shakugan no shana 24 (last episode)

Shakugan no Shana ends.


The final episode picks up from 23 with the three title bouts simucast: Wilhelmina vs Bel Peol, Margery vs Sydoney, and Shana vs Hecate. Both Wilhelmina and Margery aren’t doing that well, and Hecate uses Yuji’s power to seal herself into a cocoon of existance. Hecate and Shana verbally spar over Yuji like he’s a toy. There’s plenty of awkward Hecate pseudo-sex and plenty of Shana panty shots… I felt like I watching Najica or Dirty Pair. The Hecate pseudo-sex is getting on my nerves though… a bit too over the top… which seems a little hypocritical from me considering I immensely enjoyed Toune resounding her melos in MoO (same staff as Shana). There’s also more Shana panty shots in the first five minutes than the first 23 episodes combined… and zero panty shots for Wilhelmina ? What’s the world coming to?


However, the true hero who saves the day is Yuji, who rejects the tomogara loli for the flame haze loli. He stops sending power to Hecate which allows Shana to break through and free Yuji. After he’s freed, he earns “Most Useful Male Lead Ever” status by lifting up Bloodsucker (!!!) and pwning the power of existance extraction machinery.

Unfortunately, by doing so, he sends Hecate into a major emo breakdown as well as dooming the city to be buried until an avalance of power of existance. The only recourse to save the city is for Shana to use her final power (“tenpa jousai”) and seal the power. Of course, as explained in 16, this final power destroys the flame haze and is how the previous Flame Haired, Red Hot Eyed Hunter perished… with Wilhelmina overlooking that death… and not without irony, she’s overlooking Shana’s so she lets Bel Peol go and rushes to Shana.

But Shana isn’t going to go alone as Yuji wants to accompany her, and they hold hands and walk into the flames together. It reminds me a lot of Bell and K1 through the Gate of Judgement, yet proving once again, Belldandy is the omega. Before they disappear, Shana says, “I love you, Yuji.”

The end. Cue Aka no Seijaku.


Heh, just kidding. Wilhelmina almost does an OTL seeing tenpa jousai in action, only to be dragged out by Margery. All of Belle Masque also makes it out alive, only with Hecate a shell of her former self. Sydoney comforts her with, “You are you.” Kind of a nothingburger ending.

Needs a cigarette

Yuji and Shana wake up after having sex all night long to the rising sun, and everything is the way it should be. The town is safe, and everyone is okay… Yuji’s ring somehow protected them and saved them, thought it doesn’t explain why (1) the perverted doll fetishist went down so easily if he had such an awesome ring and (2) why is Shana nakkid but Yuji isn’t. And that blanket? Where did it come from, and why is it blocking my view?

Shana, appropriately, ends the series with an “Urasai, urasai, urasai!” before the credits start rolling… and everyone’s life is back to semi-normalacy. It’s good to see everyone one final time…


Eita and Ike



You either get this joke or don’t







Yoshida, who claims that they are now starting over for their battle for Yuji now that they both confessed. Since Yuji hasn’t gotten back to either of them, he can string both along and get twice the gohobis. (Actually, twice of zero is still zero… OTL.) It’s more fun to think that she’ll go Kaede on Shana and Yuji sometimes, like what her dark side showed in Shana-tan.


And they have this mysterious, “Shakugan no Shana movie planning” graphic at the very end. I wonder if that’s going to involve Fires.

Shakugan no Shana was the first series that I blogged episode-by-episode, and it ended up being a very fun experience since the series ended up being pretty damn good. Originally, I had picked it because it was the best show of Fall 2005 after one episode. Overall, Shana had a good level of action (though it could use more), decent level of fanservice (4 and 9 being the loadbearers), and a very good crop of characters.


Shana is the reigning loli extraordinarie having locked up first place in Megami magazine’s last loli poll, #10 on Newtype’s top female poll, and currently head-to-head with the Omega Goddess in AoMM’s own March Madness. Quite a trifecta. Yuji goes from whiny brat to one of the most useful male leads every quickly, and despite the fact that he’s a bit ignorant of the hawt chix0rs tossing themselves at him, he does coax a confession out of Yoshida and Shana. Wilhemenia made a huge impression and debuted at #3 on AoMM’s latest Meido Power Rankings™ de arimasu. Chigusa not only won Best Family of 2005, she was also #1 on AoMM’s Top Ten Anime MILF. Just a tour de force from a likable and memorable character perspective.

Toss in melonpan, Shana-tan, Wilhemenia in her medival dress, doll fetishist, Yoshida, Margery, Alastor, twincest, Shakugan no Shana has everything covered. Got loli? Yep. Got MILF? Yep. Got weird food fetishes? Yep. Got catchphrases? “Urasai!”

