the craziness of casshern sins

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The most sane one. Not even close. Period.

(Casshern Sins is like Kaiba, only with more action, less LSD, more relevant subplots, and less exploding sex scenes.)



I thought when Lizabel loosened up her hair, she would jump Casshern much like the Borg Queen with Data or R3S6 with General Grievous… but I was wrong. Oh well, that would have ranked up there in terms of “WTF” moments this week along with Michiko getting the tramp get gunned down. Anyway, any girl who is so focused on building an useless bell and then almost getting crushed by the bell is definitely crazy. It’s saying something when her most sane moment was at the end of her episode when she’s ringing the imaginary bell.

(You can probably guess by now that this post is dedicated to the crazy chix0rs of Casshern Sins, who aren’t as epic as Higurashi‘s cast… but what is?)



Guns and swords don’t work on Casshern. His EVA01-inspired berserk mode kicks in… it’s patently crazy trying to attack him directly, which Lyuze does to poor effect. She should have tried:

A. Baking him an apple pie. A poisonous apple pie.
B. Sharks with lasers!
C. Praying to Oyashiro-sama.
D. Not suspended his campaign to “save” the bailout package, focus on the economy and job creation instead of making deceptive ads about Ayers, and replace the Caribou Barbie on the ballot with Jessica Alba.

(So I saw the new trailer for Star Trek, and it’s awesome. I never been so pumped about a movie featuring a convertible going over the Grand Canyon since Thelma and Louise.)


I’ll ruin you too…

I liked Sophita, the crazy one with the ridiculously large sword. There’s just something about oversized sharp objects that really bring out the craziness. Though I’m still partial towards boxcutters and butcher’s knives. Anyway, did anyone else think that when she penetrated Casshern with that large sword, it was just full of sexual innuendo? I mean, when Shion/Mion penetrated K1, it just had a completely different feeling. This was almost a sensual act.

(And that must be why Casshern keeps doing the, “KILL ME!” routine. He’s as into S&M as Keroro is into Gunpla models.)


The sun known as Luna…

The whole mystery of Casshern Sins is what is Casshern’s role and why did Luna accept her death to give Casshern this role. Of course, this makes a lot more sense than Luna staying alive and preventing the ruin. No, part of her master plan is to die and then make millions suffer and then push the responsibility onto the robotic version of Heero Yui. That makes perfect sense. *sigh* Though I have to admit, I’m secretly giddy at the prospect that Casshern is invincible because he’s powered by two solar furnaces and that Casshern Sins was really the original idea for Gundam 00 S2 before the A-LAWS idea.

(I can hope, can’t I? Hope is a good thing…)

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  1. Why are you wasting time with this post? Kami no Mizu Shiru Sekai just got 10 chapters release! Epic Awesomeness!

  2. @ Kresnik: Because he doesn’t share your tastes? :P

    Besides, I’ve already tried to alert him to two (now three) Clannad ~after story~ episodes… ONE OF WHICH CONTAINS AN EPIC TR-MMMMPH. (MUST… KEEP… MOUTH… SHUT!)

  3. Oh I’m fairly sure Jason is already well aware of that trap, given that was the first route he took for the Clannad visual novel.

  4. I like Casshern Sins for some reason. It’s ridiculously depressing and it’s slow, but somehow I can’t stop watching. I wonder how all these fembots are escaping the ruin, btw. Is it their need to grope Casshern?

  5. > did anyone else think that when she penetrated Casshern with that large sword, it was just full of sexual innuendo?

    It’s not just that scene—the whole episode is like that. Try substituting every instance of Sophita saying “fight” with her saying “fuck.” :)

  6. > “did anyone else think that when she penetrated Casshern with that large sword, it was just full of sexual innuendo?”

    I thought their whole encounter, from start to finish, was filled with innuendo.

    In regards to Cassherns death wish, I am waiting for him to blurt out “people die when they are killed” next, he nearly got it already:

  7. Is this H.264 blurriness or is it supposed to look that way?

  8. Hey Jason, I like that finally had the time to watch Casshern Sins. I just like on how the girls are drawn, espeicaly Shophita. It funny everybody said how crazy the bell girl is. Still there are times that I think when you look into her eyes, you think that no one home :D

  9. Speaking of she rang that bell pretty haaado.

  10. I just started watching this series yesterday, expecting it to be like the badly-dubbed OVA I saw on Sci-Fi something like 10 years ago.

    Not quite. It’s a little…darker. And with less robot swans. So far. But I’m only three episodes in.

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