minami-ke ~okawari~, one more mouthful is painful

Kana’s too tired to break anyone this episode. Excuse her.


ZOMG! One episode left! ZOMG! How am I going to survive without my weekly dose of Haruka, Kana, Chiaki, Hosaka, Mako-cakes, Fujioka, and friends?! After spending the past 25 weeks with them, they seem like any ol’ broken family members, only they don’t smell as bad as Uncle Bob and don’t have teeth as yellow as Aunt April, but they do crossdress like Cousin Terry.

Of course, the reason the series is ending is because Haruka is coming to America. Why? Me, of course! Just kidding… before my readers start breaking out pitchforks and shovels. I’ll tell you one thing… I’m guessing it’s going to be an epic misunderstanding next episode as it’s really Touma’s brother who is headed to America and not Haruka.


But one character did leave: Fuyuki. Never brought brokenness, wasn’t broken, and didn’t seem interesting even if broken. On the bright side, at least he escaped from being broken. Definitely a low-key exit for a low-key character. Still, this goodbye felt more emotional than any of the recent “deaths” in Gundam 00. Though I think his dad saw him slowly being corrupted by the Minami’s and thought, “Damn, if we don’t move soon, he’ll be participating in cosplay parades dressed up as a woman.”

Funniest Moments


I can’t wait for the bestselling follow-up to “Chez Hosaka’s Thirty Quick Meals for Impressing Your Imaginary Girlfriend“… “Chez Hosaka’s Recipes for a Shinier, Brighter Chest”.


We have crossed an event horizon. There’s just no turning back now. None. I can’t believe that Asread didn’t make more of a fuss or give more screentime to Mako-cakes in the cosplay parade. I mean… wouldn’t at least his teacher or family know?! “Hey, isn’t our son participating in this par– !!!– we have no son! *sob*”

(The only way this scene could have been funnier is if Mako-cakes was a finalist for Queen of the parade, up against Dorothy Shana.)


Mako-cake’s mentally tired… mmm… mmm… mmm… !!! It makes so much more sense now. Mako-cake’s is mentally tired!


I can’t wait for Fujioka to start driving around in a minivan after being dumped. Though while he’s shocked that Chiaki picked him for “dad,” why isn’t more being made of Fuyuki picking Kana– Kana!– for “mom.” I think best case for Kana’s motherhood experience is Britney Spears. Worst case… it’s the plot to Frankenfran, chapter 5. In any case, the fact that Fuyuki picked Kana shows that he’s starting to break, and he’s leaving just in the nick of time. It’s like escaping Hinamizawa before the Sonozakis strike.


Why is Haruka wearing such an unattractive warm-up? She should be wearing her volleyball gear so something more flattering.


The amazing part is that the same manga magazine that ran Minami-ke also ran Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and Initial D. Must be disconcerting to go from cyberpunk to Mako-cakes to drifting.

(Huge urge to go watch Today in Class 5-2 again.)


Very disappointed we didn’t get a Hosaka fantasy. I think the ingredients to any good Minami-ke episode will have at least two of the following: Haruhi is amazing, Hosaka’s fantasy, Mako-cakes being further broken (not sure how much farther can this go, but whatever), Hayami forcing herself on Kana, or Chiaki tied up as a weather charm. Aside from a few flotation devices and Mako-cakes, ~Okawari~ really hasn’t been delivering top notch goods.

(Though I’d love to see Daisuke Ono work some Hosaka into Itsuki. Itsuki would be even more epic if he walked around all day without his shirt unbuttoned while dreaming of Mikuru. He only hits on Kyon as a diversion, much like Hosaka and Maki. Ono also has one of the leads for Shina Dark, possibly a five-tool prospect manga being called up too early by Shaft. The last time Shaft tried ecchi comedy, we got Negima!?. In any case, I predict this anime to be… frustrating.)

(In completely unrelated news, while Brawl has Solid Snake… Soul Calibur gets Angol Moa.)


Kana spooning her manga…


“I am not a boy.. girl… boy… girl… ah fuck, I don’t know anymore!” said Kirby.


… gym storage shed… !!! Good times! Exceptionally good times.


Why are we only getting introduced to slightly broken nurse just now?!

(Cue “Lucky thermometer” comments.)


“I… AM… BOSS!!!”


One episode left. I get the felling that I’ll be missing the brokenness.

(No, I don’t have a high resolution version of this. If you do, please send it to me, and I’ll post it.)

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  1. >> Haruhi is amazing

    Freudian slip?