The series does have its shortcomings… no Wilhelmina x Chigusa action, average battle scenes, and the final two arcs were mostly to showcase Yuji and Shana or Yoshida’s relationships. The attacking Belle Masque seems almost like an addon to force Shana or Yoshida to confess, and since not much happened beyond the girls confessing and Yuji deflowering Shana, the last arc felt a bit empty. (But, with all the fanservice packed in, I’ll forgive them… though I’m livid that it’s the final frickin’ episode and there’s no melonpan.. who dropped the ball on this? I want names.) Also, a lot of characters, like Khamsim and Silver, seem to be tossaways. Used or mentioned for an episode or two and mysterious disappear.

Still, there’s a lot that the show does right. Beyond the fanservice and characters, it did paint an elaborate world like our own and embellish it in its own way. The titles like Manipulator of Objects and Flame Haired, Red Hot Eyed Hunter drew us into the struggle for balance, as well as a plot that flowed well from point a to b to c.


I’ll look forward to (and hope for) more Shana anime, but I’m satisfied with how the end turned out. Even though not much happens, Shana does confess to Yuji, and that’s a big step in itself. Hopefully, the franchise can gather enough support and steam to be like Full Metal Panic, after all, there’s a lot more stories in the original novels (like Fires and the Yuji/Shana switching bodies thing) left to tell. Great series, and good luck, good night Shana and Yuji.


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  1. I was going to say “we need Shakugan no Shana 24” review right away, but you read my mind

    Subarashi! Hontoni Subarashi!
    Excellent, in every scene, in every movement, in every second…
    I mean… both going for the sake of the city…
    Shana confesses her love to Yuuji…
    Both survived…


    And now a movie!! Great!

  2. I’m still demanding some sort of Wilhelmina-tan to get done. If anything could top Shana-tan, Wilhelmina-tan could do it with her meido might! :P But it definately looks like there is room for another series to be done. All the characters are there and there’s still more from the novels, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Going to miss watching this one each week!

  3. I think they took out a lot of the comedic sidestories (like when Yuji and Shana switch bodies) that could easily turn into Shakugan no Shana Fumoffu!

  4. Maybe… and a movie like FMA to gave us and epilogue
    Good one with George Cloone reference ^_^

    I can’t stop thinking about a 2nd season, no matter if we have to wait another year

  5. I have just had this weird vision of Keroro in Wilhelmina’s meido outfit and wielding her bandage powers. And Natsumi as Bel Peol. (;^_^)

  6. Uhm, just finished watching the raw (It would have been more fun if I actually were to understand Japanese, but what can one do…).

    very very nice ending, This is definitelly high up on my top favourite series, and definiteely VERY high up as for 2005-2006 series go.

    Can’t wait for the movie, and hopefully a season 2,3,4,5,,,77 etc…

    ciao :)

  7. well,as they said earlier yor read minds……what can one say? this episode is very nicely done and eventhough it could have ended in so many ways you ended up with a feeling of “Very nice…” not missing anything if i can get myself explained.
    Hope for more Flamehazed action in more seasons ^^…

  8. jason, explain the “joke” if it exists in Rammie’s scene please, cause I don’t get it! :

  9. >> 8

    From this post

  10. Nica Jason, nice!

    Oh well, after six months nothing left now… only a movie far away… see you soon Enpatsu Shakugan no Ochite

  11. “Yuji’s ring somehow protected them and saved them, thought it doesn’t explain why (1) the perverted doll fetishist went down so easily if he had such an awesome ring and (2) why is Shana nakkid but Yuji isn’t. And that blanket?”
    It explains earlier in the series that the ring is anti-fire. Shana’s nekked because she summoned that Alastor fire beast thingy, and I suppose that means Shana transformed INTO the summoned beast, hence your clothes no longer fit when you grow 100 times your normal size, and they got ripped, leaving her nekked. So, even if it is the Godly fire-beast, Yu’s safe if he has that ring. The perverted doll lover that had it before wasn’t killed by fire, so that’s why it didn’t work for him. I suppose with the world back to normal, Yu had a few minutes to run somewhere and grab a blanket. lo I’m only bothering to explain this because I just finished watching the series (in 2 days, haaa) and I like this website. :)

  12. It was good, now I wanna get the whole series on DVD[hunts for the episodes]. It maybe over but I still watch it from time to time. It should have more episodes though.

  13. downloading noww…… holy shit 2 days for download…. ahh but worth it.

    correction: 2 days and 2 hours

  14. Shana is awsome.

    ok ppl i am asuming you have all read this page so im just gonna say it. like the crossed out text says about Yuji and Shana having sex i have one thing to say… Why was she naked

  15. Really hoping for Shakugan No Shana season 2. If can…. i would like to request it ^^

  16. hey your sypnopsis is very nicely done, love it….I am just wondering if there is a season 2…
    T.T just want more!!
    Not the panty or the pervert thingy >.

  17. Yeah, there going to be a second season. Search for it on the wiki, you’ll see it

  18. Yeah. Autumn 2007! =3

  19. wahaha.. what was the joke with rammie’s scene.. i really couldnt get it!! someone explain pls.!! haha.. this series is just too awesome!! … been watching anime series to pass the tym… i’ve been finished with tenjho tenge, onegai teacher, gunparade march and still w8ng 4 mor naruto shippuden… nyahaha!! any mo re gud series there?

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