably the most entertaining political debate I’ve seen since Shana’s and Yoshida’s epic, “I want to get closer to him!” “No you can’t!” battle. I don’t know who to vote for anymore. Both Tomoyo and Kyou make such compelling cases. Murderous intent with thigh meat 4tw!


Loved Ryou’s “I want you to eat me too!” until I realized that she really said, “I want you to eat my food too!” Silly me.



Hidden gem of the episode. The random shocked looked on Tomoya leading to an equally shocked Button and Kotomi-chan. So cute. Kotomi-chan’s the cutest character in Clannad, and that is why we call her “Kotomi-chan.”


Loved Tomoya’s last spec of hope being crushed by Kotomi-chan. How can Tomoya not eat her food? He spent two episodes pulling weeds out of her lawn.

(Loved Button’s “I need to get the fuck out of here” expression as well.)


I blinked and… what happened?! My eyes! They burn! The googles… they do nothing!


Symmetrical glaring! Doesn’t seem to the same murderous intent glare as before but more of a, “Wait, Tomoya’s into this?” Fuko could have been a trannie, and they’re reaction would have been the same.




“Please eat my bento.”


(Okay, this one I didn’t mishear or misremember. Cue all the “I’d eat her bento” comments.)


You’re about to be Kyou’ed!


Love the posters around Tomoyo. The dude on the left looks like he’s either broken by Kana or running for a student position at Berkeley. The dude on the right looks like a major tool. And Tomoyo looks like she’s about to be break into a high step march. Ugh. Who’s her campaign manager? I would definitely have gone with a Tomoyo in an apron. Or the dango daikazoku.

(Just realized I hit 40 screenshots, which is past the “Omni” mark of 39. But I’m only 10:50 into the episode. Gotta hurry this up. Andohbytheway, when I first started writing this post, Guiliani was still a viable candidate. I know I can finish this… YES WE CAN!)


Everything in life can be solved with either celebrations or sporting events. Gotcha. Still don’t understand why Sunohara is the third wheel… and… is he digging for gold there?


If your political career depended on Sunohara… I’d just quit.

(Don’t get why they want Tomoyo to join them if they lose. “Hey, she’s too wild and unruly to be president, but she’ll make a perfect relief pitcher.” Just because wildness works in a Charlie Sheen movie, it doesn’t mean it works in real life closer situations. Or anime.)


Then I realized they just want to stare at her shapely figure all day long and… I’d vote for that. YES WE CAN!

(Everyone else is wearing pants, except Tomoyo’s wearing a fantastically short gym shorts. Those look a lot more fabulous on her than on Charles Barkley. You guys should be grateful I can’t seem to locate that T-Mobile commercial on YouTube right now.)


Excellent form, and her pitch ain’t bad either.


She’s like the complete opposite of Mihashi (fast but no control vs. slow but awesome control), and she’s nowhere as awesome as Hiro (speed with control). Tomoyo seems more like a Zumaya-type, but, of course, without the beer gut for the freak injuries. Dude got attacked by boxes.

(But she did cause Sunohara to toss us an emo facial distortion.)


Defiant Tomoyo 4tw! See, I’d vote for her for the US presidency just because she seems so much more confident than any else running. It’s the Bizarro Geroge W. Bush face.


Strike! I knew this one was coming. Has Tomoya ever given out advice that doesn’t involve harming Sunohara? And why does Sunohara keep coming back for more? He must have developed Stockholm Syndrome. Just like my readers and Mako-cakes.


If I were commissioner of anime, I would definitely stage a yearly charity softball game. This year, I’d definitely have Team Kyoto go up against Team Gainax. Can you imagine Tomoyo pitching to Kamina, Tsukasa trying to bunt, or pre-time slip Nia trying to field fly balls? And, of course, Akira and Taniguchi would be the announcers. Vote Derailed! YES WE CAN!


Great, fantastic, unworldly montage of Tomoyo’s thighs and Sunohara getting beaten to a pulp. The only way this sequence could have been better is if Eye of the Tiger were blaring in the background.


Wait, before she wore gym shorts while everyone else wore pants, and now she’s wearing long warm ups when everyone else is in shorts? Hard hitting analysis from Derailed by Darry.

