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As promised, I said I would blog about playing Clannad (x86 version). Well, if you consider “cursing Windows XP” as “playing.”

8:02pm: Turn on my MacBook, check e-mails, and moderate comments for Derailed. I see almost 70 comments about Code Geass R2 12, and this gives me a headache. Oi. Do I really want to read them now?

8:15pm: Nothing is on FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, E!, Univision, or Discovery. Why is Deadliest Catch still on TV? They set traps for crabs… I’ve seen this already… the first three seasons! Can you believe that there’s 1,200% more footage of Deadliest Catch than Haruhi Suzumiya? Or can you believe that this is the best show on TV right now?

8:20pm: There’s nothing I want to watch… definitely don’t feel like writing another Code Geass post… seems like a great time to try out Clannad.

8:21pm: Started up Fusion and launched my XP virtual machine… except… I don’t have an XP virtual machine. I had removed it because I never used it. OTL. Does Clannad run on Fedora? Damn.

8:23pm: Deciding if I should try Wine with Fedora or install an XP VM. This is like deciding between Ranka and Sheryl, only the exact opposite.

8:31pm: Windows XP install is chugging along. I’m reading Code Geass R2 comments. I’m not sure which task will finish first. I’d bet on Windows XP.

8:40pm: I’m not even halfway through the comments, and there’s already three YTAMR candidates. Fantastic. Decided against writing another Code Geass post… Lulu overload.

9:00pm: Windows XP SP2 is alive! Now the tedious task of getting SP3, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall up and running. Now I remember why I defected to OS X. I give my MacBook a hug.

9:45pm: Okay, I skipped SP3 since I wouldn’t be able to finish tonight if I installed that. Also put on Firefox, CCCP, MPC, and Daemon Tools on my on virtual machine.

9:47pm: Installing Clannad… wheee! Except it needs the Japanese font pack. Doh! I go back to install it…

9:49pm: … and it asks me to reboot. I click “Okay.” Blue screen of death. Hilarious. pwned my VM too, as it keeps freezing during boot, even in safe mode.

10:15pm: Created a new virtual machine but used my original virtual drive. XP booted, but now this VM can’t see any files on my host. Doh!

10:20pm: Ready to just give up and play Assault Heroes 2 on my 360.

10:30pm: Okay, tried to boot my original VM again, and it worked!

10:35pm: Launched Clannad installer with AppLocale, and it’s plowing along like Lulu through 107 dates. Except Lulu wants Suzaku the installer wants DirectX. Bitch. Someone really needs to make a Clannad virtual appliance.

10:37pm: Installing DirectX.

10:45pm: Game installed, DirectX installed, English patch installed, tried to run with AppLocale, and it froze after the first menu.


11:00pm: Changed to Japanese fonts for non-unicode programs. Why do I need to reboot after changing this setting yet don’t need to reboot after installing DirectX?

11:05pm: Nagisa! Probably the only time I’m happy to see her. Game is running fairly smoothly, except I’m done for the night and don’t have time to poke around anymore so I suspended the VM. I’ll clean up the post in the morning. To be continued.


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  1. Wouldn’t have happened it you stuck to one OS :)

  2. Hmm, where did you get a english version? Is there a patch out there?

  3. yeap, there’s a path out tehre, but you need to be careful to not download a troyan…

    I’ll try to play it too.

  4. I’m guessing you’re using the bootlegged SEEN.txt from HongFire?

  5. >> This is like deciding between Ranka and Sheryl, only the exact opposite.

    Ah, like choosing between Fuko and Ayu then!

  6. Ah, like choosing between Fuko and Ayu then!

    Because I would pick Ranka without hesitation, but would actually have to think hard about Ayu vs. Fuko.

  7. Is this the voiced version or the 2004 version? Looks like Wine would have been a better choice if it’s the 2004 one.

  8. Sixten: Because I would pick Ranka without hesitation, but would actually have to think hard about Ayu vs. Fuko.

    If you picked Fuko, won’t she eventually disappear and leave the path to the twins open? Better the twins than the Nagisa or Tomoyo routes, from what I’ve heard happens…

    Jason: I think this is Steve Jobs’ way of telling you to avoid Key games except for Planetarian, and to stick with Type-MOON.

