don’t say “geass”

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  1. My eyes … they bleed.

  2. don’t lie, you know you like em!

  3. Should I be HAPPY that I don’t recognize the people who are cosplaying as the K-ON girls?

  4. Is it bad that I’m not disturbed by this at all anymore?



  7. …Also, shouldn’t Rolo be Azu-nyan? OHGOD–

  8. Oh . . . frak . . . Dude, why?

  9. That’s just unfortunate.

  10. Not this again. -_- *holds up a mirror to reflect the image back*

  11. I remember a more innocent time when I would have been surprised and laughed till tears welled up in my eyes. Perhaps be a little distrubed even.

    Not anymore.

    I can never go back to those carefree days.

  12. my my, how utterly disturbing.

  13. I don’t see it. Can someone tell me who is who?

  14. Why Lelouch in Mio’s outfit it please and disgust me at the same time.

  15. My recognition protocols failed to recognize the one on the far left. I do recognize Suzaku, Lulu, and Rolo though… but why is Lulu in MIO’s outfit?

    I take it this is your way of ruining K-On for everyone… ;)

  16. It’s quite simple Grief. from left to right, Gino is Ritsu (for no apparent reason), Suzaku is Yui (albeit without a big pink sword…), Lulu is Mio (again, no apparent reason), and Rolo is Mugi (because they’re both flaming homos).

  17. Which one of them ISN’T a flaming homo?

  18. Somewhere in central Denmark, 5 kittens just spontaneously combusted because of this picture.

  19. HikkiZ: My eyes … they bleed.

    And then you saw the image itself! Can we rename this post “don’t say “green””?

  20. Is that Gino on the left, or Prince Schneizel? (sp?)

  21. Enh, needs more Orangeu-nyan.

  22. ruffles: I think they were trying to match up hair colors as best they could.

  23. イエス ヨア ハイネス

  24. I think Gino’s the only one there who likes the girls.. which meant he became a girl, of course. :P Ach, ze goggles, zey do nothing!

  25. lulu/mio… so cuuuuuute <3

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