(Rugby 4tw! If I were commissioner of anime, I’d definitely have a charity rugby game too. Team Sagara vs. Team Tomoyo! That would break space, time, and Mako-cakes… even more at least. But don’t you need more than 3 people for rugby, and one could easily cop a feel in a scrum… mmm…)


Enjoyed the Tomoyo montage. Very disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Swimsuit Tomoyo or Rhythmic Gymnastics Tomoyo. Though synchronized swimming (with Sunohara) or ice dancing (with Sunohara) would be the most hilarious combination possible, I’d root for Curling Tomoyo. I think that would be fantastic, and maybe then we can get the Canadians to adopt Tomoyo hugging a maple leaf as the official Canadian flag, much like how Wales should have adopted the Dai Gurren Brigade. Canadians, vote Tomoyo hugging a maple leaf! YES WE CAN!

(Or Tomoyo hugging a maple leaf while holding onto a Tim Horton’s cup of coffee. I’m down with either… YES WE CAN!)


How come so many top tier haremettes have large underclasswomen populations cheering for them, and how come this aspect isn’t more fully explored more?


Remember when I bitched about how the 4:3 version didn’t show the trees? They’re a reason they’re important, as Tomoyo gives up the run down here. And, yes, I’m making the “Wait, we have 5 episodes of ‘Dozo! Have a starfish!’ and less than 2 for Tomoyo and Kyou” face.


So Tomoya’s sitting here, chilling next to a pretty girl who is opening up to him, in front of beautiful sunset, and he’s probably thinking of Nagisa. It’s admirable, but it’s also unrealistic. What horny teenaged boy wouldn’t be thinking of jumping Tomoyo? Then again, if that happened and Kyou found out, he’d probably be found two weeks later with ravens picking out his eye sockets, so maybe it’s the smart choice.


Tomoyo’s story is straightforward, but interesting. She’s quite direct and to the point, which I think is a missing quality in modern politics. Vote Tomoyo! YES WE CAN!

(She can also kick ass, which is another missing trait. Though I can picture Hilary, who dealt with Bill, kicking more ass than Obama, the chain smoker, or McCain, the captive.)


I remember the first episode of live action GTO, where Onizuka solves the domestic problems of one of his students by going to her home and taking a sledgehammer to the wall between the bedrooms of her mom and dad. I mean, I was hooked on GTO after that. Just a fantastic series, and one of the rare cases when the anime was good (only held back by the craptastic animation), the manga was outworldly (maybe a few volumes too long), and the live action was the best of the three (minus the movie). For the BBT (Before BitTorrent) fans, GTO was one of the great series that just shouldn’t be missed out, yet it’s always missed out. I’ve been meaning, for years, to write properly about it, and I still can’t. It’s more than just the Gurren Lagann of school dramas, and words cannot describe how Onizuka is like the George Washington of gar. The OP still gets me fired up, even if it’s aging like Meg Ryan.


Crying… I love how there’s more crying in this series than one called “True Tears.”


“Started bringing us closer as a family.”

I’m enjoying Tomoyo’s story, and I’m enjoying her narration. I’d like to see a special edition Shawshank Redemption DVD where there’s an option for a Tomoyo narration track in lieu of the Morgan Freeman narration track… “Oh, Andy loved geology, I guess it appealed to his meticulous nature. An ice age here, million years of mountain building there. Geology is the study of pressure and time. That’s all it takes really, pressure, and time.” (Sounds like he’s writing this frickin’ post. I’m beginning to feel that I started writing this beast during the Carter presidency.)


Even Tomoyo succumbs to the tears!


Tomoyo’s skirt is longer than her mom’s… more insightful commentary from Derailed by Darry.


Reminds me a bit of Saikano before the city got bombed, and Chise flew away…

(I don’t think idyllic places like this one exist in or around Setagaya. Where’s the haze from the smog?)


Why are they welcoming her back? They should have more of a, “Damn, I should have upped the poison dosage” look on their faces.


Ugh. Blog fatigue is slowly eating at me at this point, and only Kyou sucking on a lollipop could have energized me. Tomoya pulling a Shinichiro move by not visiting Nagisa when she was ill doesn’t help. I think Tomoya is an average harem character. He’s not as biting or cynical as Kyon, but he’s also not a complete idiot.

(Did I get the pronouns right with the lollipop line… I’ll just assume yes.)