  2. But it’s ok Haruhi IS Amazing.
    Yes one more episode, it sucks, we need an OVA of just Hosaka’s fantasies
    I took one look at that wikipedia entry for Shina Dark, saw the picture, closed the tab. Although they brought me the fantastic ef, I am not going back to SHAFT for nonsense.
    Lastly, Hosaka getting worked into Itsuki is quite possibly on the top list of the best idea’s I’ve ever read on this blog, it’s gotta happen I won’t forgive Kyoto if they don’t.

  3. There’s something deeply wrong with that last picture…

    …and good god isn’t that from a magazine?

  4. That last pic! Mako-chan has gone far beyond the point of no return in that one! Mein Gott.

  5. I need that new Soul Calibur to come out. Soon.

    Maaaaaaan, that nurse should have been there SOOOO long ago. She could be hanging around and curing the problems arising from Hayami Juice (to go with Sanae Bread and Jam-mu)

    This episode had SO many possibilities not tapped. Hosaka fantasy, Mako-cakes (more-so), and… WEATHER CHARMS but Chiaki stayed firmly on the ground. It’s enough to drive you mad.

  6. I’m sure someone will make a series that will maintain the brakeage quota for this blog. Someone has to, there is a market now.

  7. Well I already grabbed SSBB and this little Soul Calibur news is a bit too late for me…living on a budget sucks.

    At any rate I thought it was cute how Mako-cakes and Touma tripped at the same time, clearly the alliance has kept their brokeness on an even keel. As for the last pic by Jove Mako-cakes will grow up to be a fine young woman. Touma is one lucky girl to have her.

    If there is a third season or OVA I hope the broken Nurse comes back to pull all sorts of goodies from her bottom drawer.

  8. We seriously need a Hosaka-ke with said person as the main lead. An OVA would be fine, as I don’t see it – despite all the gar and awesome – carrying thirteen episodes. And I totally predicted a snipe from Jason at the gym storage scene when I saw it.

    That last picture… yup, Mako-cakes is beyond salvaging.

  9. NO no!!! It can’t end… what else is there to live for… I don’t want to give up Mako-chan or Hosaka!!

    And I think I established a long while ago that Makoto ending up with Touma was the only way they would ever function well in society.

    Side note: Need high res of last pic!

  10. I think asread saw the first season and thought ‘ Y’know, Haruka is great and all, but we need to make her look less amazing after the first episode. And Mako-cakes is our favorite character. Let’s spend most of our budget and time animating him, so folks can argue he’s prettier than Haruka. And remember the Minami Brothers? Yeah, they were great. They’re out for a milquetoast self insert character for the fanbase. And more emphasis on internet addict lolis. And y’know even though everybody except Maki loves him, less Hosaka.’

    I say to asread, no thanks, I’m full. Compared to some of the garbage out there, Minami-ke Okawari is very good. But this one tastes like Kana’s cooking when compared to the homemade Haruka goodness of the original.

    We need a Hosaka-ke. Whoah. Actually thinking about what Hosaka’s family is reminding me of the Todd’s family…and that’s gonna break anybody. ‘I don’t stuff…’ Sure ya don’t, you banana hammock wearing rogue you.

  11. Perhaps his parents have acknowledged that their Makoto is never coming back, heh.

  12. Two things… THREE things:

    1) Isn’t that woman Angol Moa’s mom from the first Keroro movie? That thing on her forehead plus the pectoral drills look like her.

    2) Where did Mako-chan get either the knowledge or the materials for his makeup wearing self? Uchida? And why dress up as that for a parade in knee-highs? To break Jason?

    3) The last pic had me going “that’s a cute Chiaki picture including Ma– OH Freaking Hell!” No way back for Mako-Chan.

  13. That last picture is dangerous….. i caught myself staring a little to long.
    I am the last of a dieing race of sane and un-broken people. With one episode left, unless I become broken by Haruka her-self i think i very well may survive.

    Overall i would give the original a 9 and okawari a 8 -8.5. I think there was improvements to most characters, but without actually using those improvements, namely haruka(melonpan) Hosaka(delusions) it just doesn’t out shine the original….

    Shaft is slowly becoming one of my favorite studio’s. I’ve only seen szs, pani poni, and ef but each show had their merits and at the end i found them enjoyable. Im sure many of you must think I am broken to say such a thing especially on this blog, but i assure you I am pretty much the last hope for humanity once the last episode of minami-ke destroys the morals and the sanity of the rest civilization as we know it. OTL

  14. SHAFT isnt that bad of a studio. Gonzo and DEEN are muuchhh omega worse.

    BTW Jason
    Gurren Laggan is apparently getting a movie.

