thin slicing upcoming 2007 anime series

I went to the mall this morning, and I swear Christmas comes earlier and earlier… anyway, 2006? Blah. So over and done with. Let’s talk about the shows coming 2007. In fact, even though most of these shows lack websites… promos… screenshots… or even a cast list, well, it’s never too early to start thin slicing.

Thin Slicing Upcoming 2007 Anime Series

As always, the order of these shows are in “if I received an episode of each, which one would I watch first?” I’m missing a lot of series– I’m counting at least twenty for Winter 2007 alone, and most of these I probably wouldn’t poke with a stick (More Sayuki? Blah. Maple Story? Double blah. Devil May Cry? Please stop making anime based off of non-ero videogames.).

999. Zero no Tsukaima (Fall 2007)

Ranking only because JC Staff seems to be involved again. Though if this sequel happens to focus on Siesta and Jessica, then, well, off to #1 this goes. I’m that easy.

20. Wangan Midnight (Spring 2007)

Initial D rip-off… ? I’d rather get more Initial D.

19. To Heart 2 OVA (2007)

Rating is only for if there’s an x-rated version. Otherwise, it’ll be a tie with Louise and Saito.

18. Nodame Cantabile (2007, 23 episodes)

Shoujo by JC Staff. Good luck with that one.

17. Rocket Girls (2007)

Hopefully better than William Shatner’s Rocket Man. Actually, that’s a pretty high bar to beat.

16. Venus Versus Virus (Winter 2007)

I know nothing about this series except that it has a website. That’s it. I refuse to learn more.

15. Seto no Hanayome (2007? 2008?)

I have Seto no Hanayome ranked below Tonagura in my division A harem fanservice comedy BCS ratings. Not a good thing. This series is about your typical loser harem male almost drowning, being saved by a mermaid (sound like a Keroro episode yet?), and then being forced into marrying said mermaid. Ohandbytheway, she’s not a normal mermaid– she’s a yakuza mermaid. Think Tonagura crossed with Sumomomo Momomo.

14. Ichigo Mashimaro OVA (Winter 2007)

Filling the loli void left by StrikerS.

13. Kiddy Grade (2007? 2008?)

Remember? Aya Hirano let this one slip out. I’m not sure what to think. My head hurts… but not as much as learning about Gonzo’s adaptation of…

12. Romeo x Juliet (2007)

*does the Kyon slamming his head against the wall thing*

(Let me spoil it for you: they die. But probably not in Gonzo’s version– they’ll probably be transforming mecha or witches or samurai or witch-samurai piloting transforming mecha or something like that.)

11. Hidamari Sketch (Winter 2007)

I know nothing of this series except that it has a website and that Yuko Goto provides the voice for one of the characters. Works for me.

10. Shuffle Memories (2007)

Tomokazu Sugita is turning into the premier male seiyuu. I would never have guessed watching Chobits and Shuffle.

9. Yume Da Maya Kidan (Summer 2007)

I know nothing of this series except that it has a… oh wait, not yet! All I know is that Production IG is working on it.

8. Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora (Winter 2007)

I know nothing of this series except that it has a website and has possible fanservice. Works for me.

7. Wellber no Monogatari: Sisters of Wellber (Spring 2007)

I know nothing of this series except that it has a website along with an anidb blurb.

6. Claymore (2007)

I know nothing of this series except that it has a website… oh wait, not yet! It does have a Wikipedia entry for the manga. Piqued my interest.

5. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica (2007? 2008?)

I know nothing of this series except that it has a website and that it is based off of three visual novel series. (I think one of the scenario writers is the author of Scrapped Princess… though I can’t seem to find where I originally read that anymore.)

4. Lucky Star (Spring 2007)

Never count out Kyoto Animation. Never.

3. Nanoha StrikerS (Winter 2007)

StrikerS is the anime equivalent of the Detroit Pistons not resigning Ben Wallace. Nanoha has always relied on loli magical girls; the Pistons were always about defense. Now… well… they’ll have to carry on without those two themes. Nanoha will have to rely on interesting battles and possible lesbianism just like how the Pistons have to rely on Chauncey and three pointers.

(I hope that Nanoha, Fate, and Hayate won’t degrade into a Honey and Clover II-type situation just like I hope Rasheed won’t stab a ref.)

2. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Fall 2007)

(Am I excited that I get to bring back the SOS Brigade Awesomeness Index? You bet. Am I excited that I get to type “haruhigasm” once again? You bet. Am I excited that Megami magazine will probably feature Haruhi fanservice for another solid year? You bet. Am I excited for Mikuru to rip off her skirt and reveal– that she’s a man, baby! Maybe not.)

