k-on!! 21

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Hairstyles of my wonderful waifu, K-On!! edition.









(I know it’s Ui, but they’re close enough.)


The Ritsu!


Wild chipmunk sex hair!

(We’re only missing the elusive sidetail. Damn.)

(And, yes, I think a solid eight minutes this episode is spent on hair with Yui mugging for the camera worse than Conan O’Brian. Gotta love any anime that features an all female cast that spends an episode on hair… but has a mostly male audience. Would the opposite anime extreme be a giant mecha anime featuring boys doing boyish things like cut hair on deserted islands that gains a mostly female audience? Maybe Sunrise should look into that.)

(K-On! PSP trailer via reader Ties. Meido outfits? SIDETAILS?! Project DIVA meets Afterschool Tea Time has potential. At least more than This Is Vegas.)


“If you keep this up, no more snacks for you!”

OH MUGI NO! Mugi throws down the gauntlet. Surprisingly fun to see. Scold me more, Mugi-mistress!


No fair! I want to hug Azu-nyan too! I feel like there should be an app for this…


Kinda sad looking and devoid of joy. Heck, even Lindsay Lohan’s prison photos looked more lifelike. Reminds me of a really old ああっ女神さまっ chapter where Skuld tries to take pictures of Belldandy but they never come out as well as when K1 takes them. Urd then explains to her that Belldandy has a smile reserved only for K1, and that’s why she can’t take them as well as he can. I’m just thinking of what kind of smile Ui has for Yui.


I like how it’s a “Pony”… I’m convinced Kyoto’s ponytail fetish runs deeper and darker than the Illuminati. Come on. It just so happens that they animate the Full Metal Panic story concerning a ponytail fetishist? And they animate a light novel that features a ponytail-related kiss at its climax? And they put various K-On! characters in ponytails even though they don’t really have to?

(No, I do not secretly own Kyoto Animation. Though that would be an interesting twist if that were true… it would definitely be like finding out that wrestling is rigged or that your dad was the one pretending to be Santa Claus.)

(Come on, seriously, if I owned Kyoto Animation, do you think I would deprive us of the Mio fanservice scene?)


Sudden flashbacks to Kuroha’s arc in Eden of the East. Except… there’s no men in the K-On! universe. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see Yui’s and Ui’s parents? They finally showed up in the manga in like the third to last chapter. I just hope if they get animated, they’ll be voiced by the Lucky Channel duo. That would be fantastic.


Greatest yearbook picture ever. Stay shy, Mio, don’t change a thing.


I guess that the way the characters are already drawn, making them super-deformed… doesn’t do much. Kyoto should have gone with the Bible Black faces instead.


If only Yui would put as much effort into her studies or into zombie defense as she puts into creating the optimal yearbook photo. Honestly, who the fuck cares about yearbook photos at this point? It’s all about the sexting and cam whore videos.

(See, if Yui had an iPhone 4, she could have taken many sample photos of herself. Or she could have FaceTimed with Mugi. If she had a tripod and a camera with a delayed shutter, she could have done the same thing as well, but not as fun as FaceTiming with Mugi.)

(If you want to hear something disturbing, I recommend the “Contact” episode of Radiolab. Once you realize why this episode is tagged “NOTE: This episode contains EXPLICIT language about sex” you’ll be wanting to light yourself on fire. That episode was recorded in 2007, before retina displays and FaceTime. Hell, before the app store. But I highly recommend the “Tell Me a Story” episode. Good stuff. Nothing disturbing there, unless you think Obama is a Muslim and Sarah Palin is Jesus.)


See how happy Mugilicious was when she found out that the three other founding members of Afterschool Tea Time were going to join her, Mariya, and Matsurika at this special private all-women college? She was so happy, she could have kissed a man. Okay, maybe not that happy. But I did enjoy her little Mugi dance afterward. I just hope K-On! The College Years would be more like Genshiken and less like Saved by the Bell The College Years.


I think Yui looks best without the hair clip like this. Though I’m convinced that hair clip is actually one of those brain slug monsters from Futurama.

