fate/zero 21 and hyouka 6

Finally some emo facial distortion!

Kariya just can’t catch a break. Nothing good happens to him, and he’s basically a pawn of either the Matou family or now Kirei. He reminds me of K1 Morisato in the arc when Mara and Senbei curses him with bad luck, but eventually Belldandy saves the day with her excellent, infallible luck. But poor Kariya has no Belldandy– well, he kinda did, until he strangled her and left her daughter to penis worms. But Fate/Zero is about tragedies. There are no happy stories. There are no happy stories for the kids that Caster ate. There is no happy story for Archibald and Lancer. There was no happiness for Tokiomi. There is no happiness period for Kariya. They were all killed and betrayed. Basically, they all found their Kyubeys but didn’t find their Homuras.

(I don’t have a lot to say about this episode besides Gilggy is resembling more and more a desperate housewife. Seriously, all he does is swirl wine and steal other people’s men while plotting bad things for this neighbors just for his entertainment. He should be on Wisteria Lane.)

Funniest part of this episode: Rider without a ride. And this scene reminded me of Donkey Kong for whatever reason… must be the way Saber was dodging barrels.

Saber’s bike chase… excellent. Animation for Fate/Zero has been really good. I like how Saber managed to hack into and upgrade her bike as she rides it. Also like how they used a Fast and Furious-esque depiction of the turbo. Will they sell more Saber and bike figures this year than Gundams with Gundam Age tanking? Maybe. Just maybe.

Yes. Y. E. S.

Goddess of energy conservation?

(This has been one boring episode of Hyouka. The mystery itself– let’s just say it left me wanting for more– really, anything more. It makes K-On! seem like A Song of Fire and Ice: that’s how bland and uninspired the mystery was this week. And it didn’t help that the cast basically did not leave the clubroom. At least when K-On! was slow, they could go with a moe Mio moment or a Mugilicious moment or a fail Yui moment… here, nope. Mayaka and Satoshi are basically dead weight. Houtarou and Chitanda are the only characters capable of generating good material, and Houtarou doesn’t have much of a calling besides being lazy. So if Chitanda isn’t giving her A-game, the show isn’t moving along. They’re pretty much the 2012 LA Lakers with Chitanda being Kobe and Houtarou as Bynum. The crazy math teacher… Metta World Peace.)

Kyoto Animation series with a club room and cookies and no meido? What is this nonsense? Chitanda meido would be excellent.

“I’m curious! I’m curious! I’m curious!”

So cute. But when did Kyoto become Shaft? They didn’t do a lot of artistic (read: Shaft style) visualizations prior… basically their anime has been straightforward but well-animated. Now they do quite a few Shafty cuts like with the all the flashbacks shown during Hyouka.

All I see are Irisviel and Kiritsugu…

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  1. Hyouka doesn’t seem to be bringing much to the table. At this point, I might as well be dropping it to focus on catching up with Space Bros. Oh well at least F/Z hasn’t been disappointing.

    Also, speaking of K1 and Belldandy, have you checked out the latest chapter in the manga, Jason? Let’s just say the tone of the series has significantly changed just now.

  2. Cute? That guy has a Moyashimon infestation. *spritzes anti-bacterial spray*

  3. Gen is now consider the sad frog of script writing as in Kariya, you will never have family or loved ones be on your side.

  4. the crash-dummies felt more shaft-ey to me.

  5. I think Kyoto Animation is just looking at their material — not so far from [i]Bakemonogatari[/i], in its way — and looking to how other successful studios handle such things. Then they put their own twist on it.

    Also, the junior animators at Kyoto Animation may be chafing at the restrictions on the house style, when they look to see how much the guys at SHAFT get to play (or are sometimes forced to play, in order to fill the screen with interesting visuals in the most economical way possible), and pushing to bend the rules a little bit.

    Of course, knowing Kyoto Animation, all these SHAFTisms may just be literal translations/faithful adaptations of the descriptions in the novels.

  6. WHERE R THE MVPS!!! D:< HOw am I gonna who to root for this week?!?!

  7. Just my take: It seems to me that Chitanda was trolling Oreki. And by process, trolling the audience.

  8. Kept waiting for Hotarou to invoke the “your face is too close” line. And what’s up with Chitanda leaning so far over the table? Is it supposed to be a metaphoric inadvertent “sweeping her off her feet” with his insights?

    Or I could see her doing it to everyone… “Nee? Nee? NEEE?”

  9. Any episode where Chitanda tries to force Houtarou to do something, particularly by means of that hypnotic gaze at point blank range isn’t a wasted one for me! Plus we got some great trolling and 100 chibi angel Chitandas too.

  10. Is it wrong I got an erection watching the scene where Kariya strangles Aoi?

  11. Gilgamesh’s man cleavage looks more lower each passing episode. He must desperately want Kirei’s attention.

    Being Kariya’s suffering.

  12. Loved Chitanda’s ‘greed is good’ speech.

  13. Hyouka is exceedingly boring in general. I watched 4 episodes, and it was about all I could handle. The things I do because Blogsuki recommends it… *sigh*

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