I’m not sure if I can wait this long, but, fortunately, there’s something to tide me over until the return of Mikuru, Itsuki, LOL FANG-TAN, and Yuuichi, and that’s…

1. Nagasarete Airantou (Spring 2007, 26 episodes)

I hate waiting. We originally found out about the anime back in January 2006 so the wait time is pretty much on par with Haruhi Suzumiya. It still stinks. In this modern age of microwavable dinners, disposable contacts, and fiber to the home, shouldn’t anime come quicker? Anyway, why am I pumped over Nagasarete? One, it’s one of my favorite manga series. Two, the Shuffle team is working on it thus providing hope that they’ll expand on Suzu’s jealously. Three, have I mentioned before that it’s about a typical loser male stranded on an island populated by nothing but horny girls? Think happy thoughts.

(Mitigating factor: readers of Nagasarete Airantou know that there’s a lot of fanservice in the manga. How much of nakkid bath time will translate into the anime is yet unknown.)

0. TIE: High School of the Dead (Wishlist), Mai Otome Zwei Endless Waltz (Wishlist), Muteki Kanban Musume II (Wishlist), Hellsing: The Dawn (Wishlist), Kanon (Studio Deen version), Hayate the Combat Butler (Wishlist)

See ya in 2007.

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  1. Yay for Ayane being dragged, chewed, thrown, voodoo’ed, etc.!!! There is almost no way Feel can screw this one… I think.

    Oh, kinda off topic; It seems Muteki Kanban Musume is going to be licensed by Media Blasters (according to AnimeNation); I read the original post in Anime on DVD and it said “Ranmen Girl (??)”, which could be a misspelling for Ramen Girl, and, well, Miki is the only Ramen Girl I can think of.

  2. Having read the manga for a bit I can say that Claymore is a mildly interesting take on the usual ‘useless boy is tied up and protected by super powered creature of death with a heart of gold’. Plus the action doesn’t suck. Go figure.

    More Haruhi though!

  3. The only bad thing about a new Haruhi series, is that it means there will be no new FMP series any time soon … darn it, it really doesn’t help that my two favorite serieses are done by the same animation studio! If only that list included the Dancy Merry Christmas adaptation, it would be perfect!

  4. Can’t wait to see Haruhi 2, especially kyons time traveling fun. I’d like to see lukcy star too since I love all of KyoAni’s works so far.

  5. you should take a look at the nodame cantabile live action, if you haven’t yet. Can’t imagine the anime to turn out bad after that >

  6. Claymore is good IMO, and right now,I want all hroine to be …Kyonway.

    Off topics…. far off topic but,
    “There is no penis on this one….”

  7. My god, I hate Nodame Cantabile….ugly, ugly, UGLY art.

  8. Claymore manga is godly, cept it’s a monthly issue with less than handful stories
    so when the material run out…… don’t want think about it

  9. (Currently laughing at all of this…)

    No. Really. The Haruhiism, the Nanohaism, the ZHime, the Shuffling, the Tama-neese, the “loser male lead + number of girls.”

    And not even before the fall season is over (which is the “Winter Season” where I live at).

    Enough of the rehash and fanservice already! Which titles will appear in 2007 and have straight SEX?!

  10. jason, it wouldn’t be called melancholy of haruhi suzumiya :)

  11. Claymore is kinda good too (for manga)

  12. Though I’ve never played Devil May Cry, I’m interested in seeing what the anime will be like (which one is it based off of?). And Maple Story….well, it’s just one of those things that has to be seen to see how they pull it off.

  13. Nanoha StrikerS looks like it will be packed packed full of yuri goodness. In the Nanoha A’s to StrikerS manga Amy and Chrono are engaged. This disrupts the “standard” Nanoha x Yuno and Fate x Chrono pairing. Hopefully we’ll get to see some hot Nanoha x Fate action along with with more cool battles and awesome attack names.

    Bardiche! Genocide Shift!

  14. I’ll hold it until Haruhi and ZnT are confirmed by their respective studios. For now, Lucky Star is the one that I want to watch the most.

  15. Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to keep an open eye for Siesta

  16. Yes… Maple Story is being turned into anime………….. MTV advertisements ftw!

    Lucky*Star -> Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi -> Nanoha StrikerS (providing I watch the first seasons first XD)

  17. …zOMG…2007 is going to SUCK…

  18. I say cheers to Nagasarete Airantou and High School of the Dead making it to an anime someday.

  19. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica was certainly based on novels, and people at insani managed to translate a short demo of it. It was about loli/MILF-spirit, a pansy hero with the same pansiness of Tsuchimi Rin, and a pair of sisters that look like Matou Sakura and another girl from Soul Link.

    I’m still looking forward to it, along with StrikerS and the TH2 OVA.

  20. >> Which titles will appear in 2007 and have straight SEX?!

    I’ll put this down as one request for Thin Slicing Upcoming 2007 Hentai…

    >> In the Nanoha A’s to StrikerS manga Amy and Chrono are engaged.

    When I read that chapter, the news of their engagement was so from left field. I was expecting him to become a playa. With each new installment of Nanoha, they seem to keep adding magical girls. Are they going to add yet another girl this time around?