  9. “Changed to Japanese fonts for non-unicode programs. Why do I need to reboot after changing this setting yet don’t need to reboot after installing DirectX?”

    I install the game, and it freezes after the opening screen. May i ask how exactly did you change the fonts?

  10. To the above poster

    Download and install the font sazanami-gothic.ttf and you will have no problems playing Clannad on an English locale, as Clannad needs to be able to locate a font it can use, and if it can’t find one, it will freeze.

  11. Oh man, I can empathize with you Jason! Windows is a BITCH!! It’s serviceable in the most shallow, fundamental manner, and barely at that, and requiring it to run anything more complicated than Word or an Internet browser causes the whole structure to fall apart.

    Example: One time, when I was interning with a computer consultant at a local college, a secretary asked for help regarding some Microsoft Office applications. She said they had been worked perfectly before, but since installing Service Pack 3, they wouldn’t function. After some hours of trial-&-error later, we discovered the solution: Uninstalling her printer.

    Another time, an engineering student needed assistance installing engineering and 3D model simulation programs (including Maya, don’t remember what else) on his computer. The first time I tried installing a certain program, after about half-an-hour, the wizard couldn’t locate the .cad files, even though we (me an another intern) had not touched the installation CD since inserting it into the CD-Drive, so we had to try again. After a reboot, we attempted installation a second time, and 99% complete and 1 1/2 hours later, Windows gleefully initiated its Blue Screen of Death.

    In Spanish.

    For the life of me, I still don’t know what the hell happened, but the Senior computer consultant imparted this advice to me: “Stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. Except when working with Windows, where you take what you can get.”

    Wise words indeed. :)

  12. Ahh, the joys of Windows. Its like a snapshot into my life – with more Clannad…

    Oh, BTW, do us a favor and provide links to the stuff we need… would I be right assuming part of it is this particular purchase?

    (off-topic – skip if you dont care about WoW)

    your reminding me of what my night was like last night…. 10:40 kill some insects for quest 10:50 fall off cliff and die on impact, 11:00 jump off cliff as ghost to get my corpse, 11:15 run from 8 level higher elite dinosaur, 11:20 run from 8 level higher elite dinosaur again, 11:22 I swear the 8 level higher elite dinosaur is following me, 11:25 the 8 level higher elite dinosaur followed me around a tree… just as painfull, but with less Clannad…

  13. I like these posts. Very fun to see what a Jason night looks like. As a previous IT support person, I can completely understand your troubles with xp/windows in general.

    How did you get Clannad? Did you buy the game first or get it off the internet? If you did indeed get it working I’d love to know how you did it.

    Apple Macs ftw!

  14. Hmmm Installed easily for me on 64bit vista. No problem here… except as I was typing that I notice that my modem when down AGAIN(time to go bitchslap comcast with a haddock)

  15. But, why are the miedo gone?

    Patty’s rant needs to be framed for this website.

  16. Cyclops: Un’goro’s easy. Just don’t fall off cliffs and make sure your aggro radius is lowered by using Stelath if you’re a Rogue or a Druid. Otherwise, prepare to pop a bubble if you’re a pally.

    Now, you want pain? Try dying in parts of Outlands – where you’re forced to spirit rez, because you won’t be able to get to your body again because you need to FLY to some spots, and you can’t fly as a ghost.

  17. I’m trying to imagine a situation in which I wouldn’t choose the twins path. Maybe if I hated myself and was blind.

  18. I’m using the /jp/ patch. it supposedly covers After Story except the final few scenes. It only works with the base 2004 x86 version. The 2008 x86 voiced version won’t work with it, so you’ll have to wait for TWH-BT’s patch.

  19. Haesslich: Im a level 47 (48 once I got out) Warrior, who always seems to attract monsters from a bit furthur away then others….

  20. Ah, playing the leak eh? And windows may be a pain in the ass, but people just don’t really make games for the Mac, so thats why I’ve never bothered. Now Its 9:20, I think I’ll play some Seinarukana.

  21. Cyclops: in you case, I suggest slowing down, syicking to the path, and avoiding a train of mobs. Lose them by going to the encampment to break aggro if necessary.

  22. It’s not just Windows’ fault, it’s also Japanese game developers’, for not switching to Unicode like the rest of the world. (Not that MS has done a great job of forcing people over to Unicode either).

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