forever we can make it… delicious

It’s Friday. Can you think of a way to taper off the week than delicious thigh meat? No, didn’t think so.

(WHY CAN’T I FIND A HIGH QUALITY VERSION OF THIS?! Anyway, obligatory link to To Love Ru‘s OP.)

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  1. Needs more Fuko.

  2. ToLoveRU’s got the most addictive OP this season, at least for me. Can’t get the song out of my head… And the gratuitous melonpan doesn’t hurt… Ganbatte DVD edition!

  3. And here I was thinking “yay sunohara finally gets a girl” and then he’s holding okazuki…. ah well.

  4. I’ll be honest, when I first saw the title I was thinking Kanokon.

    mmmm. Delicious Cake…

  5. Sunohara wont get a girl…unless Okazaki gets a sex change and becomes rather broken.

  6. >>Sunohara wont get a girl…unless Okazaki gets a sex change and becomes rather broken.

    Well, there IS that one route in the game…

  7. I don’t think Okazaki gets a sex change so HA! I haven’t figured out how to get that ending though…

  8. This video is made of pure win. Nicovideo HQ enough?

  9. what? DFC –> Melonpan?

  10. Anyone else thing the beginning sounds like the riff from Ballroom Blitz?

  11. Kyou should’ve been the one wearing Saki’s outfit.

    And why isn’t Fuko eating a starfish bread…

  12. WArning. Rosario + Vampire manga’s first volume showed up this week.

    There is much delicious thigh-meat in that one. You must buy it.

  13. awesome, but needs more kotomi.

  14. This could ruin someone for marriage….

  15. I’d bully dat.

  16. *Drool, drool*

    Wow, this video is so awesome… ^^ Nagisa’s become a melonpan…


  17. Jesus that was awesome.

    Not enough Kotomi or Kyou!

  18. >>Nagisa’s become a melonpan…

    Nagisa always did have melonpan.

  19. if only it was kyou and not tomoyo… oh well…

  20. The perfect thing to get me all worked up in anticipation for the Tomoyo “OVA”. And I had a fangirl-in-denial laugh over the last few images. OH GEASS NOOOOOO!

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