march madness: round 2 (part 1)

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Grats to Orenge-sama for locking up the #1 overall seed. Round 2 begins now.

(By the looks of things, the real epic championship battle occurs Sunday. Four rounds too early. OTL.)


Previous Voting Results

The seedings for the rest of the tournament are now set. The top series in each division gets an automatic bye for round 2. The runner ups in each division advance as well as the next eight overall highest vote getters. The 24 series that have advanced are, in ranked order:

1. Ouran Host Club: All hail Haruhi! This blog does not cater to shoujo (except for the Hosaka fanservice, but I think that appeals to my male audience more than any female visitors), so probably no surprise that a shoujo series with something to offer the guys just decimated the competition in its division.

2. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: All hail Yoko’s melonpan! You guys might not know this, but I’m secretly a huge fan of Gurren Lagann.

3. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: All hail Itsuki’s board games! Six Kyoto Animation series made it past round 1. This Kyoto series has the epic tsundere.

4. Death Note: All hail honeycrisp apples! Lost the third seed by 3 votes. Might not be a bad thing because it avoids being in Gurren Lagann‘s bracket.

5. Clannad: All hail Tomoyo Nation! This Kyoto series has the epic thigh meat.

6. School Rumble: All hail Hige! Hige was awesome in the new Mai Otome OVA. Irregardless of what happens, it faces a trap game in the Sweet Sixteen.

7. Black Lagoon: All hail Revy! Desperately needs a third season, but you know this already.

8. Lucky Star: All hail Patricia Martin! This Kyoto series has epic DFC.

9. Full Metal Panic Fumoffu: All hail Bonta-kun! This Kyoto series has epic Bonta-kun.

10. Fullmetal Alchemist: All hail Gainax endings! Mini-skirt military uniforms 4tw!

11. Honey and Clover: All hail JC Staff! They have three series that advanced. Who would have thunk it?

12. Minami-ke: All hail Mako-cakes! I swear, there’s just something with my readers because the highlight of round 2 has to be Mako-cakes squaring off against Mizuho-neesama. When I counted up the votes, I was like OH MY KYRIOS! It’s a sign. I just wish it was a better sign.

13. Mushishi: All hail Ginko! Desperately needs a second season.

14. Stand Alone Complex: All hail tai-chi-ko-ma-kun! For a series that had an epic bisexual cyborg heroine, my favorite characters were the taichikomas.

15. Shakugan no Shana: All hail melonpan! Did Yuji’s newly found gar status help give Shana a bump?

16. Azumanga: All hail Osaka! JC Staff’s greatest series ever?

17. ef ~a tale of memories~: All hail Renji-kun! … make it to the new world that I seek.

18. Cowboy Bebop: All hail Spike! Only BBT (Before BitTorrent) series to advance. Ugh.

19. Kanon (2006): All hail sad girls in snow! This Kyoto series has epic sad girls in snow.

20. Higurashi: All hail killer lolis! Nii-pah!

21. Otome wa Boku: All hail Mizuho-neesama! I’m already writing the Dr. Jack style post for this match. If you have a strong opinion for Mizuho or Mako-cakes, break my e-mail box more. Best submissions will be used.

22. Baccano: All hail Highlander! Four votes separates the last three spots.

23. Full Metal Panic The Second Raid: All hail Tess’ thighs! This Kyoto series has epic lambda drive action. If it received one less vote, it would have gone up against Fumoffu.

24. Dennou Coil: All hail Densuke! Beat out Haibane Renmei by one vote.

Round 2 (Part 1)

Round 2 (part 1) ends around 11PM PST on March 9th, and round 2 (part 2) will commence shortly afterwards. Rules are available here.

Kicking off round 2, there are some interesting match ups…

#16 Azumanga vs. #17 ef ~tale of memories~

As highlighted by their OPs, these two series cannot be more different in tone, in style, in execution. One is a relaxed, understated comedy while the other is a energetic, stylish romance. I like them both for completely different reasons. Azumanga has Chiyo-chan and Osaka, who bring much joy and comedy (and I’m not talking about Kuze). ef has Renji-kun and Chihiho, who bring many chill moments (and I’m not talking about Yukari sensei’s driving). Tough call.

Winner gets to face #1 Ouran.

#9 Fumoffu vs. #24 Dennou Coil

I don’t even know where to begin framing this match-up. Again, two very different series. One very series, one less so. Winner meets #8 Lucky Star in the Sweet 16.

#13 Mushishi vs. #20 Higurashi

At first glance, dissimilar series, but both are in the supernatural genre, only one features great storytelling while the other features great train wreck storytelling. Winner takes on #4 Death Note.

#11 Honey and Clover vs. #22 Baccano

Another set of opposites. One thing both series have in common is that people complain that Derailed by Darry neglects both of them, so at least they have that going for them. Winner deals with #5 Clannad.

29 Responses to “march madness: round 2 (part 1)”

  1. first! voted!

  2. I hope ef can get far, god forbid I have to choose between ef and Haruhi in some kind of matchup… but of course my love for haruhi will never waver.

  3. I’m predicting that MoSH vs Otome wa Boku will be epic.

    I’m also predicting (with a -lot- less certainty) that the championship will be The Battle of the Haruhis: Fujioka vs Suzumiya.

  4. H&C vs. Baccano!? That’s just unfair. How am I supposed to pick that?

  5. Ah…

    It’s “tachikoma.”