    Just to spread the word.;) But you gotta wait till September.=P

  15. A larger version of the pic can be found on here.

  16. Thanks TheBigN ^_^
    And we’re getting more Clannad, for those who wanted a non-Nagisa route.

  17. Its after story though. Which means even more Nagisa. o_o

  18. No Hosaka fantasy, but we got The Laugh, and The Plate Spinning With Grunts, which was a reasonable alternative.

    I’m falling for Touma more and more…she seems to be more girly the more she gets confused.

  19. If I understand Clannad correctly, don’t you have to get through all the stories to get a Good (True) End for Nagisa and Tomoya? Thus we may get more than just straight After Story. Of course “Bad End” could lead to a Tomoyo After section.

  20. HQ DFCs + Trap, After Story and Gurren Lagann the movie. This day is amazing!

  21. Hmm, Why do i see Mako-cakes ending up in some no name paper pushing job in the future, but when he goes home becomes a BDSM slave to Kana? Or maybe just cooking and cleaning.

  22. Hosaka’s cooking and floor show is amazing. He had quite the crowd there and they weren’t there questioning his antics like previous encounters. So into his fantasy that he has become the master chef and doesn’t even notice Haruka walking by his so focused on his cooking.

    The potental for another ultra brakeage episode like First Season 13 is limited, but they have one more shot at it.

    The question will be if there will be more. How much more material is there from the manga? Is it selling well? Is the show highly rated? Which studio would get “Thirds”? Which studio deserves “Thirds’?

  23. For the love of god! They’ve started drawing the background characters’ faces!

    Whoever made the decision to go with those creepy black only faces should be taken behind the gym storage shed and shot.

  24. Which studio would get “Thirds”? Which studio deserves “Thirds’?

    If (and only if) there is enough source material for a third season, I would definitely want to see Minami-ke done by J.C.Staff’s “Potemayo” team.

  25. Which studio would get “Thirds”? Which studio deserves “Thirds’?

    I’m probably alone on this, but I would love to see a Shaft version. Do they deserve it? Probably not. Would it work? Probably not. But I’d still love to see it.

  26. >>
    And we’re getting more Clannad, for those who wanted a non-Nagisa route.

    I’m in despair! The inexplicable hatred of Nagisa on this blog has left me in despair!

  27. “I am not a boy.. girl… boy… girl… ah fuck, I don’t know anymore!” said Kirby.

    Wouldn’t that fit Birdo better?

  28. I would NOT mind Shaft’s take on Minami-ke. Hosaka’s Shaft LSD-powered fantasies please!

  29. after seeing that last pic, we all agree… is too late for him/her… and for us…

  30. While I’m happy at the After Story announcement (coupled with the Gurren Movie), I’m still baffled at the extreme dislike folks have for Nagisa Is it so hard to accept something so predetermined (unlike, on TRUE TEARS which STILL has us hanging on who Shin acknowledges)?

  31. Haruhi is amazing

    Haruka? Though Haruhi is amazing and if her magical god powers brought her into the world of Minami-ke she would immediately find and costume rape the must vulnerable character ya know like…Mako-chan. That would effectively break him more wouldn’t it…or would he like it…what would she do when she saw his umm…attachment assuming he has one? One I am seriously thinking about this? O.k I give I’m as broken as Touma

  32. Consider it another way. Tomoya gets Nagisa, That means Tomoyo and Kyou are still free for the rest of us.

    And yes, slightly broken nurse lady needs more air time.

  33. What bugs me more than the Nagisa dislike is the apparant complete misunderstanding of what Clannad is about. The thighmeat stuff with Kyou and Tomoyo makes for an amusing diversion, but ultimately has very little to do with Clannad’s main themes and plot, whereas Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship and their contrasting family lives have everything to do with them. It really feels like people wanted the show to be something it never was about and never was going to be about.

    I also wonder how much bitching would ensue if someone actually *did* animate Kyou’s arc from the game. It’s not the sort of wacky tsundere hijinks that we’ve seen from her in the show (which mostly came from other people’s routes).

  34. Damn, how could Haruka not notice that chunk of hotness that is Hosaka? This is as bad as the girls in Kai’s class in Kimikiss.

    She’s wiped his sweat off in the first season, but none of that here. I’ll be disappointed if Haruka doesn’t at least talk to him for once, forcing him to answer, therefore making him transpire and have delusional fantasies again, all the while she’s waiting for an answer.

