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Mo ichido~~

Is there anything more enjoyable in anime than seeing a tsundere stripped of her defenses and break down? It’s a thing of joy that never gets old. It’s like watching LeBron go coast-to-coast untouched. It’s like watching Peterson rumble 50 yards for a TD. (Even better if you have him on your fantasy team.) It’s like watching Lester carry a shutout into the eighth inning. And, of course, the more epic the tsundere, the more epic the sweetness that flows out.

I have to admit, despite the rushed ending, I really enjoyed Toradora. Yes, I would have loved to see it end without the episode seem like it was plowing through a checklist of plot points, but I enjoyed the tension of Ryuji’s and Taiga’s first night together. Taiga is Rie Kugimiya’s greatest wrathful loli-like substance ever– surpassing Shana, Louise, and Nagi. (Though the fact she wasn’t cast as Index in Toaru Majutsu no Index was shocking… but Taiga still trumps Index nonetheless.)

The MMS ending was, uh, interesting, but I like anime that incorporate cell phones. I have no clue why. After watching Clannad, I thought the visual novel was originally released in 1994 not 2004. They could have fooled me since cell phones were as scarce as yummy Nagisa moments. Another thing I enjoyed about Toradora‘s MMS ending is that every character whipped out a clamshell phone! Seriously? Clamshell? Now that’s suitable for 2004. When I was out at dinner a few nights ago with friends, I remarked about how everyone had a smart phone like a Blackberry, G1, or iPhone. No one sported a clamshell, and no one would be caught dead with a RAZR anymore. Just chuckled. See, this is why anime can’t go mainstream in the US– we can’t get over small stuff like clamshell vs. candybar phones.

(Has there been an anime featuring an iPhone or Blackberry? I’d love to see one show up randomly in Full Metal Alchemist just to see the vitriol spew from certain people…)

I wanted Ami-chan to get trapped in there with Ryuji, just for olde thyme’s sake. I still feel like she got shafted screentime-wise (like Kyou), but I can’t complain for what we did get. The thing is that most of these shows… we know who the end girl will be. It kinda takes the juice out of the series. When Clannad started, we saw Ushio running in the sunflower field, so 46 episodes ago, we knew we were going Nagisa. With Toradora, the name of the series is Toradora!!! I just laughed reading the treads on animesuki arguing about who people thought Takasu would end up with… gee… the name of the series is Tora for “Tiger” and Dora for “Dragon.” Mmm… I know! Ami-chan! Right?

(Though I almost hope it goes the other way like with Gundam 00 where Marina is the first girl shown, but she does absolutely nothing. And, in fact, Feldt is moving on her territory. It would be exciting if either did anything… sigh. Gosh, it’s almost like Yuyuko Takemiya thought out Toradora properly beforehand whereas Sunrise didn’t for 00… nah. Can’t be. Awesome, I got my Sunrise bashing for the post done early. And, yes, 500 words in is considered early for me.)

One of my pet peeves of harem anime is that they don’t really go into what happens to the rest of the haremettes after it finishes. Too few anime do a good job at it– though– gasp– Kimikiss kinda tried with the OVA. I’m not asking for a full blown OVA about the haremettes, but at least I keep hoping for a Shuffle scenario where we see Minori push Ami-chan down. Though I like how we learn about what happens to Kitamura, but not Minori or Ami-chan… fantastic. Almost as fantastic as Kyoto copping out and just giving us Tomoyo staring in to the ocean scene at the end of After Story.

(Though Druaga does a half-decent job at this. I just wished it did a half-decent attempt at a Coopa ending.)

(I mentioned like three weeks ago I would do a fun Clannad post, and I haven’t yet. It’s been in my draft pile for a while, and I still can’t muster any motivation to finish writing it. I’m in too much of a serious mode– I hope the final episode of Gundam 00 S2 will snap me out of it.)

Come to think of it, I think I would like some sort of OVA about the remaining haremettes afterwards. Or least an alternate tale a la Clannad Another World. I think that’s a good way to taper off a series.