(Quickie iPhone 4 apps for anime fanboys… you can check out the iPad review for greater detail on some of these apps. Air Video? As awesome on the iPhone as on the iPad. While the screen is smaller, the retina display makes watching certain anime quite enjoyable. I love the display. Fuck the retina display iPad… I want a gigantic 32,000 by 18,000 pixel 52″ TV. We need to put the same national resources into this project that we did into the Apollo program and Manhattan Project combined. It’s that important. ComicGlass? Acceptable substitute for the iPad-only CloudReader. CloudReader is vastly superior with better organization features and a better control scheme, but ComicGlass is a competent replacement for reading K-On! on the go.)

21 Responses to “k-on!! 21”

  1. There should be an app for chopping Yui bangs too (and maybe seeing how she reacts).
    K-On-haters (people I couldn’t come to undestand in a zillion years) would appreciate too.

    With so much i-things text-time maybe you own Apple ! ;-)

  2. Whaaa??!!??!! No pink punk Sawa-chan. No Mio ponytail. No WASH!! no interest.

  3. I never noticed Yui had such a gigantic forehead until this episode came along. Makes you wonder what’s inside.

    And I sincerely hope they aren’t applying to a special private all-women college. That’d more or less embody K-On! The College Years, whereas I actually want to see something closer to Minami-ke The College Years, with Hosaka starting a band to impress Mio, Mugi is amazing and Yui costume raping some hapless boy.

  4. quote:”(Come on, seriously, if I owned Kyoto Animation, do you think I would deprive us of the Mio fanservice scene?)”

    well, i could imagine you let KyoAni make those fanservice scene, but only for you.
    Then, while you hear the fanboys cry for K-ON season 3 or at least some fanservice scene bonus in the blu-rays, you put on the “just-as-planned”-face and watch those fanservice scene on you iPad.

    sry for a possible bad English.

  5. Why does Yui even own a shirt that says “DOORKNOB”, much less wear it?

  6. Jason is the true leader of Kyoani, trying to fool us by not putting Mio ponytail in this episode is all part of his Xanatos Gambit.Just wait until K-on The College Years will feature genderbended versions of the girls, and TK.

  7. rockman: whoa! a Gargoyles reference! that show was great. it was one Patrick Stewart away from being a TNG reunion.

  8. @Kaze:I did watch Gargoyles but the original idea of calling this kind of things Xanatos Gambit comes from TvTropes.

  9. If Jason were secretly the head of an anime studio, I would have pegged it as Sunrise.

  10. Actually, “Pony,” while an obvious pun on Sony, is most likely a reference to the record company Pony Canyon which has sponsored the show since the beginning.

    …oh wait, I’m trying to intrude with logic and reasoning again. My apologies.

  11. Why does Ui need to look like Yui just to hug Azu-nyan? She’s so reserved and polite that she needs to disguise herself as her dopey sister in order to act goofy. Although, an episode of Ui disguised as Yui and causing mischief would be pretty funny.

    Related to above, I listen to a podcast that likes to play Marry, Boff, Kill. Using K-On characters, I would boff Mio (would no longer need to live if I saw that shy face first thing in the morning), marry Mugi (

  12. Damn iPhone submitted comment too early…

    (rich and would always be discovering something new about her), and kill Yui. Why Yui? Because if Mugi really does only swing the other way, Ui is a good backup. But killing Yui may cause her Ui to dress and act like her now dead sister in order to keep her “alive”.

  13. Maaaan….Need more Azunyan-san.

  14. By the way, there’s only 3 episodes of K-On!!’s main storyline left(episode 24 is the ‘finale’), with episode 25 and 26 being special episodes.


  15. http://img571.imageshack.us/im.....665387.jpg
    I’d believe that for now as the parents xD if at all animated. not that I read the manga.

  16. “Hair over one eye” Yui from the “Listen” ED is the best.

  17. Hm. Nearly two weeks, and nothing heard from Jason. Why do I suspect we’re going to see another blog name change before November, as he cycles through disinterest back to new direction/interest?

  18. Nothing heard other than Twitter, I mean. I guess that’s his outlet now….

  19. 8/26 last post, 8/31 today = 5 days… hardly 2 weeks. My readers are just broken, not math geniuses.

  20. I guess he came from the future without realizing it, 8 days from now.

    Also, HOTD is out, so update plz? Need to comment on the newly-found stress ball.

  21. Need better glasses…. 6 isn’t 0. Sigh.

    And yes, yay for stress balls! Mine are awfully stressed now. But I’m not letting them be touched. Especially not like that.

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