meido power rankings™ returns!

It’s been a while since I updated my Meido Power Rankings™… and since she’s back… albeit in a minor role… and not as a nekomimi… nor meido… ok that’s depressing me now. Nonetheless, in honor of her return, a new theme and an update to the rankings.

Meido Power Rankings

  1. Lemon, Maron, and Melon (Hanaukyo): No reason to remove them from the top spot. Triplets? Fanservice? Quintessential? Suteki? Kiseki? Kanpeki?
  2. UP: Hisui and Kohaku (Tsukihime): Enough of Narg’s corrupting posts on the underground mailing list have vaulted them ahead of the combat meido.
  3. UP: Yoriko (Da Capo): Feel sorry for her. By far the best character from the original series, and she’s completely shafted in the new show. Not only do they have Aisha take her place in the house, but they took away her nekomimi. Deserves better.
  4. NEW: Hazuki, Elfriede, Art, Kaoru, and Hikaru. (Tsukuyomi Moon Phase): Technically they are not meido, but they all don the nekomimi and sometimes will wear the fuku so I’ll cut some slack. Nevertheless, goth, loli, nekomimi, yuri vampires = awesome.
  5. DOWN: Mahoro (Mahoromatic): Mahoro falls to the twins and nekomimi. Each time I watch the ending, I get angry for some reason.
  6. Mariel (Hanaukyo): Same old, same old, and I’m behind in the manga.
  7. NEW: Tachibana (Mahoraba): Even though she’s a bit player, she’s an elite meido/uber-spy. Earns points for showing off her childish side once in a while too, like when she confessed her dream is to not just be a bride but to be a beautiful bride and when she was bouncing inside Tamami’s birthday gift to Kozue. Great addition to the rankings.
  8. Jiiya (Sister Princess): Cut and pasted… she is the omega, from which all fanboy meido rantings hath wrought.
  9. DOWN: Mitsuiki, Izumi, and Anna (He Is My Master): Major plummet due to the crappiness of the anime and the Tokyopopization of the manga.
  10. NEW: Lilica (Girls Bravo): Could be Tachibana’s twin sister, and, if that were true, it would shoot both of them up the rankings. Doesn’t have Tach’s childish side but gains points for her fanservice scenes with poor Kirie. Unfortunately, her choice of gosyujinsama loses points for her. Actually, just being in Girls Bravo dooms her.
  11. Sanada (UFO Princess Warukyure): No change.
  12. Taeko (Ai Yori Aoshi): No change.
  13. Yukizaki (Chobits): No change.
  14. Multi (To Heart): No change, but I did find the new To Heart series to be highly boring.
  15. Moi-Moi-san (Moi-Moi-san): No change.
  16. OS-tan (Troubled Windows): No change, but I do feel the fad passing.
  17. Runa, Mitsuki, etc. (Gravion): No change.
  18. Florette (Chrno Crusade): No change.
  19. Kazusa (Moekko Company): No change.
  20. May/Mai (Hand Maid May/Mai): No change. Worst. Meido anime. Ever.

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