Healthy, athletic girls are definitely hawt. Tennis is also probably the premier (maybe next to volleyball) for gawking at female competitors. The grunting and strict skirts dress codes push it up to another level. I mean, between 2003-2006, every Hingis vs. Sharapov match was like Magic vs. Bird crossed with Kathy Ireland vs. Cindy Crawford.


Nagisa’s in Tomoya’s VIP section, if you know what I mean.

(You probably knew that already, but look at the positioning of Sunohara with respect to Tomoya and Nagisa… OH GEASS NO!)


Speaking of VIP sections, nothing beats the Knicks and the Gold Club. While Truck Party might be the Gurren Lagann of Knickerbocker scandals, the Gold Club is definitely the GTO. It’s like BitTorrent is the Isiah Thomas of the Knicks franchise, or vice-versa.

(No clue why this post has 72 images and counting… 72!… along with segues into GTO and the Gold Club as well as all the Obama-like slogans. No clue. This is why we’re in a Tomoyo Nation. Vote Tomoyo. YES WE CAN!)


Out all of the hair designs of the haremettes, I’m liking Tomoyo’s the most. I like her black hair band, and I wonder if there’s a back story to it or not. I’d definitely watch a 60 minute OVA focusing on just her black hair band.

(Nagisa reminds me too much of Anty, while Kyou/Ryou reminds me too much of Nayuki… Nayuki!!! *sob*)


“Naru hodo.”

If you watch in slow motion, you can see the exact moment Tomoyo realizes that she can’t have Tomoya, and you can see her getting a bit crushed. She on par with a Nintendo fanboy finding out that the local Best Buy just ran out of Wiis.

(The song in the background is Over by one of the eufonius girls.)


It’s the little things that Kyoto does well. Like in this scene, the camera starts to change the depth of field as Tomoyo walks through, and Kotomi, who is barely visible, is seen moving her head as if she’s watching Tomoyo. If most other studios worked on this scene, the characters in the back would be static or be blacked out.


Tennis outfit 4tw! But you knew this already.


I like where this is going.

(Is it wrong for me to root for the ball to take out Nagisa? Should I feel a little guilty?)


Kinda puzzled why they were sitting so close to a tennis court in the first place, but Nagisa doesn’t look like she’s seriously injured. Drat. And it looks like after 3 episodes combined, the Kyou and Tomoyo arcs are coming to a close. It wasn’t the fact that Nayuki didn’t get her ending, it was that she was screwed over twice: neither Toei nor Kyoto spent a lot of time on her arc that was what I’m disappointed about. And now Kyou official joins Nayuki in the Nayuki All-Stars. Great to have you… uh… maybe not.

(Tomoyo at least got an h-sequel, so being the only girl with an h-scene, Tomoyo doesn’t really qualify for being in the Nayuki All-Stars.)


I bet Kyou, Ryou, Kotomi, and Tomoyo are all having the “Al Gore I Lost To WHO!? Face”. But I’m not stopping my Tomoyo Nation campaign. End this series of non-optimal end girls! Vote Tomoyo! YES WE CAN!


“Onee-chan… gomen nee.”

Reminds me a lot of the scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams keeps telling Matt Damon that it’s not his fault. It’s not his fault. It’s not his fault. Very similar. Now we just need to repeat the scene with Uchida and Mako-cakes.


Oh gawd, the waterworks moe. In the words of Zap Brannigan, I’ll score her on the rebound.


I think by now, every girl in Clannad has had cried. Gotta be some sort of harem record in terms of liters per haremette. If Tomoyo were like a Nintendo fanboy finding out that Best Buy ran out of Wiis, Ryou and Kyou definitely look like the Nintendo Kid, only the exact opposite.


Everyone stops paying attention to the tennis match and Nagisa’s injury and just focuses on the twins. Utterly derailed.

… and with that, I conclude my longest single episode post ever. 83 screenshots and over 3,300 words. Good night Tomoyo Nation. YES WE CAN!

48 Responses to “tomoyo nation”

  1. *Accepting the truth* No, we can’t. T-T

    BTW, one hell of a long and nice post, thx

  2. I’d eat her bento!

  3. DRIVER’S HIGH! OH GOD YES!!! Talk about a pump up. Onizuka was the George Washington of Gar, but he was also the Picasso of facial distortions. Everyone has been copying him since.

