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I didn’t like the new Shakugan no Shana OP (Being by KOTOKO) as much as the old one. First off, Hishoku no Sora was win and gold already, so there’s a high bar to cross. Second, there’s no gratuitious panty flash, and, then, there’s no melonpan. Not one melon bread to be seen. Are we really okay with this? Lastly… well… I’ll get to it later.

Last week I talked about Mai Otome‘s new OP and how it reminded me of GSD. That’s not surprising since both shows have the same scriptwriter and animation producer, so it was only a matter of time. However, it did spawn this mini-cottage industry of people fitting various songs to Mai Otome‘s Crystal Energy OP. The most obvious, of course, would be Wings of Words, but other people like otaku13 tried out other songs, including MoO‘s Will… and that got me thinking. What else could I toss at this opening?

Ichigo Complete? Eternal Blaze? Green Bird? Bomb a Head!? Onna no Ko Otoko no Ko? Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze? Kiss Me Goodbye? Denwa Shite Darling? Back That Ass Up?

I started trying out songs… and an hour later, I was still at it. It was addicting. I was a madman with iTunes. VirtualDub, and MPC. I was hooked. Overall, most songs didn’t fit, but it was hilarious to see the failed results… especially with a song that completely doesn’t fit like Ichigo Complete or Kimi no Juice wo Katte Ageru. Surprisingly, Eternal Blaze fit the best out of the non-Gundam library, but it runs a bit long, and the Arika/Nina clash of the titans didn’t work as well as yet another Gundam Seed tune. Download and listen. ;)

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Of course, this can’t just stop with Mai Otome. The first five seconds to Shana‘s Being OP reminded me of another anime series, and, oddly, it doesn’t share the same production team as Shana… and that’s my last complaint: they should have used this song instead. What is it? Download and listen. ;)

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EDIT: Rapidshare:

Mai Otome‘s Find the Way Revision on Rapidshare

Shakugan no Shana ??? Revision on Rapidshare

PS: All rejoice! Wilhemina is back! And when are we going to see Gauron now that Kashim is here? More on 17 later in the week– wasted too much time today on these OPs.

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  1. I always thought “Invoke” fit better than “Find the Way” for that opening, although this remix is new to me. Ah well – at least you didn’t use “River”. :D

  2. Darn… missed it. Your bandwidth went over the roof i guess.

  3. I should have torrented this. Anyway, I’ll put the files on rapidshare later tonight.

    And, dammit Hae, you gave away the song. ><

  4. Jason – doh. :D Sorry – and the latest ep.. for some reason I’m thinking Gundam SEED again.

  5. The Mai-Otome new OP is great! Although too GSD.

  6. I’d suggest no.6 ver for your shana…

  7. jason…. thanks to you my family now thinks I’m a lunatic.
    I fell off the chair when I was watching your Shana edit. God…. of all the songs, that is really “WTF”.

    @Eleutheria: The original is fine.

  8. I totally agree on the WTFism because I just had watched the PPD intro the second before. Well ok it’s rather a ZOMFGizm.

  9. I haven’t listened to Being yet(i love Hishohoku No Sora),but is there a gratuitious panty flash in Hishohoku No Sora? I didn’t realized that. Whose panty is it? Can someone tell me,please?

  10. Here ya go…

    Image Hosted by

  11. Those files are long gone from Rapidshare. Are they still out there anywhere else?

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