The light novels went into actual detail about Taiga and her parents, but there she was allowed to go back to Takasu’s school again. Though seeing her in a seifuku that accents her DFC isn’t bad. Oh wait, am I thinking out loud again?

It’s hard to take Yasuko seriously when she’s looking better than any of the Toradora heroines. Though this does complete my theory that Takasu wasn’t interested in Ami-chan at all because she’s too much like his mom. He wanted someone with the completely opposite body type. Congratulations!

Though I’m not thrilled with the “Wha?” why is she suddenly back at her parent’s house so quickly. It was like Kenshin headed back to Kyoto four episodes after the Kyoto Arc finished. Bad, bad times.

When I saw Takasu found a random Taiga sock, I laughed at the final reference to Takasu’s epic housewife abilities. Though another part of me wondered if it’s June 29th.

(My readers who have gone through Tomoyo After are nodding right now.)

I want to know what happens to Yuri-sensei. Did she get her real estate license? Is she in a Christmas cake support group with Kuroi-sensei? We need to know these things. Though from what I understand, she’s a lot less psychopathic in the anime than the light novels when it comes to her status.

I gotta say, JC Staff’s animation quality is getting better. The bridge scene pushed them up to around Kyoto’s B-level (Munto!) and above Sunrise’s A-level. Toradora was still a bit inconsistent when it came to how the characters looked early on, but by the end, it got a lot better. And the backgrounds were done better too, but Kyoto still rules the roost when it comes to backgrounds.

The Toradora SOS DVD extra was more confusing than funny. It was almost a shot at Lucky Star despite the naming of the extra. JC Staff should have just gone with the tried and true formula of sticking some wrathful DFC loli on top of the main hero’s head chomping away at wheat-created substance while spewing classic one-liners.

Wait, I said “head” not “belly”.. you’re doing it all wrong!


Much better.


The ED, Orange, would have been much better suited for Code Geass R2— imagine Orange as the ED with Lulu baking a cake while waiting for Suzaku. That just cannot be topped. Then I’d use Mahou Tsukai Desu Kedo for Toradora with the three heroines dressed up like witches while baking a cake. That could work. Then Druaga would get Waga Routashi Aku no Hana, which actually kinda fits the fucked up nature of the tower. All in all, it’s a good three team trade. Let’s make it happen.

Also give props to Horie Yui, since this was her best role in a while. She actually uses a different voice for Minori, though she slips back to her silky default voice every once in a while. In the last 10 years, has any seiyuu sung more OP/ED than Horie Yui? It’s an incredible list. I still remember the Love Hina Live concert where she stole Sakura Saku out from Megumi Hayashibara– Megumi Hayashibara! It’s like watching Wade dunking over Duncan.

As for Minori, she was fantastic. I liked how she stood up and slapped some sense in Taiga at the end. Definitely liked how she admitted to Takasu that she liked him, yet gave him up for Taiga– if you told me during episode 6 that Minori would be the most sensible and farseeing character, I would have looked at you the same way as if someone explaining Kamen no Maid Guy to me in 2004. “Wait, dude in a meido outfit? Hun? Meido are supposed to be moe! Who’d watch that flaming pile of garbage?” Greatly liked how Minori reminded me of an even more cheerful Natsumi Hinata… I’d imagine that this would be Natsumi’s manifest destiny if Keroro never showed up. Highly liked her occasional emo facial distortions. Come on JC Staff, would it have killed ya to imply more to the Minori and Ami-chan relationship? Toss us a bone.

(I am joking. Please don’t kill me Kogarashi.)

One thing I enjoyed about Ami-chan was that she constantly referred to herself as “Ami-chan.” Fantastic. Minori calls her “Amin,” and Taiga calls her “Baka Chi.” Three nicknames… my gosh, there’s more meme dysfunction in Toradora than blog好き. Definitely enjoyed how she hid between two vending machines. Greatly enjoyed how she softened a lot towards Takasu after he said something that made her beat up her stalker. Highly enjoyed how she antagonized Taiga, since no one else would, but Ami-chan always seemed to get the short end of the stick when dealing with Taiga. Come on JC Staff, would it have killed ya to put in more Ami-chan tries to seduce Takasu scenes?