    Yes, we get it now, Asread, you like Mako-cakes. Now give Hosaka a moment to shine.

  35. >> “Now give Hosaka a moment to shine.”
    TBH they already did, at the end of episode 9.

    >> “It really feels like people wanted the show to be something it never was about and never was going to be about.”
    And what’s wrong with that? :) To be sure, Nagisa is an improvement over the main leads of such as Air and Clannad. A big improvement. There’s some things however that bring the value of her stocks down. She has a major guilt complex, and it repeatedly threatens to drag her and those around her down. She also lacks the will (and willingness?) to break free of it. Fortunately they cut her guilt tripping short in 22 before I seriously started facepalming. Also, she’s on the dull-witted side. That’s more a personal consideration, but one of my flaws is short tolerance for dull-witted people. As a cherry on top, indecisiveness, though I think she was slowly getting cured of that.

    While she clears most of the hurdles, in my eyes she falls shy of qualifying as main lead material.

  36. You missed my point, which was about the show structure, not character likes/dislikes. Clannad was, fundamentally, not a “which girl do you like the most?” show/game the way something like Shuffle was. The main story was never about which girl Tomoya would pick – it was always about Tomoya and Nagisa’s lives and families as they grow up through and past their high school years. EVERYONE else exists to be “variation on a theme” or window dressing meant to make the game more marketable or both.

    No character is capable of appealing to everyone, and certainly not more than everyone else in their cast. I personally like Kyou more than Nagisa because she’s funnier. But in terms of show direction, whoever you or I or anyone else in the audience likes is immaterial to the plot progression. Clannad’s focus was always going to be about Tomoya and Nagisa because theirs was the core storyline in the game, the longest, most integral, and most emotional. For Kyoto to focus on anything else would mean that they would have failed at getting across meaning of the source material they were adapting; to paraphrase Jason, they wouldn’t have been dancing with the ones that brought them.

    Now, this still doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy a Magical Girl Kyou spinoff in a heartbeat. So long as it stays a spinoff.

  37. Jason: I’m sorry I couldn’t find Mako-chan any suitable thigh-highs for his age… but I suspect he’ll be able to find his own by the time he reaches Haruka’s and Mizuho’s. Those knee-highs were the best my people could do.

    PS: One of them’s still working with the shrink, but at least we’ve avoided the crossdressing issue. Expect the bill in your mailbox shortly.

  38. Most confusing comment flow ever. And I think that says a lot considering the URL. I think I need to get a threaded comments plug-in or something.

    Anyway, the Gurren Lagann movie is sorta old news, but Clannad season 2 is fresh. As is… a third season for Zero no Tsukaima! I know, I know, try to contain your excitement.

    (And if there’s a third season, please, of Minami-broken, it has to be Doumu. Please.)

  39. we still could have used a good 2 less episodes of “Dozo!”, but whichever.

    You know, I had managed to not yet be broken till that last pic Jason. Thanks alot >_>

  40. If I read it correctly, Fuyuki’s scavenger hunt item was “oneesan”. (I had to look up the kanji, I was thinking it was “obaasan” but Kana didn’t seem sufficiently offended for that to be right.)

    The bigger question is, will Clannad AS bump Haruhi Season 2 back to 2012?

  41. Jason: That’s because of the picture. The very last one, which broke everyone who was unbroken, due to the fact that Mako-chan is the most comfortable in those clothes, with the daring open neckline (down to his shoulders)… and the fact his legs are entwined with Chiaki’s, and are the only ones not in stockings or thigh-highs. Plus, he’s the most feminine of the bunch…

    Also, shame on you for not posting a shot of the knee-high socks. He really ought to ask Chiaki where she gets her thigh-highs… but I guess even Asread doesn’t want to completely break their viewers by putting him in them. The idea of Chiaki or Touma lending him their clothes, including something like those socks, would probably permanently twist everyone’s mind…

    Also, Yoshino has apparently mastered the art of Denial.

  42. I feel sorry for Fuyuki. It is like a lot of us I guess. Wants to say something but can never quite get it out to the people we want to say it to. There was definatwly something he wanted to say to Chiaki, and she knew it. I think she may have even knew what he wanted to say and was waiting for him to say it. He’s not broken, nor can he be broken. You have to be a complete person to be broken. He is incomplete and it shows. He’s missing part of his heart and perhaps his soul. I’ll assume it has to do with his mother being gone and perhaps his relationship with his father. Though I am half tempted to say that Chiaki stole his soul and she was waiting for him to try to reclaim it from her.

