five images: 11/11/11 edition






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  1. is the 2nd to last a trap >_>

  2. Gotta love Mami and her mammies.~

  3. #2: “I Have No Nose and I Must Sneeze” by Uchida Yuka

  4. @Xellos^_- : Would it be blogsuki if there wasn’t at least one?

    Two comments about the Steins;Gate pic:
    -Apparently future meido don’t have clean uniforms
    -When you put Okabe in a suit, he looks like he belongs on Kuroshitsuji

  5. I don’t think Homura is a trap, certain doujins notwithstanding. QB’s tastes aren’t that refined.

  6. @Auro, agree
    @Giant Humaniod Robot, didn’t recognize it was Homura.

    I am still pretty sure there is a trap in there somewhere.

  7. @Xellos^_-: I haven’t seen Stiens;Gate yet, but my understanding is that’s where to look.

  8. One in the last is a trap.
    Nice Minami-ke. What stupid thing did Uchida do this time…and how upset is Haruka?
    And Caster would be drooling all over Saber right then (or over her crystal ball as she watches).

  9. Last pic blinded me with SCIENCE, SCIENCE!!!

    El Psy Congroo…


  11. for a moment I thought there would be Skyrim pics involved, but this is way better

  12. @Xellos^_- & Giant Humanoid Robot: Trap is in the Steins;Gate pic, 3rd from the right

  13. Though that being a trap depends entirely on what timeline this is.

  14. Re that first pic: Neko-Arc is watching you drool over Saber.

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