  4. At the end of this eps I was in tears like Ryou and Kyou.
    NOO!!!!!! GAH I can’t believe theres no chance left for Kyou and Tomoyo. *sob*
    And this eps started out so well. I was kinda hoping Nagisa would of gotten sicker and join Fuko. Then we get Kyou and Tomoyo to comfort him.
    Either that or I hoped that Kyou would go stabby at Nagisa or Tomoya under the excuse for breaking her sister’s heart. The crying fest kinda destroyed that since she gave up peacefully.
    Ah… i think I’ve been corrupted by School Days and Higurashi.
    Now to go play the Clannad VN.

  5. Should have pulled out before the tennis match. I almost forgot that.

    and yes, I’d eat her bento!

  6. i liked Fuko’s short entrance this time. It was funny and the tension remained about the same. Also the little scream followed by Kyou’s reaction shot sold the Starfish cremes joke.

    And Konomi is the best choice for lunch. While the others have their reasons, I just can’t say ‘no’ to that slightly airy voice and smile. Though if Ryou’s cooking were decent she’d be an easy second (or both simultaneously). Thus allowing Kyou and Tomoyo to explore the “Kyou is Bi” option properly. Fuko can take pointers for when she gets out of her coma (and is older).

  7. If your political career depended on Sunohara… I’d just quit do it for the lulz.


  8. The last few episodes proved to us that Tomoyo is indeed superior to all haremettes in Clannad. Sadly, with episode 19 we get to the Nagisa arc, which isn’t too bad, but… -_-

    Tomoyo’s arc in the game is definitely romantic and moving. It’s my favourite arc so far (I just got into the middle of the After Story for now)

  9. Instead of trying to catch up to DI Clannad posts about scenes multiplied by DI with more screen caps or alternatively more analysis done…

    Let’s see some Mirai Nikki thoughts. I mean really now Yukki summarizes his thoughts with this state of affairs right here.

  10. I wonder what would happen if Tomoya did show an interest in Ryou… would Kyou be really happy for her sister, or would she be thinking of ways to steal him by announcing something like, “Ryou, you stink at this. Let onee-san show you how to properly arouse a man.” I’d pre-order this OVA right now.

    See: CLANNAD, Kyou Fujibayashi route.

    There honestly is a scene where Kyou tries to make out with Tomoya in hopes of “teaching him how to kiss for his date with Ryou”. Pfffft.

  11. He better be staring at her ass. Vote Tomoyo for wife material! It’s time to change the end girl! YES WE CAN!

    Sorry for the double post… but this is addressed in the games too. Almost whenever Tomoya sees Tomoyo cooking with an apron on, he’ll go into strange fantasy mode.

    These fantasies consist of him trying to grope her, before she stabs him with a knife.

    Or a ladle.

    Thus, the infamous “YOU ARE DIE” quote from the game.

  12. I’d eat all their bentos

  13. I’d her bento.

    It needed saying.

  14. Kyoto glossed over Kyou/Ryou’s arc because they completely blow in the game. Tomoyo’s arc had her brother’s story as the arc’s revelation (not much material to work with there) and her making out with Tomoya the rest of it.

  15. OH jason, you keep spoiling us like this, and sooner or later all your posts will require at least one kyou thigh picture or tomoyo picture, or else your readers will riot.

    In the meanwhile i’ll just keep staring at tomoyo’s…WHY THE HELL IS ITSUKI PLAYING TENNIS WITH HER?

  16. It’s very difficult to decide who looks better in a tennis outfit: Tomoyo or Yoko?

  17. I would definitely find out how many licks it takes to the center of a Kyou kyou-li pop.. no i mean Tootsie Pop… Oh nvm :/

  18. Bento must be an euphemism for something.

    And, yes, quite disappointed how low GTO scored in the polls. These are your readers…

  19. I like how you misspelled lollipops by removing an l, making it lolipops. I have a feeling you’re secretly a lolicon :O

  20. VORM? Genius.

    Bill James called, he wants to hire you for the next volume of Anime Prospectus. Other stats include: Bentos/9 episodes, Starfishes Created, Loli Shares, ITP (Isolated Thigh Power), and failures for not picking the correct end girl (which, kyoto animation is the all time leader in).

  21. Bento must be an euphemism for something.

    With the right context, anything can be a euphemism for sex. Here, I’ll show you.

    I’d match her impedance, if you know what I mean.

    After 18 episodes, I finally realized that Kyou and Ryou have different color eyes. Observant blogger 4tw! I thought they were identical twins? How is this possible?