    >> jason, it wouldn’t be called melancholy of haruhi suzumiya

    I’m hoping for “Indignation of Mikuru Asahina.”

  21. How unforgivable of me, I forgot about Nanoha StrikerS. That makes two shows I’ll watch in 2007; maybe four, should Zero no Tsukaima and Haruhi seasons 2 be confirmed.

  22. >>I’m hoping for “Indignation of Mikuru Asahina.”

    I’m hoping for “The Inhibitions of Mihuru Asahina.” I’d fully expect the season climax to include the line “Foursomes turn me on.”

  23. *Mikuru even

  24. >> I say cheers to Nagasarete Airantou and High School of the Dead making it to an anime someday.

    I demand “Queen” songs in Highschool of the Dead. Seriously.

  25. seconded.

  26. jason>>>Let me spoil it for you: they die. But probably not in Gonzo’s version– they’ll probably be transforming mecha or witches or samurai or witch-samurai piloting transforming mecha or something like that.

    Actually, if Gonzo did what they did with CoMC, it wouldn’t be bad, not bad at all. But, if they pulled another S7, it would be very bad, very bad indeed. C’mon Gonzo, I know you can do it!!! (Hmmm, are they going to up Juliet’s age from original Shakespeare? I like my loli so I hope not.)

  27. Cheers on the 2nd Haruhi series and the OVA’s for Shuffle and especially Ichigo Mashimaro.

    But I don’t suppose it’ll be possible to Kyonify Ikuto in the Nagasarete Airantou anime? He still annoys the hell out of me in the manga most of the time. Regardless, it’s good news to see the series animated, can’t wait for Suzu’s antics. :D

    Still, Haruhi has to be the show I look forward to the most in 2007.

  28. I’ll actually give Romeo x Juliet the benefit of the doubt, so long as it stays faithful to the original script, though it probably won’t…

    Nevertheless, I’m most interested in it right now. It and the Haruhi sequel, of course.

  29. Forget Maple Story, I want a new Ragnarok Online anime! Preferably one based on the original work and not the epic failure that is RO:The Animation. Or even better, tap the mangaka of the DL Action doujins to be the head writer and chara designer.

    Other opinions:

    Lucky Star = Tsunami Channel the anime. Well, it could be Megatokyo, but hey…

    Claymore = Vampire Hunter D, with demons instead of vamps, and the genders of the main cast switched.

    No, wait, Devil May Cry is the better VH D fit, except that we already have Dirge of Cerebus. What? It’s not an anime? Oh, nuts…

    And more Haruhi. Yay.

  30. >> How much of nakkid bath time will translate into the anime is yet unknown.

    Lots, I hope. At least this thing should be R-15 from the very start, so I can enjoy a well-deserved weekly dose of Suzu fanservice. Yeah, the other girls are fine too (that loli miko and Chikage come to mind…)

  31. Apparently Romeo X Juliet is being done by the same team that did Kaleido Star, so I’m not as worried about Gonzo being involved as before. :D


    2007 isn’t looking very good anime wise, according to this. Need more bishounen, and traps and Kurpika.

    Did I mention Kurapika?

  33. I watched quite a number of the new shows that came out just this week, so here’s a quick list of impressions:

    Master of Epic The Animation Age: promising with decent art. Like the title.

    SHUFFLE! MEMORIES: boring, but since I enjoyed the original Shuffle! anime I’ll give it a few more eps.

    Les Miserables Shoujo Cosette: fast forwarded through it and saw nothing really interesting… I suspect it might actually be based on Les Miserables.

    Deltora Quest: fantasy anime that’s generic to the extreme… with no moe/fanservice. Moving along…

    Kyoushirou to Towa no Sora: kinda boring… like Kannaduki No Miko basiclly: shoujou material with giant mechas thrown in.

    Angelique: deleted it as soon as I saw in the OP more guys then there are chicks (ratio about 7:1).

    October Saint: sort-of poorly made mahou-shojou type show that tries to be funny but really isn’t, give it credits though for originality and somewhat disturbing transformation sequence.

    Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!: good animation and actually pretty funny. Basiclly a show about lolis doing loli things with their loli friends while demonstrating how loli they are (alot like Ichigo Marshmellow in a way…well, many ways).

  34. Wangan Midnight an Initial D ripoff? Please look into things before you make stupid remarks like this. Wangan Midnight began publication 2 years before Initial D. They deal with two totally different types of racing, stop comparing the two.

  35. Wangan midnight is actually older than initial D. its just that it wasn’t mainstream enough to be mad into an anime. It was actually a manga witch that was based off a live action movie of the same name. The original movie lack alot though. Probably the reason why Its taken this long to actually make into an anime.

    But I agree to the average person. it will seem like a rip off of initial d. And because the original story lacks so much, I’m sure it will be made to be alot like initial d.

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