never gets old

Finally anime in HD in the US… and it’s Code Geass R2 episode 1. Though seeing bunny girl Kallen in HD never gets old. Almost makes up for lack of HD Gurren Lagann. Oh, is it too soon to be dreaming about the winter season? (Note: I didn’t circle them. I ended up using the wrong image, oh well.)

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  1. Winter season looks nice!
    can’t wait for umineko!

  2. “Oh, is it too soon to be dreaming about the winter season?”

    Well, if it involves Tomoyo a la Kanon, I’d say…

    YES WE CAN! (be dreaming of the winter season), even now!

  3. So… I understand why you highlighted some of those shows from the winter season… but you left out Maria+Holic? For shame, miss PIG.

  4. Are you really looking foward to Horo? You had didn’t have glowing reviews of the first season. It doesn’t look like it got a budget upgrade either.

    I’m looking forward to Minami-ke but why Asread again? Okawari was nice, but nowhere near as well-executed as the Doumu fare.

    What’s that gothic looking anime you circled in the top left?

    I never got into Maria-sama. Is it worth going back?

    I knew it was too soon for Hayate to end, so that’s pretty awesome.

    What the heck. What can they do with a second season of FMA? That series ended pretty well as it was, especially with the movie.

    Looking forward to Birdy, just because I think she’s cute. The show itself was… meh.

    Hajime no Ippo is going to continue FOREVER and EVER and EVER.

    I could never get into Natsume Yuujinchou, so don’t care about that…

  5. asread is doing minami-ke again? damn. i still love the series reguardless. and cheers for the return of meido maria and neko-mimi hayate :3

  6. ZOMG Hetalia! I certainly can’t wait! At long last, delicious Italy and tsundere England for everyone. Well, utterly broken Poland might be more suited to the current audience for this blog. And TTGL fans- America has the same voice actor as Kamina! Yes, we can!
    (They got Kugimiya to play Liechtenstein somehow. I think this might be her first non-shota, non-tsundere-loli role in quite a while.)

  7. I expect some epic blog posts this winter.

  8. Is it just me, or is the link to the winter season overview not working?
    Can’t wait to see what will derail me this winter!

  9. Jason, were you the one who did the circling? Cuz as ruffles pointed out, you didnt circle the “lesbian” reverse trap anime, which is out of character for you.

  10. Hajimme no ippo~~!!

  11. I really don’t know what to expect from Akikan; Brain’s Base doing a harem show at this point feels weird.

  12. >>>Oh, is it too soon to be dreaming about the winter season?

    Hey! I’m still waiting for my fall thin slicing post! Is it coming soon or is it coming with Nukem Forever and Jesus?

  13. FMA SEASON TWO? APH? *swoons and faints*

    I’m waiting to see how they handle the second season of FMA, after the movie was a continuation of the last episode. At the end of the movie, Al and Ed end up in the normal world. So how in hell are they going to call it “Fullmetal Alchemist”, if alchemy doesn’t exist in the normal world, but in the parallel universe?!

    APH. Personified countries that take possession of eachother (P.S.: Poland is Germany’s bitch)
    FMA SEASON TWO? APH? *swoons and faints*


  15. Hetalia actually makes learning history a lot easier. I’d recommend the comics just for the educational value. Northern Italy’s moe-moe-ness is just an incidental bonus for me. ^_^ (Hey, the comic is pretty much built on crossing the line twice.)
    Given my national origin, the “America Cleans Out the Storage Room” chapter from the Hetalia manga made me cry. “You used to be…so big…” ENGLAAAAAAAND…T_T

  16. The great thing about Hetalia is that it teaches history in a genuinely entertaining fashion. I’d recommend it merely for the educational value- moe-moe Northern Italy is just a very nice incidental bonus.
    Given my national origin, “America Cleans Out the Storage Room” in the manga made me cry. Several times. Englaaaaaaand…T_T

  17. That winter lineup looks fantastic in comparison to the rather dreary fall season. I can barely wait.

  18. Eh? Oh.

    Can’t seem to dig up the enthusiam for the Winter season. I should, but I can’t.

    Maybe it’s due to the fact that, after putting it off for months due to work, I finally got around to finishing ARIA the Origination… Darned excellent yet poignant finish to a franchise, but it’s probably going to make feel empty for a while.

    Goodbye work output for today.

  19. Are~? Are~?! I thought my comment wasn’t submitted, cursed and sulked for a bit (it’s happened plenty of times before when I tried to comment on this blog), and retyped it as best I could from memory, but now BOTH have been submitted somehow~ That, in addition to the other odd comment problems previous posters had…I think WordPress is eating the comment system, Jason…
    (I wish there was a “delete comment” or “edit comment” or SOMETHING. It would make things so much easier. T_T)

  20. >>Maybe it’s due to the fact that, after putting it off for months due to work, I finally got around to finishing ARIA the Origination… Darned excellent yet poignant finish to a franchise, but it’s probably going to make feel empty for a while.

    I finished it months ago and I still feel empty. *sigh* I want another gorgeous flawless utopia show…

  21. I have no idea why Horo2, FMA2, and Hayate2 are shown in that picture of yours. I’m presuming the circles are also not made by you from the comment but then I could be wrong.

    To my knowledge FMA2 was last said to be slated for April which would fall in the Spring09 season, and I haven’t heard anything about S&W2/Hayate2 but I sure know I haven’t heard them for this next season. Seems like a much more reasonable chart for the next season.

  22. Quick note, I noticed that what I was mistaking as FMA2, and I believe lol_mat did the same, it’s actually Zoku Natsume Yuujin-Chou.

    PS. Man I wish there was an edit button.

  23. @Bluestreak2: NO! Not the one with the Al look-alike! The one that is one down and one right of Hayate no Gotoku! That’s clearly Ed, but idk who that other guy is with the book O_o…

  24. Oh all the lovely sequels to look forward to!

  25. wow, looking at pictures at 3 in the morning when dead tired is not a good plan. I totally never saw the pic of Edward, only of the Al lookalike. OH well still stands that I can’t find any news report saying that FMA2 is starting before April.

  26. I believe that FMA2 is going to de-canonize the second half of FMA and go down the manga storyline. The vastly superior, actually makes sense manga storyline.

    So are you not going to climb the Tower of Druaga again? At the end there should be a Toadstool saying “Sorry Jil, but the Blue Crystal Rod is in another castle!”

  27. I’d love to see them do that for FMA2, but how are they going to handle that?


  28. Winter season??? Butbutbut there hasn’t even been a fall season yet…

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