Guy who has a bromance with the hero… flying towards the hero nakkid… while the hero ignores the two top tier haremettes near him… if you don’t know where I’m going with this item, shame on you. Shame. On. You.

One thing about an iPhone– it won’t focus on a tiny star in the sky. Hell, my DSLR can’t even get a good shot at a star in the sky, and I have it mounted on a tripod. Anyway, Taiga should have at least gone to dinner with Takasu. Not showing up was almost like a final moment of tsundere-ness.



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  1. I wanted the Minori~n ending so badly…

    Oh well, there’s always fanfiction and doujin…

  2. Well it is Yuki…and she has a potential micro-Desu…plus that lead into Yuki singing randomly…I’ll let it pass.

    Oh Toradora…yeah that’ll do.

  3. I dream of an Ami-chan spinoff.

  4. Knew the DVD extra would bring you around. For an anime which jumped into filler eps as of the third episode, it turned out better than I feared at the start. But without the fillers and gratuitous abuse, I wonder if it would have felt less rushed towards the end; there were at least two fillers, by my count.

  5. I’m just pumped that the sparky, teleporter side romp is a go for index. we need more of kozue’s va in anime any how. just be nice if it was in an actual ending for mahobora….

  6. The only show where I’ve seen an iPod, so far, is Zettai Karen Children.

  7. ah im scurred of ma imaginations (an ami*takasu relationship….well u guys know what im getting at) 8=D

  8. Ah. Best romance show in years.

  9. Toradora!, in the end, is a nice show. Not much to say besides some meandering thoughts. I’m looking forward to your wrap up of Gundam 00, and are you really watching Tower of Drauga, that piece of shit? Even Omni at Random Curiosity thought it was stupid, and he likes nearly everything!

  10. In Japan, some of the best cellphones are the clamshell ones. When I went into a Docomo/AU shop back then, the cameras had 6MP digicams, streaming videos, etc, but still in that kind of design.

  11. ToraDora was one of the best romance series I’ve seen in quite a few years (I think the only one that still lingers in my mind are Love Hina, and this o.o)

    I still want that Ami spinoff and OVAs.

    Maybe even a season 2 featuring the side stories or an alternate dimension (Higu style?) or maybe heck, continuing the manga and the anime alongside each other (which is pretty unlikely..)

  12. I couldn’t stop smiling during that final episode. Very well done.

  13. It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’m glad you came back to join us.

    First of all, Toradora! (It took me a while to notice the meaning of the name series) was the only series I followed eagerly alongside Gundam 00 from last fall (everything else was crap). I’m a sucker for the main heroine each time she was portrayed in the first episode, and Taiga’s entrance was no exception; I couldn’t picture Ryuuji and Taiga going out with Midori or Kitamura, even Ami never had a chance against the greatest wrathful loli ever made by Rie Kugimiya. Sometimes I think J.C. Staff makes the mistake of take for granted Rie’s talent and used her as a stereotype, surely the fans would appreciate it, but sometimes the formula doesn’t work (Zero no Tsukaima as an example). I still remember her first role as Rizel seven years ago; then I almost felt from my chair when she was Alphonse in FMA. Regardless of their reasons, J. C. Stuff knows how to create great duets (Shana & Saito, Taiga & Ryuuji), even Hocchan recovered part of her magic from many years ago (I agree, it’s difficult to think of someone else that could have sung that many songs, maybe Nana Mizaki).

    In the end, Toradora wasn’t what I expected, but (the eternal BUT) enclosed everything I like in this kind of genre.

    Until the next J.C. Staff project… Hatsukoi Limited.