    Kyou Route Spoiler
    You can actually see a plot twist coming ahead of time if you’re observant enough to notice this, much like in Tsukihime.

    This is another downside of Nagisa… she cockblocked a Twister game with the Fujibayashi twins.

    It’s just payback for Kyou cockblocking Nagisa’s confession.

    Also: Where is your hope now!?

  22. >>Canadians, vote Tomoyo hugging a maple leaf! YES WE CAN!
    (Or Tomoyo hugging a maple leaf while holding onto a Tim Horton’s cup of coffee. I’m down with either… YES WE CAN!)

    I’m definitely up for this… too bad our government will never agree to it.

    Also, why are the Obama jokes STILL funny after like 50 times?

  23. >Kotomi-chan looks dead cute being a few timezones behind everyone else in thought process

    Thats what I was thinking when she had that expression on her face whilst Ryou and Kyou were crying over lack of poi..err lost love.

  24. If she had a decent energy plan Tomoyo would defiantly get my vote. We just have to stop the GOP from finding out she’s a violent thug with her own h-game, they’d totally use that shit against her.


  26. “I finally realized that Kyou and Ryou have different color eyes.”

    The result of that post L5 Sonozaki orgy? Same father, different twin mother?

    However following that route, that makes Sanae and Akio actually Rena and K1 after some meds. Nagisa definately has Rena’s kawaii complex towards the Dangos. Also Misae Sagara is Shion hiding her family name after some incident.

    But by that logic, the Sunohara’s are either Rika or Satako’s children. Betting Rika, since Youhei can keep more or less getting killed and keep coming back, while Mei of course has her mother’s voice. However Youhei’s facial distortions and attitude could point towards Satako. (That route would leave Fuko has Rika’s kid. The magical coma projections being a misfire of her time restart ability.)

    Kotomi is Hanyuu’s. She even has the remains of the family horns.

    There is no explaination for Tomoya or Tomoyo on this line of thought.

  27. does Tomoyo usurp the Wife Material nickname from Sayuri, or do we need a run-off election between the two

    Hey, don’t forget about Yukine. She’s Sayuri’s spiritual successor.

  28. If you do find a wallpaper of said seductive pose, please do share.

  29. Correction: Misae Sagara is Mion. Fighting style is more Mion-like than Shion. Mion is also the one sister who could stay relatively close to Rena without killing her over K1. Plus with Kyou and Ryou, one would be her daughter, but they lived with Shion’s family. Question is, who is Mion’s daughter? Probably Ryou since Kyou has Shion’s scary slightly unstable personality, though Kyou seems more spirited like Mion. Tough call.

  30. I couldn’t even get past the banner/header pic.

    wow. Tomoyo has broken me in ways that Kana only dreams about.

  31. My objection to making Wife Material Tomoyo’s nickname is that it doesn’t do her uber-hax skills at anything athletic side justice. A proper nickname for her needs to represent both sides of her talents.

    What horny teenaged boy wouldn’t be thinking of jumping Tomoyo?

    Do we really have any clear evidence that Tomoya even has hormones, though? He certainly didn’t act like it back when he was locked up in the gym locker with Kyou, or when Tomoyo was waking him up with views of her thighs. Even his interest in Nagisa so far has been pretty much non-sexual in nature.

    Also Misae Sagara is Shion hiding her family name after some incident.

    Oh wow, how did I not notice her last name before? Now I’m really convinced she’s Sousuke and Kaname’s lovechild.

  32. Wow. Clannad is breaking the records on SPBP (Screenshots per blog post). I suspect this may be yet another way to rank anime, by how many pictures it takes to fit each episode into one post. The average SPBP may prove to yield some insightful information…that might be inapplicable to Derailed considering the nature most posts to live up to the blog’s namesake.

    Ah well. Screw statistics. Onwards with delicious thighs and campaign trails! YES WE CAN!

  33. Tomoyo After for OVA! Delicious thigh meat for all! YES WE CAN!

  34. >He better be staring at her ass. Vote Tomoyo for wife material! It’s time to change the end girl! YES WE CAN!

    Heh in Tomoyo’s route the first thing Tomoya does when staring at apron Tomoyo is imagine a way to grope her, he even gets her to agree to a “hug” x.x

    >The only thing better than waking up to Tomoyo’s thighs is probably Tomoyo’s thighs with an apron and the smell of pancakes. Mmm… pancakes. Or maybe Tomoyo’s thighs with an apron, the smell of pancakes, and a fresh “clannad 18, twittered” post in your RSS reader. Which you’ll read right after you pull Tomoyo back down into bed…

    In the game Tomoya really DOES try to pull Tomoyo back into his bed for more lovin’.

