clannad (x86) misae’s story

“The Cat Rolls Up on the Kotatsu, right?”

(I’m going to try to keep these posts as spoiler-free as I can, but it’s not easy. You’ve been warned.)

Initial Impressions


After finally getting the game installed, the first few days are spent hanging around Sunohara. I mean… it can’t be more depressing than that. Sunohara’s even more of a spaz and a loser in the game than the anime. The player also spends a lot of time being emo at the world to the point that I wished Tomoya cut himself and got it over with. The other person Tomoya spends time with is Nagisa, who is more like movie Nagisa than anime Nagisa. Egads. I’m even more surprised at Nagisa as the end girl. Angsty teens in my Clannad? Noooo.

(Though I did enjoy Dango Daikazoku blaring through my speakers whenever Nagisa was on-stage. It’s a great theme song.)

The Plot Thickens


Going through the arc seems straightforward: just keep giving Misae wrestling tips, which she promptly tries out (to great comedic effect) on Sunohara. Most of this happens after school, so during school a few random events take place, such as Kyou’s fortune telling and Botan’s cameo. Tomoyo only shows up at one place along the traditional route, and that’s where Tomoya gets the idea of using other girls to wear down Misae’s resistance to questions about her past love life. (Yes, it did remind me of Gundam 00 15.)

(Fortunately, Fuko does not show up, but I still have to go through her route sometime, don’t I?)

“I Can See The End!”


“The one I like isn’t the Misae-san form the past. It’s the Misae-san from now.”

So cheesy yet so fitting. Fantastic line. I named this section the “I can see the end!” section because it seems like whenever Keima scores (in Misae’s jargon, get to “A”) with a girl, it’s almost always triggered by one cheesy yet fitting line that he said. Under any other situation, the line just wouldn’t work. But here, when Tomoya drops his line, Misae finally breaks down. And Tomoya makes it past “A” and “B” and hopefully to “Q”.

(I think anything beyond “Q” will need to involve more haremettes.)

Getting Dusty


Seeing how visual novels are not part of my normal gaming repertoire, I thought that once Tomoya broke through Misae’s defenses, the story was over. Nope. A whole thirty-minute story begins (and now I appreciate why this genre is called a “visual novel”) that focuses on Misae’s past high school life, and the boy she had been waiting for. There’s no decisions to be made here– just a lot of clicking as if I were playing Diablo II.

This epilogue to Misae’s story is an interesting story and concept. The player spends the whole Tomoya time making decisions that eventually lead to Misae’s heart opening up to Tomoya, and now we see why the actions that Tomoya takes were effective, especially when it comes to “smell.” The end of this arc when Misae finally makes her wish, well, my allergies acted up.

Allergy Alert: Moderate grass pollens.

Top Three Images


1. Needs no justification. A murderous Kyou is still delicious. Maybe even more so.


2. There’s brokenness in Clannad too?! I… I… is there no sanctuary?! Definitely blind-sided by this development.


3. Because nothing tops off some nice domestic violence like pleasant ocean breezes.


BONUS. I didn’t know that Tomoya blogged about Code Geass R2 as well!

Final Thoughts


– I demand a Misae arc. After going through this arc, it only made it even more frustrated that we got eight episodes of “Dozo! Have a starfish!” and only brief cameos by Misae. Seriously, Clannad should have been 52 episodes. 26 just can’t contain the breadth, as I’m finding out now.

– Yuki and Saki! What do you look like… ? I like how they ended up playing a significant role in the story, yet no description or image of them exist beyond “they’re Misae’s high school friends.” I thought it worked pretty well, honestly, because, at that point, I didn’t care. The story pulled me in even without knowing what they looked like or how they were.

– Well, more agonizing than Yuki and Saki is that we’re denied a visual or even a detailed description of a hawt Tomoya x Misae scene. I’m disappointed. I wonder how much better Clannad would have sold if they had an X-rated / PG-rated split like To Heart 2.

– Maybe it’s the translation or maybe because of the limited space for text, but the writing had a very quick cadence to it. There’s not a lot of complex sentences, and the story is almost all driven by dialogue… dialogue in which it’s rare for a character to speak more than three consecutive lines.

– Head’s up for people who are playing the game alongside: Tomoyo’s route next.

(Based on what dialogue options you picked along the way for this route, your mileage may differ. I’m going to start using a walkthrough / spreadsheet starting with Tomoyo to keep track of where I’ve been.)