    And Yoshino may just like toying with Uchida. Or she is just dense with a subconcious evil side that slips out now and then. She is still one of Kana’s (and Chiaki’s) minions.

    By the end of the series, Who is the Final Boss? While at first it was Kana, and then it seemed like it was Chiaki, then Haruka’s boss mode kicked in (and scared everyone). Now is seems to be Chiaki again. Will it end with Kana as Boss?

  43. Actually I’ve been thinking along the lines of “What if ____ did the third season of Minami-Ke?

    While I’d like to see the first season people come back, I couldn’t help but think that a Gainax version would be pretty awesome or the part of JC Staff that did Potemayo would probably be pretty awesome as well. I’d say Kyoto Animation but then we’d probably get an OP song with Mako-chan in a cheerleader outfit or an ED song with Hosaka singing about Dangos or some other food or plot points that revolve around Fujioka finding out which end of a chocolate coronet should be eaten first.

    But could you imagine a Studio Deen version?

  44. Fuyuki is broken in the traditional sense (ie justifiable emo). This whole episode was full of emo. I cut myself when Fuyuki left to make myself feel better, but the stain of wishing I could see some action on the unresolved sexual tension between 10 year olds remains no matter how hard I scrub.

    Makoto… there’s not even a pretense of TRYING to hide the fact that you are not a boy but in fact, the greatest loli/trap in the history of animation. Yoshino, I thought you figured out the secret behind Mako-cake’s Clark Kent-like hair clip last week?

  45. >>but then we’d probably get an OP song with Mako-chan in a cheerleader outfit

    I don’t understand. Why is this a bad thing?

  46. As you requested, I’ve send to your e-mail (GMail) a better version of the picture you shared with us. Enjoy it everyone!

  47. >> As is… a third season for Zero no Tsukaima!

    JC Staff should just make it a hentai spin-off and be done with it.

  48. no, the world’s greatest trap ever animated is this. He even has his own body pillow!

  49. Am I the only one who noticed that Touma and Makoto are wearing the hats of the opposite gender? Mako’s in ‘girls red’ and Touma’s in boy’s white. :)

    Yet STILL nobody catches on! Even wuzzername, the Not-Touma black-haired girl..despite the panic about her knowing Mako-chan…she *doesn’t*! Muahhaa!

  50. Hi Jason,

    >>(No, I don’t have a high resolution version of this. If you do, please send it to me, and I’ll post it.)

    OK. Linked and mirrored.


  51. god, could you even imagine haruhi and kana being in the same room. poor mikuru… the brokeness levels would be off the chart.

  52. i dont know… if given time fuyuki could be a “super amazing” character, ie dan-kun or the next hosaka

  53. But that’s not a loli/trap, that’s just a normal trap!
    I can see Fuyuki as a Dan-kun only because if he could turn Chiaki into a Miyamiya multiple personality case it would add something new, whereas we already have a Hosaka in Minami-ke.

  54. Hineko: I don’t think anyone’s been under the impression that Clannad would end in any other way than it did. Though I had zero familiarity with the franchise prior to airing, I though it obvious how it would end after seeing the first episode. Nagisa carries a big flashing sign saying “main characer – my story will be the central focus.” It doesn’t even pretend there might be alternative “routes” like Kanon did. That however shouldn’t stop anyone discussing about how they would like it to end, no matter how utterly unrealistic it is.

    Well I did write anouther paragraph on the subject but I deleted it. I started feeling silly for arguing how one approaches and enjoys a show. Let it just be said that there are always different approaches, and if people make a list of reasons why they watch something, they won’t overlap 100%.

  55. John… he’s in elementary school. The question that Kana’s probably asking herself now is ‘does he count as a shota or a loli’?

    huh: Kana and Haruhi with Mikuru and Mako-chan would be like mixing matter and antimatter; an explosion that’ll level everything around it. And which would probably be awesome to watch… from a safe distance. Like a few light years away…

  56. Haruka’s flotation devices are fully deployed, I see.

  57. why can’t i get to that link even though im signed in?


  58. Another Jason: It’s an anti-hotlinking script. Just link the page next time, and it’ll show up…


  59. Requirement: Minami-ke fix.

    Statement: More is needed, post haste.

    Demand: Now!

    Footnote: Please?

  60. The Potemayo team would probably do Minami-ke justice. The Mahoraba team on the other hand, might turn it into something like this.

    Which would be fine by me but not everyone else.

  61. Mahoraba-ke?

    Can’t see it. As long as this didn’t get done by the staffs responsible for Shana or Zero no Tsukaima…

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