  35. This is how episode posts should be done, great work.

    So if I still fly the Ryou flag (for old-school blushing romance’s sake) is that the equivalent of voting for Nader?

    And with that, I nominate you for teaching the nation’s youth (or at least the otaku youth) about politics by comparing them all to haremettes. For example, the Kanon girls could be the assassinated ones, as they were all really great characters, and then they got killed off or otherwise removed until we were left with Ayu, the useless vice president.

  36. “I’d definitely have Team Kyoto go up against Team Gainax.”

    But who all would play? What limit to team size? Is this pickup game SOS-dan style with 9 players, or a full team with relief pitchers and cheerleaders?

    The Rei verse Yuki pre-game stare-off would be there for sure. Though Yuki might loose due to deciding to stare at a book instead.

  37. Identical twins can have minor differences in areas that are affected by environmental factors, such as eye colour. This is why even twins have different fingerprints.

  38. Quit making me feel bad for not watching Kyou’s thighs.
    I meant Tomoyo thighs.
    I meant…. ah, screw it.

  39. All I have to say is: Tomoyo FTW!

  40. 10:50-Left poster boy looks like an Ouendan wannabe, whereas right poster boy looks like the annoying student council prez from Kanon. Ugh, good thing Tomoyo is nothing like him.

    11:29-Another Lucky Star reference with Sunohara doing a nice Mr. Izumi impression. xD

    13:16-I say we transfer Tomoyo over to the Umisho swim team. She’s got the skills. She’s got the body. She’d help bring the team to the nationals.

  41. Can Kyoto really pull out a canvas 2 on us? Can they realy give us something THAT BIG on us. Time will tell.

  42. It would be appropriate to think a little bit about how the After Stories for the other Clannad girls would turn out.

    – Kotomi After would be cute as hell, but they would be so perfect a couple that the overall story would turn out kinda boring. The H-scenes would probably make up for it, though.

    – Kyou After would be so epically epic that I won’t bother trying to find words to describe it. It would have, of course, unlimited amounts of delicious thigh meat. A sizable amount of those who bought it would end up in the hospital due to dehydration. Those who didn’t would make effigies of Tomoya and burn them in scorn of the damn bastard who gets to taste some serious Fujibayashi meat.

    – Tomoyo After…we all know how that turned out.

    – Key would deem Ryou After unnecessary. There would be plenty of Ryou in Kyou After, after all.

    – At the request of the most hardcore fans, Yukine After would be next to be released. It would be the raunchiest, hawtest piece of H this side of Slut Girl, ’cause we all know there’s a sexual deviant behind that cute face.

    – Fuuko After has actually been done. Key will deny it, for it has locked the original data in a safehouse deep underground. The nice quantum physicists of Key estimated that the amounts of “Dozo! Have a starfish” included in that game carried the potential to either create a Vaccum Metastability Event, or gain conscious thought and become the Anti-Spiral.

  43. Daneel Rush, I laughed so hard at your post. *gives a cookie*

  44. yeah…really Long post….take me quite some times…to finished it. haha

    I prefer Tomoyo Too…

    vote for Tomoyo!! yes we can!

  45. Can’t they all just get along? ^^

    Bah, Tomoya as a male lead suck, pt Matsumaru-kun from REC to do the job right…^^

    Hmm, it is really tough to choose from one of them…well hey, if you can’t beat them, join them…right? ^^

  46. Vote for Kyou x Tomoyo x Kotomi ending YES WE CAN!

  47. What you should REALLY be hoping for is that the tennis ball knocks Nagisa into a coma, bounces off to nail Sunohara in the face, and finally ricochet off the back of Tomoya’s head and knock some sense into him to, in the true Kamina-esque form, take Tomoyo, Kyou, Ryou, and Kotomi into his VIP seats, if you get what I mean, and show them how sorry he is for ignoring them. I’d buy that OVA enough times to revitalize the DVD market

  48. Tomoyo pushing her little brother on the wheel chair…
    that scene used to be kinda poignant and emotional.

    Now its been derailed, and I can never see that scene properly ever again O.O

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