18 Responses to “clannad (x86) misae’s story”

  1. Miao-sensei, has Clannad awoken the power gamer within you?

  2. You should be playing Ever17 instead of CLANNAD. Or at least before CLANNAD.

  3. hmmm i was expecting you to jump right into Kyou’s route…. Like I did. I did not especially think Misae’s was the best. But not the worst either.

  4. I played ever17 before. I liked it.

    The only thing i disliked it was the undersea type plot adventure which I never really liked.

  5. I played Misae and Tomoyo’s routes several months back and thought they were both great. I stopped, waiting for the official translation patch release – but still nothing. I’ll probably continue again soon with the unofficial version. Here’s the guide I was using:

    sage, I found that Clannad drew me in more than Ever17 so I probably wouldn’t recommend that first. So far I’ve only managed to read Tsugumi’s path. In fact, tsukihime (which I actually finished) and Fate/ Stay Night were much better reads – and yes, far better than the anime couterparts.

  6. ever17 was a fun ride for a while, even if every single ending had some amount of BAWWWWW.

    Looking at those screens though, I just realized Misae has a very nice set of Melonpan. Why had i not noticed before?!

  7. Misae, Yukine, and Tomoyo are the better arcs. Incidentally, they’re the first three paths on the walkthrough. Once you get done playing those, get ready for about 10 hours or more of mediocrity. I like After Story but since you have some conditioned hate against Nagisa, I’m wondering if you’ll actually spend time finishing it all.

  8. >>>Miao-sensei, has Clannad awoken the power gamer within you?
    Lol @ “power gamer”.

  9. Damnit I gotta figure out how and where you got this cuz I’m strikin out here. Never even finished the anime (but caught all the great Kyou moments, of course) and finding out even harder how much the anime suxored in comparison. Must…Have…Game…..

  10. “I’ll kill you?” with a smile. So nice of Kyou.

    Best guess, “Female Teacher” would be Fuko’s older sister.

    And I still get mixed Sonozaki-Chidori vibes from Misae.

  11. I liked Tomoyo’s route, Sunohara’s, Yukine’s, Kotomi, and Kyou’s. The rest were all pretty average, cept for Kappei’s, if Sunohara was not in that one I would not be able to sit through it….

  12. So Jason, after you finish your first romp through visual novels with Clannad, will you dare challenge that which is Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night? Now those are some games I think it would be very interesting to hear your reactions too. Because the Anime barely did justice to a single route in either of them. Even F/SN which specifically honed in on Saber’s route while completely ignoring Rin’s and Sakura’s.

  13. Tsukihime and Fate are a little unreasonable. Tsukihime in its entirety has more text than the Lord of the Rings trilogy (Including appendix). For Fate, from the prologue down to the end of the Fate arc is about this long, with Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven’s Feel even longer.

  14. There is brokenness in Clannad, Jason.

    You haven’t seen the other trap yet…

    Also, I too worry that you won’t complete After Story due to your hatred of Nagisa, but trust me, it is worth it…

  15. @ Nanatsuya
    If you think Fate is long, then what about Clannad? There’s like 100 hours of text if you include all the routes.

    Misae’s story is pretty good, but I like Tomoyo’s is better. However, Kyou’s route sucks imo. If you hate Tomoya’s emoness NOW just wait ’till you get to Kyou’s route, goddamn he turns into emo-emo fail there. The whole plot of Kyou’s route is really Meh compared to the others. I wanted lots of Kyou goodness but Ryou was crowding her out half the time. (Although some people still liked it.)

    Tomoyo’s route is really win, their are a few meh parts but all the making out should buffer it.

    One of the reasons Misae’s route is important is because it explains the Lights you get a bit so a certain scene in AS is more understandable. However, you get Misae’s light in Tomoyo’s route x.x

    As for Ever17 vs Clannad, I think Clannad trumps E17. In E17 their are less ownage characters, too much BAWW, and the routes don’t diverge early enough x.x. Too much skipping through stuff for my tastes. Although it’s still a really great game.

  16. Before the Twins’ route, Ryou was my least favorite character. Now she’s up there with Nagisa and Tomoyo.

    That route also made me hate Kyou more than anyone else. She is such a horrible, horrible person. Reminds me of a toned-up Haruhi.

  17. LOL….I want a RAW version…..hehee

  18. >>There’s no decisions to be made here– just a lot of clicking as if I were playing Diablo II.

    That’s what I feel when I play some eroge for only the “ero” part… not for visual novels ^^

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