  6. Sorry Ginko, your series might be stylish, but I’m throwing my lot for the Hinamizawa fivesome, if only for the grand culmination that was Higurashi Kai. Azumanga and Fumoffu are a given though, but Baccano gets my vote as well, since it was pretty much underrated during the season it came out.

  7. The GARest man alive, Onidzuka, did not make it??!! I have given up on this world.

  8. I’m trying to imagine an Ouran banner on Derailed right now… Simply… derailing?

  9. Haibane by one? There’s no way it would have gone anywhere, but still, ouch…

  10. issa-sa, what if it was a shot of Renge helping Haruhi get dressed? (Wait, that might be better for a Yuribou banner.)

  11. Im calling Azu, Higurashi, H&C and Fumoffu advancing…

    D= I though Haibane Renmei would of made it …

  12. >> I’m predicting that MoSH vs Otome wa Boku will be epic.

    Wait, are you a regular reader of Derailed? Because regular (read: broken) readers will think that Otome wa Boku vs. Minami-ke is the most epic matchup of any of the field of 64.

  13. Mushishi better win. Choosing between H&C and Baccano! was tough though.

  14. All hail JC Staff! They have three series that advanced. Who would have thunk it?
    Heathen. I mourn the loss of Noda Megumi. Mukya!

  15. the unquestionably epic battle of the traps has got me roflomgwtfbbqOVER9000 x10 more interested than yankees vs redsox, redskins vs cowboys, maryland vs duke vs unc, or even more than my spurs vs the lakers in the west! OR even the most decorated rivalry in the NBA altogether lakers vs celtics. good god! how scary this may turn out to be!

    either way mako-cakes got my vote if it goes down! >:o!

  16. Aww, and I wanted to see a Kanon vs Clannad Dr Jack/Vote rigging.

    I’ll be much surprised if the final 4 aren’t Haruhi, Gurren Lagann, Clannad and Fumoffu. But let’s sit back and see how we get there, eh :)

  17. Tai-chi-ko-ma? I can kind of picture some tachikoma doing tai chi. And discussing whether their “chi” is electricity, motor oil, or something intangible.

  18. Aaaieee! What tough choices here. Well I’ve chosen my sides and voted. Sad but not surprising that Haibane didn’t make it; one of my favourite older series.

  19. C’mon, Higurashi!
    I’d love Aauu~ to take on Shinigami

  20. How long do we have to vote? Because I just finished downloading Baccano and Denno Coil and want to watch them before I decide.

  21. For those of you who care, the H&C Manga showed up in stores this week, due to Viz licensing the rights to both the anime as well as the source manga last year. Now, let’s see more votes for H&C, if only so we’ll have a fun fight between them and “Dozo! Have a Starfish!”

  22. Judging by the PDF file, you have two days to vote (3/7 – 3/8) which ties in to the comment that epic trap fight starts Sunday.

    Fumoffu is a run-a-way candidate working on a clear majority win. Azumanga and H&C both seem to be fighting for a two-thirds majority win each. Higurashi and Mushishi are too close to call. This is with perhaps 50% of the broken and unbroken voters reporting. (There are no unbroken voters, None. I will not accept it.)

  23. Wait, are you a regular reader of Derailed? Because regular (read: broken) readers will think that Otome wa Boku vs. Minami-ke is the most epic matchup of any of the field of 64.

    A regular reader for 2 years now, rare commenter.

    However, saying Otome wa Boku vs Minami-ke will be epic isn’t a prediction. It’s like saying Shana will have delicious melonpan, Haruka-neesama will be amazing, and that there’s no penis on Mizuho. None. We won’t accept it.

  24. What about IPPO?!

  25. GRAAAAAGH! I cry unfairness! Otome Wa Boku and Minami-Ke may have epic traps, but comparing both of the series is just plain painful! Otoboku was just H-game-turned-anime fluff (with, granted, its moments of greatness), whereas Minami-ke is a CURRENTLY-Blogged, attention-focused series as of right now, with the advantage of being fresher in readers’ minds. Unless it’s only a battle of the traps and NOT a comparison of the series in question (in which case we have a fair fight), it’s just. Not. Balanced.

    My vote goes for Otoboku, but… I don’t see its chance. Ah well. Mayb’s I can ask Mizuho out to cheer ‘im up after this is all over.

    (And, me? Yes. I AM gar for Mizuho-oneesama. That’s right. I said it and it’s true.)

  26. I predict AzumanGAR over the Tilde, Bonta-kun slaughtering the Coil, the Clover over the Highlander, and the Killer Lolis over the ‘Natti. At least one of these will disappoint me. Hint. It’s the last one. Looking at the next part, I am amazed at the possibility for failure. Pha-nominal.

    Will the Melonpan Loli beat the crew of the Bebop? Will Kyon-chi beat Togusa? With this bunch of clones voting, probably yes, unfortunately. Will the watered-down Ecchi Trapfest beat the Ecchified Slice-of-Life Trapfest? Who knows? And will I even be able to make up my mind on whether “full( )metal” is one word or two? In-credible. Out.

  27. Thank god I saved my precious FMP from facing eachother. Only hardcore fans will vote for TSR. I’m glad that FMP! wasn’t in here, does not deserve much.

  28. Honey and Clover VS Baccano!, this is giving me a hard time.

  29. i stopped caring about this when i saw school rumble in the sports category. and won.

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