  14. Damn good drama, although I felt the ending felt a bit rushed as well. I thought overall it was a pretty good adaptation, I was secretly hoping for a Minorin-ending as well, but a DFC loli is fine too.

    And the reason why we’ll never see a blackberry or an iphone? Simple. The japanese laugh at them and their supposed capabilities. That’s apparently how inferior they are to most handphones in Japan. Then again, it IS the country where their toilet seats come with more buttons than a stealth bomber.

  15. indeed the average Japanese phone is years ahead with technology and features. Also their cellular net work uses radio packets, not microwave antennas like ours. our phones don’t work on each others networks is what I’m saying basically. If only we all would switch to superior maid guy wireless, then our cell phones would be compatible.

  16. >> Also their cellular net work uses radio packets, not microwave antennas like ours

    Hilarious! Best laugh I got in a while. It’s so wrong, I don’t even know where to start correcting… but staring at GSM’s wikipedia page is a good place to start.

    Actually, iPhones are doing fine in Japan.

  17. The Shyamalan guy from Birdy the Mighty Decode uses an iPhone.

  18. curse your internet research ocd. i was a google tool bar away from double checking the article i read months ago, but alas too lazy to use it. btw just got back from seeing watchmen, do you blog non-anime movies? You should make an exception I’m thinking…

  19. The ending did seem rushed, but by no means disappointing. Definately my favorite of the Rie Kugimiya wrathful loli shows.

    If nothing else Watchmen would fit in with the botched ending theme…

  20. Amen to that. I think soft core super hero porn, and glowing blue dongs, kinda beg for Jasons insightful commentary.

  21. “Though the fact she wasn’t cast as Index in Toaru Majutsu no Index was shocking… but Taiga still trumps Index nonetheless.)”

    You’re joking right? Index is at the very epitome of Moe. I liked Taiga ok, but to compare the two is fairly ridiculous.

  22. I am in the midst of re-watching this entire series for the second time, and i’ve got to admit besides Nana, this is one of my all time favourite anime.

    This anime, while pleasing to watch, has surprisingly many small details that i’ve come to realise only when rewatching it again. And the small details actually form a better comprehension of the entire story.

    I encourage people who really love this anime to re-watch it again if you have the time. You may be in for a surprise.


  23. You’re finally back.

    Horie Yui have a done a great job to make this series memorable as Minorin’s VA. Memorable part is where Minorin joined the marathon and try to outlast Ryuuji but they were tackled to the ground and Minorin use her chain-baseball throw on them so Ryuuji can win the race.

    Horie Yui have lot of OP theme for the past 10 years but Nana Mizuki and Maaya Sakamoto are catching up.

    2008 Best

    Horie Yui – Silky Heart
    Nana Mizuki – Dance in the Velvet Moon
    Maaya Sakomoto – Triangular

  24. This is one of the rare dramas that made me cry. I’m sad because it’s finally over. I can’t acquire copies of the light novels or the manga since they’re not sold here in the south side of my county, or if they are (like in the internet), I can’t afford them. Anyway, I’m really hoping for a Season 2 since I heard that the manga is still continuing.

    I first saw episodes 5-8 at our local TV station and I got hooked right away. I can’t believe I cried right away during the episodes 7-8. I was touched on how Ryuuji cared for Taiga. During the episodes 23-25, I got a bit (just a bit) disappointed on how Taiga and Ryuuji’s confession of love to each other was so much rushed. I wanted more time for it.

    Nevertheless, after I finished all the episodes, I cried myself to sleep til’ the end of dawn (I slept at 4am finishing it). Taiga and Ryuuji’s love story was the best. I’m gonna miss this anime very much. Maybe I wanted the story to be mine or I wanna be part of it. This anime has been a part of my life already and I would definitely remember it always even as I grow older and finally find the love of my life (hopefully someone like Ryuuji-although a fictional character is far from reality. It’s not bad to hope, I guess). :)

  25. loved the show, pity it had end, really like the toradora
    gals esp dressed in Christmas costumes

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